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Abusive Step-Mother Jailed for Assaulting 4-Year-Old Step-Son


A 29-year-old stepmother from Apollo Military Camp in Lusaka West has been sentenced to seven years of simple imprisonment for assaulting her 4-year-old stepson.

Longwe Ngosa, the now-convict, had pleaded not guilty to one count of assault on a child, contrary to Zambian law.

According to the charge sheet, Ngosa assaulted the minor between April 1 and July 31, 2023.

The abuse came to light after a video interview with the child’s teacher was widely circulated on social media. In the video, the teacher showed the boy’s body covered with numerous whip marks, allegedly inflicted by his step mother.

During the sentencing , Lusaka Magistrate Mutinta Mwenya stated that the prosecution had proven the case beyond a reasonable doubt. She emphasized that the video evidence, recorded by the victim’s teacher, was compelling proof of the assault.

Magistrate Mwenya expressed her shock at the severity of the injuries inflicted on the child and noted that it was clear the victim recognized his assailant.

During the proceedings, the state prosecutor, Joe Phiri, requested an opportunity to present a victim impact statement, which was supported by Maxwell Mambwe, the boy’s grandfather. Mambwe expressed his distress over the condition in which he found his grandson and stated that the scars would forever serve as a reminder of the ordeal.

In concluding the statement, the state highlighted the significant impact of the injuries on the child’s body and urged the court not to consider a minimum sentence for the convict.

During the mitigation phase, Ngosa chose to remain silent.

“I sentence you to seven years of simple imprisonment, effective from the day of arrest,” ruled Magistrate Mwenya.


    • The sentence is not concommittant with the crime. This was a human being who couldnt defend himself who had no options, noone to help him and now the court is letting the culprit off scotfree! What is 7 years simple imprisonment for a savage crime like this? African courts dont value life at all. Dont you ask yourselves why government has banned corporal punishment? It wants to portray the picture that we Africans are civilised and dont believe in savagery. But here you have a court tolerating the torture of a helpless little kid. The culprit should have received hard labour. very unfair who can appeal on behalf of this innocent victim?

  1. When it comes to stepchildren and orphans, the cruelty that women exhibit against these vulnerable souls makes me wonder if there’s any humanity in them. It seems this is a season for simple imprisonments regardless of the severity of the case. What’s going on in the judiciary?

    • But she can bring in as many children as she can. Women are hard hearted.
      The story of a man who received news that his wife’s mother had died.
      He calls his wife: Ba Mayo nabafwa what can we take to the funeral?
      Wife suggests leftovers in the fridge would do.
      As they enter the town the car makes a turn towards the in-laws direction.
      Wife: Ngo ku mwakonekela?
      Man: To your parents house. It’s your mother who has died.
      Wife: Why can’t we go to the ATM and get more money for the funeral?
      Man: I thought you feltthe leftovers will suffice.
      That’s Eve for you.

  2. Men are generally good people. Most men take care of and provide for stepchildren or orphans from the wife’s side. Women are usually cruel and a man is required to set controls that allow for a healthy environment. I also advise Zambian men not to be reliant on the wife for cooking, basics or even their happiness. Have those side chics, they will assist in preventing you from dying younger. Keep secret money and ensure you have wills in place. A man is the closest being to a god, safeguard that.

    • I wont agree with St Desperacius. While there are she-devils like this one, and scarcely so, women have the better hearts just by instinct. They know how to love while we men have to learn to do so.
      Did you see the story of the ZAF officer who adopted a parentless girl from CAR? You could see a lovely golden heart. Im sure she is looking after that baby like hers.

    • The most intelligent Blogger
      Thats very different and a wrong example…If that ZAF officer found out that her husband has a child with another woman. I guarantee she should would not treat that child like that parentless girl from CAR.

    • Men are generally good people. Really? All the world’s warmongers have been men. What woman featured in World War 1? The second World War was equally started by a man and women had little to do with it. Not a single war has been started by a woman. Go read the names of convicts of murder, armed robbery and aggravated robbery in Zambia and you will find 99.98 of them are male. Then you come and start a propaganda war against women on LT!!

  3. Simple imprisonment? Bwana DPP what message are we sending to the perpetrators? Please please let’s protect children from such monsters. The scourge is on the increase bring a stop to it by stiffer penalties. Imprisonment with hard Labour for stealing Nshima and eggs vs simple imprisonment for causing serious bodily harm on an innocent child! What is happening with our judiciary?

  4. This cruel monster should have been given 30 years to life in prison. There’s nothing worse cruel than inflicting pain on a little child like that.

  5. You who are saying men are good did you see what the husband to this woman said? He sided with her and told another media that he will sue the victim’s teacher, for exposing the child’s torture.

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