Wednesday, April 17, 2024

Government Commits to Ensuring Mutual Benefit for Zambians in Mining Sector


The UPND government has reaffirmed its dedication to ensuring that the country’s mining sector delivers tangible benefits to its citizens. This commitment was emphasized by Mines Minister, Paul Kabuswe, during the launch of the Strategic Plan and Balanced Scorecard for the Ministry held in Lusaka.

Minister Kabuswe highlighted that the strategic plan aims to guarantee that Zambians derive a fair and equitable share of the benefits from the nation’s mineral resources. The implementation of this strategy is expected to foster a mutually beneficial relationship between the mining industry and local communities.

In response to the government’s initiative, Nsama Chikwanka, the National Coordinator of Publish What You Pay Zambia, emphasized the importance of allocating more resources to the mining sector. Chikwanka underscored the need for increased investment in the industry to maximize its potential to contribute to national development and improve the livelihoods of Zambians.

Furthermore, Namakau Kaingu, President of the Association of Zambian Women in Mining (AZWIM), commended the government for its efforts in regulating the mining sector. Kaingu applauded the introduction of regulations aimed at promoting transparency and accountability in the industry. Additionally, she encouraged women miners to form cooperatives to enhance their participation and representation in the sector.

By implementing strategic measures and fostering collaboration with stakeholders, the government aims to create an enabling environment that maximizes the socio-economic contributions of the mining industry while safeguarding the interests of local communities and vulnerable groups, including women.


  1. Your actions and your words don’t tally. You have given up ownership of the mines and you have given tax holidays to foreign entities, you haven’t approved mining projects by locals and mine owners continue to mistreat local contractors and professionals. So which mutual benefits are you talking about? May be you mean Ministers walking away with calendars whenever they visit foreign owned mines?

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