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Copper Production Drops to 682000 tonnes in 2023 from 837 996 tonnes in 2020


UPND Policies Killing Mining Sector as EFF Calls For Reforms

In light of the alarming decline in Zambia’s Copper Production since the United Party for National Development (UPND) assumed power in 2021, the Economic Freedom Fighters-EFF urgently calls for comprehensive reforms in the mining sector. The precipitous drop from 837,996 tonnes in 2020 to a mere 682,000 tonnes in 2023 as was disclosed by the Mr. Chipoka Mulenga the Commerce Minister is a stark indicator of the failure of UPND’s policies.

The lack of transparency and accountability surrounding the pro-West policies implemented by the current government has cast a shadow over the mining sector, hindering its growth and stifling the economic potential of our nation. The secrecy surrounding these policies has left citizens in the dark, unable to comprehend the decision-making processes that directly impact their livelihoods.

The Zambian people deserve to know the truth about the management of our invaluable natural resources. The declining copper production levels underscore the urgency for immediate reforms in the mining sector. The Economic Freedom Fighters-EFF implores the UPND government to prioritize transparency and engage in open dialogue to address the concerns of the citizens.

It is essential for the government to take responsibility for the ramifications of its policies on the mining sector, which serves as the lifeblood of our economy. The Economic Freedom Fighters-EFF demands that the UPND government not only acknowledges the evident failure in copper production but also takes swift and concrete actions to rectify the situation.

Our party remains steadfast in its commitment to the well-being of the Zambian people, advocating for policies that promote sustainable economic growth and prosperity for all. We stand united in our call for urgent reforms and transparency in the mining sector to revitalize our nation’s economic backbone.

Under an EFF-led government, mineral resource sovereignty and citizen ownership with participation will be prioritized. We vow to ensure that mining benefits Zambians and involve citizens in the full mineral exploration and production lifecycle.

It is vital for Zambia to retain control over its resources thus under an EFF-led government, prosperity for all Zambians will reign. By utilizing Zambia’s resources and maintaining sovereignty, we will ensure long-term prosperity and economic growth for all citizens.

Join EFF, a new generation of leadership!

Wherever we want to go, our feet will take us there.

Kasonde Mwenda C.
Economic Freedom Fighters (EFF)

About the Economic Freedom Fighters (EFF):
The Economic Freedom Fighters (EFF) are dedicated to promoting economic freedom, social justice, and equality for all citizens. The EFF is committed to holding the government accountable and advocating for the well-being of the Zambian people.


  1. It is better to keep quiet than talk/write about what you don’t understand.

  2. There is nothing positive coming out of this government. The Kwacha, Mealie meal, fuel, electricity are very high and keeps going up from the time the assumed office. How do you expect the Kwacha to strengthen if the production of copper is dropping. Indeed by 2026 this country will be a junk country. We will even be told that there is no money to print ballot papers.

  3. It will keep on falling. As a miner myself I always wonder where Musokotwane gets the courage from to announce that IT THIS WE WILL PRODUCE THREE MILLION TONNES. Is it raw ore, concentrate or finished copper.

  4. The lower the copper output, the less Dollars we receive which creates a shortage leading to high exchange rate equals to high prices.

  5. It started dropping in 2019 following the appointment of a liquidator, milingo lungu. With investors in the mines, expect a revamp. Kudos to upnd/new dawn government

  6. Absolute garbage.
    Its the PF who illegally put KCM in receivership and messed the mining production.
    The PF took over control of Mopani mine from Glencore for a debt of $1.5 billion. They forgot about the $19 billion national debt they accrued since 2011 and had no money to fund the operations of the mine.
    So how can the UPND be blamed for the loss in copper production?
    dont be silly

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