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United Kingdom Foundation Pledges Support For Zambia’s Early Childhood Development And Education


In an effort towards bolstering early childhood development and education in Zambia, a delegation led by Ms. Jamie Anne Cooper, President of Big Win Philanthropy, met with President Hakainde Hichilema and his administration to discuss a collaborative initiative. The project, focused on nurturing the youth of Zambia, particularly in Chongwe and Lusaka, has garnered the endorsement of President Hichilema, who emphasized the pivotal role of investing in children for the future of the nation.

During the meeting held at State House, President Hichilema reiterated his government’s commitment to providing essential amenities and education to children nationwide, underscoring the importance of instilling a culture of hard work and responsibility among the youth. He expressed a resolute determination to combat moral decay and cultivate a society grounded in values and principles, both domestically and on a global scale.

Endorsing the initiative, President Hichilema highlighted the crucial role of early childhood development and education in shaping a disciplined and orderly society aligned with Zambia’s aspirations. He emphasized the necessity of ensuring the success of the project, urging for its expansion beyond Lusaka and Chongwe to benefit a broader spectrum of citizens across the country.

Ms. Cooper, representing Big Win Philanthropy, affirmed the organization’s commitment to aligning the program with the government’s objectives for early childhood development and education. The collaborative effort aims to harness resources and expertise to realize Zambia’s vision of nurturing responsible and empowered citizens from a young age.

Education Minister Douglas Syakalima emphasized the critical importance of the first thousand days of a child’s life for their holistic development, further underscoring the significance of investing in early childhood initiatives.

The pledge of support from Big Win Philanthropy represents a significant stride towards advancing early childhood development and education in Zambia, signaling a collective effort between government and philanthropic organizations to secure a brighter future for the nation’s youth.


  1. We should be careful about exposing our children to these western world group . We know how morally decayed the western society has become. Just a word of caution.

    • I completely agree. By the time our children are out of the hands of these foreigners, they will be believing that gender is a fluid concept. You be a girl at 10 in the morning, a boy at 11, change back into a girl by 1, and maybe into something neither boy nor girl by 3 in the afternoon, and that is perfectly alright:

    • Why you h@te westerners? Compare the white girls to your Zambian pregnant children? You PF men fvck your children, compare that to Whites.

  2. Public ECE hasn’t seen better days in Zambia. It was aligned to the education ministry from local government ministry only in 2004, where it was mostly ran by church bodies and other private enterprises. A child’s educational foundation is paramount. Thus, a better GRZ syllabus and curriculum will refine these 1000 days (2.74 years) old kids.

  3. These parasites are a menace to the world…dropping bombs all over the world and looting…they’re killing pregnant mothers and children in Palestine…we don’t need their blood money….

    • When some terror group appears here and slaughters your family members and children
      lets see what you do ???
      7 October wont be forgotten
      every story has 2 sides except us who have numerous

  4. We should be wary of groups from the West coming to deal with our African children’s issues. They usually want to use their help, aid, to promote their Western decadent lifestyle. They need to stay away from Africa.

  5. The ignorant ones are showing up in the comment section again I see.
    Zambia has a major problem with children’s rights and dealing with children. Also, Zambia children need to be made aware of the modern world and not be feed the bush thinking of many older people. For those of you who can’t see that, I question your logic.

  6. It’s high time politicians started preventing some of these disguised programs, there may be veiled intentions unbeknown to the grz.

  7. If you do not create your own program, you will be part of some else’s program. Charity begins at home. 60 years of blaming others. Until you change, nothing will change.

  8. If you do not create your own program, you will be part of someone else’s program. Charity begins at home. 60 years of blaming others. Until you change, nothing will change.

  9. @ Tikki
    If you support Israel then you need to have your head examined …..Do you know that America is behind all the wars in world….do you know that the Pentagon is in charge of all the wars and conflicts in the world…..

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