Wednesday, April 17, 2024

8 hour Load Shedding In Zambia Begins


Load Shedding across Zambia begins today.

ZESCO has provided various channels customers and the public can get details on load management in their respective areas:
click here download schedule

Last month Zesco announced a substantial reduction in electricity generation at the Kariba North Bank Power Station for the year 2024. ZESCO Managing Director Victor Mapani revealed that the generation is expected to decrease to 214 Mega Watts, a significant drop from the 386 Mega Watts generated in 2023. This decline is attributed to the reduction in water levels at the Kariba Dam, which will adversely impact the power station’s ability to generate electricity.

Mr. Mapani explained that the country has been allocated only eight billion cubic meters of water for electricity generation this year, emphasizing the direct correlation between water levels and the power station’s output. The reduced water allocation poses a considerable challenge to sustaining higher levels of electricity generation.

Mr. Mapani assured the public that ZESCO would transparently communicate any decision to implement load shedding, providing timely information to the citizens. Then in a media briefing last week ZESCO Managing Director Victor Mapani announced that the company will commence 8-hour daily load shedding effective Monday, March 11, 2024. The decision followed a meticulous assessment of water levels in the Kafue and Zambezi basins.

Mr. Mapani explained that the implementation of load shedding become imperative due to the dwindling water levels, which directly affect power generation capacity. He noted that the anticipated loss for ZESCO due to load shedding would amount to approximately $35 million per month.

Load shedding will be scheduled throughout the day, affecting morning, afternoon, and evening periods.

The decision to initiate load shedding underscores the gravity of the situation regarding Zambia’s energy resources and highlights the need for sustainable energy management strategies.


  1. Why is Northern Province being load shedded? There has been enough rains in Mbala and Lunzuwa generates enough powerr to supply Mbala and part of Kasama.

  2. HH was laughing at Edgar ati takwata ” ichimonwa”(Vision). He went on to say loading shedding was due to lack of leadership. Where is the his leadership and Direction today? ???
    Amalaiti— Takuli
    Amataba- Takuli
    Akabunga- Kadula
    Diesel- Yadula
    Dollar – Yapena.

    • Voting in Zambia is a waste of time. When I look at those aspiring for Plot 1 I only see jokers including the incumbent. I line up Dr Kaunda, Levy Mwanawasa and Anderson Mazoka and compare them to the current crop, it’s like comparing a good brandy to Kachasu.

  3. Let zesco invest in installing solar
    Panels to all customers with a
    System in place to pay back slowly
    In long term.

  4. Time table not consistent…we are supposed to be off at 08:00hours but we’re switched off at 05:59 just as we’re about to prepare breakfast.

  5. Yes, loadshedding maybe necessary but what is not forgivable is each successive government not telling people the truth. The main source of energy is hydro-electric in this Country. So tell people the truth. 40% of the revenue for zesco comes from exports! How do you starve your own children only to go and feed children from another family? Loadshedding is ONE OF THE BIG FACTORS THAT MADE US KICK THE PF OUT OF POWER. Ba new dawn poseniko amano. Infact the new dawn is easy to remove from power.

  6. The period for Zesco employees to lazy around has come. It’ll now be difficult to tell whether power failure is due to load shedding or faults.

  7. We were told that the Kariba dam had a hole and the president went to verify that hole. Is it still leaking?

  8. Where is contingent planning on the situation like this!! Nature will be always nature this is showing us that we cannot always rely on one thing!!

  9. Last time our Head of State guided that the load shading be split into 2 or 3 sessions of not more than 4 hours. It seems ZESCO needs to be reminded on this one – we are back to the lengthy absence of power of 8 hours.
    There were good reasons for that guidance.

  10. Can they stick to the schedule which they themselves provide. Not changing at random and not exceeding even a minute beyond the 8 hours.

  11. When ADEDO comes into power a constitution will beamende to ban exports of energy and maize. This be kept in storage for Zambians. Exporting such commodities will be severely be punished to 15 years jail.

  12. Is anyone from Kitwe able to confirm that there is no electricity tonight? Like this post if it’s true in Kitwe.

  13. Where’s that energy who was here recently.
    I have some technical and pragmatic solutions to posit to him

  14. @Deja Vu, we get your opinion but complete it by suggesting who to vote for in 2026. Just a name and its sponsoring party. Failure to do so would be disappointing to Zambians from a well versed commentator in your calibre.

  15. My African brothers. Reason for loadshedding is very clear. Be realistic in life you find real solutions to your problems. Surely you can’t blame the government on this one.

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