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Outbreak of unknown eye infection in Mpulungu


Mpulungu district in Northern Province has recorded an outbreak of an unknown eye infection.

Mpulungu District Commissioner Gehard Sikazwe said the unknown eye infection was first noticed last month but is slowly increasing.

Speaking in an interview  Mr. Sikazwe noted that the Ministry of Health in the area has so far recorded 220 cases of the infections in both children and adults.

Mr Sikazwe added that the infection is mostly present in urban townships, stating that Mpulungu urban clinic has recorded the majority of the cases, with 178 recorded.

He said Mpulungu District Hospital has recorded 21 cases, Kaizya Clinic has 21, and Kasakalawe Rural Health Center has recorded 6 cases.

Mr Sikazwe said the infection is presenting symptoms of itching, swelling, and redness of the eyes.

He said the Ministry of Health has since started conducting investigations to establish the disease and its causes.

Mr. Sikazwe said the department of health has sent samples for culturing in order for them to determine if the infection is both viral and bacterial.

And Mr. Sikazwe has urged the Ministry of Health to continue with investigations and sensitize the public in order to fight the spread of the infection.

He observed that the infection is spreading at a very fast rate.

He also encouraged people to seek medical attention as soon as they present with the symptoms in order to stop the spread.


  1. Masebo is in trouble again. No resting. From Cholera to this now. Volunteers to rush there as our beloved President will give them jobs as he believes in equal opportunities to all!

  2. The Govt has done a disservice to our research institutions. When the Uk universities downgrade our institutions of learning this is what they mean. We need Govt. funding to empower our researchers. We do not need our researchers to go and study abroad as some people have indicated. We need equipment to do what people do in South Africa and elsewhere. We just need one expert to come and train our people in analytical skills and others. We need equipment in Zambia not people to go and learn they they come home and have nothing to do because they cannot analyse anything. The colonial mentality is deeper than we can imagine.

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