Thursday, April 18, 2024

Government Applauded for Expanding Social Cash Transfer Programme to Include More Persons with Disabilities


The Disability People’s Organization in Kafue district has commended the government for its efforts in increasing the number of persons with disabilities enrolled in the Social Cash Transfer Programme (SCT) in the district.

In an interview with ZANIS, Disability People’s Organization Chairperson, Joseph Mwaba, expressed gratitude to the government for adding 397 new disabled persons to the list of beneficiaries for 2024. Mr. Mwaba praised the government’s commitment to inclusivity, stating that this move is a significant step towards meeting Sustainable Development Goal number 10, which aims to empower and promote the social, economic, and political inclusion of all individuals, including persons with disabilities.

“This increase in the number of disabled people on the social protection programme demonstrates the government’s dedication to addressing the needs of persons with disabilities and ensuring their active participation in society,” Mr. Mwaba remarked.

He emphasized that the collaboration between his organization and the government will be further strengthened as they work together to advocate for the rights and well-being of disabled individuals.

According to the Department of Social Welfare Progress Report, 397 new differently-abled persons will benefit from the social protection program, bringing the total number of beneficiaries to 9,510. Out of these beneficiaries, 1,717 are persons with disabilities, indicating a significant effort towards inclusive social welfare initiatives.

The expansion of the SCT programme to include more persons with disabilities reflects the government’s commitment to promoting equality and providing support to vulnerable groups across the country.


  1. The social-cash-transfer-programme is good for disabled . Everybody else go pick an axe ,hoe , a minibus of whatever tool cuz we are not creating a nation of lazy dependent losers .

    • @Mlevi, so you want abled people to out and get injured and disabled so they can get that Social-cash-transfer.
      Whoever wants to be disabled, just contact me, I will help you achieve your wishes!


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