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President Hakainde Hichilema Attends N’cwala Ceremony


In a display of solidarity and celebration of Zambia’s rich cultural heritage, President Hakainde Hichilema joined the Ngoni speaking people at this year’s N’cwala traditional ceremony in Chipata, Eastern Province.

Invited by His Royal Highness, Paramount Chief Mpezeni of Chipata, President Hichilema emphasized the importance of preserving the nation’s diversity and cultural heritage. Amidst his duties as President, he reaffirmed his commitment to preventing division within the country, highlighting the need for unity and cohesion.

Addressing attendees at the ceremony, President Hichilema expressed solidarity with those affected by the unprecedented droughts threatening food security. He assured the nation that the government is actively engaged in addressing the challenges and pledged to prioritize efforts to ensure food security for all citizens.

In addition to combating food insecurity, President Hichilema urged collective action to protect the environment, emphasizing the detrimental effects of deforestation and climate change. Recognizing Zambia as a praying and hardworking nation, he expressed confidence in God’s guidance and the collective efforts of the people to overcome challenges.

President Hichilema extended gratitude to His Royal Highness for the invitation to participate in the significant occasion, acknowledging the importance of fostering strong relationships with traditional leaders and communities across the country.


  1. God did not want him to tell more lies to Zambians and brought heavy rains at the time of his speech. A normal leader should have made sure he sat side to side with ECL who comes fro Eastern province to cerebrate the bat naked event.

  2. His firm statement on secession should have been emphasized to send a clear message to Linyungandambo and its promoters. Zambia shall remain a unitary State

  3. A failure like him shouldn’t be attending ceremonial events. He should be busy fixing the mess he has created. All he does is travel and make speeches. Useless

  4. Calling this a rich culture is archaic
    these chaps are living in expensive well maintained palaces with all the mod cons and a healthy salary
    then pretend this is their culture ??
    We need help

  5. Not so long ago Hakainde did not want his colleague ECL to be hounoured or be received in Southern province, in a clear voice message he reprimanded his Tonga chiefs of why they had given ECL reception and some gifts. There he is in Eastern Province. I do not know what goes through his mind when he thinks of what he was doing and saying while in the opposition and now as head of state? We need a more candid leader in Zambia to give credence to the moral values. All chiefs in Zambia should be free to receive a siting head of state and not be intimidated by tribalists.

    • ECL was President of Zambia. He was free to go to any region/corner of the country. he toured Southern Province and attend ceremonies. Dont spread here!!!

  6. Even Edgar Lungu used these events as campaign events.Remember bike donations to chiefs in the run-up to the last elections?


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