Thursday, April 18, 2024

ZESCO Warns of Potential Load-Shedding Amid Drought-Induced Power Crisis


Zambia’s electricity utility, ZESCO, has issued a warning of impending load-shedding as a result of dwindling water levels in reservoirs caused by the ongoing drought gripping the region. Wesley Lwiindi, Director of Generation at ZESCO, delivered the somber news during a stakeholder and customer engagement meeting held in Mazabuka, Southern province.

Lwiindi revealed that the situation has forced ZESCO to scale back power generation at the Kariba Dam to conserve water levels. Additionally, water levels at the Itezhi Tezhi Dam have been steadily declining since December, exacerbating the precarious power situation.

Given Monde, Senior Regional Manager for the Southern region, disclosed that ZESCO is in the process of drafting a load-shedding schedule, which will be made public pending corporate approval. He urged consumers, particularly farmers in Mazabuka, to utilize electricity efficiently to minimize waste in anticipation of potential power cuts.

In a related development, Fitzpatrick Kapepe, ZESCO’s Head of Business Development, announced plans for electricity tariff adjustments slated for May 1, 2024. Kapepe clarified that while the adjustment is under consideration, it may not necessarily result in an increase in tariffs. The decision is contingent upon various factors, including approval by the Energy Regulation Board (ERB).

According to the proposed tariff adjustment schedule sanctioned by the ERB, ZESCO tariffs could potentially rise from 40 ngwee per kilowatt-hour to 54 ngwee per kilowatt-hour, a development that could impact consumers across the country.

Ian Robinson, representing the Zambia National Farmers Union (ZNFU), urged ZESCO to explore alternative power sources to ensure a stable electricity supply. He warned that any disruption in power supply could have dire consequences for food production in the country.

Robinson painted a grim picture, forecasting a 90 percent crop failure for small-scale farmers due to the drought’s adverse effects. The situation underscores the urgent need for concerted efforts to mitigate the impact of the looming power crisis on both the agricultural sector and the broader economy.


    • At one point I remember the president saying there was a big hole in the Kariba dam wall. Tht was why the water level were low!!! Now it EL NINO kikiki

    • UPND legacy:
      Load Shedding
      High electricity tarriffs, water tarriffs, Rentals.
      High fuel prices….
      High costs of bread m mealie meal, beef , kapenta,
      Chorelaa etc
      Country has been auctioned to the west.
      White collar corruption

  1. @ John
    Imagine even issuing a warning….we don’t have proper leadership in Zambia….2024 60 years after independence and still having difficulties with energy…now using drought as an excuse

  2. I live in a village where the ZESCO lines and pylons overpass our homes on their way to Kalale. We have never had electricity for 60 years

  3. We’re now used to the nonsense. Since 1992 we have only had ba kalanka as leaders who while in opposition have a solution to our electricity problem. But as soon as they enter government, that solution shifts to the new opposition parties who promise us to use that solution….

  4. The interconnectedness of energy supply, infrastructure development, and political considerations in shaping the socio-economic landscape of countries in the region. While the power crisis in Zambia calls for immediate measures to address energy security and resilience, the reluctance to finance Lobito Corridor and infrastructure projects underscores the complexities and challenges involved in securing external funding for critical initiatives.

  5. With all the water bodies we have in the country, loadshedding was supposed to be the least of our problems. Why have water when we cant use it?

  6. You have leaders who do not want to get advice from populace and would rather get solutions from foreigners. There are solutions to the energy problem

  7. Clueless politicians, headed by a rich man, who did not get rich by investing in alternate, futuristic sectors of economy. He is UNFIT to lead Zambia, a thug, conman, chimwi no plan to make Zambia a truly independent country, built on diversified economy, a preferred destination for technology, 21st century digital industry, with core of diversified food, energy, water, entrepreneurial masses than dependant on so-called investors whose sole interest is to rip our resources and leave behind impoverished masses, polluted rivers, deforested land, sick people.

  8. Why even issue a warning. We know what is coming to us already. After June this years, living in Zambia will be like living in a war zone. No power, no food, no water and only HH and Nalumango will be eating decent food. The rest of us will have to fend for ourselves.

  9. Wow! Surprisingly we are again crying instead of addressing the root cause of poverty in Zambia. Here is the monster below which is responsible for our poverty:

    Not willing to change the education curriculum and make it more entrepreneurial-centric. Right now, the graduates that are churned out of universities/colleges have employee mentality and not entrepreneurial. No one can be rich with employment unless someone is stealing as simple as that. This goes to politicians as well.

  10. Where is that fool Kapala? He promised us no loadshedding… where is he? Mubweleseni pano uyo kapala sakala nyongo! I don’t care about this nonsense called drought — he promised us!

  11. We’re not so worried about load shedding as we have been through this before. Our concern is the insistence by politicians and CEC for Zesco to continue to avail power to the mines at a low flat rate even if it’s imported at higher tariff. This is were Zambia bleeds money through the senseless Bulk Supply Agreement which the UPND renewed for another 20yrs. It’s one of the many questionable decisions that the privatization hero has made

  12. Most expect this GRZ to take responisbilty for the last 58 years
    why dont some reflect for moment and come to the only logical conclusion
    that we canot manage our own affairs,
    Surely our inabilty to run a simple straight forward Railways system speaks volumes
    and we still keep harping on about the mines

    • I may agree with you but that is not what HH told the people when was campaigning. Even after wining, he told the people that he has ended load-shedding.

  13. Why can’t we invest heavily in coal power stations when we know very well that we cant rely on Hydro due to climate changes in recent years. We also have an option to partner in nuclear power generation with the help of the Russians at our disposal. With investimatents in Nuclear power, we can become a Southern African power house, supplying power to all the Southern african countries

  14. Please, I am a foreigner who loves Zambia and its wonderful people. To those blaming outsiders for the energy crisis, this does not help. Foreigners contributed many evils in the past – colonialism is just one example, the capitalist world economy is another. But there are also poor development strategies that have been been adopted since independence in 1964 by a range of leaderships. The logic for load shedding in this year lies with historical over-r

  15. Looking at the comments show ignorant Zambians really are. The usual crap writers a out in force again.

    • You are the one who is ignorant because you can not even bring up a point other than demeaning others. Typical cadre mentality. We have going to no power and that is the best you can come up with.

  16. I have a generator so I dont care. I planned ahead unlike the retards running the country and their ***** voters

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