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Zambia Army Collaboration with Zambia National Service Brings Affordable Mealie Meal to Western Communities


Zambia Army
Zambia Army

Zambia Army, in collaboration with the Zambia National Service (ZNS), has facilitated the availability of ‘Eagle’ mealie meal at the Western Formation’s Nali Cooperative Shop . This initiative has brought relief to the residents of Kapulanga, Mandanga, and Forest communities in Mongu district, who now have access to this essential commodity at more affordable rates.

According to reports from Buffalo, a publication of the Zambia Army, the decision to make ‘Eagle’ mealie meal available at the Nali Cooperative Shop was based on a thorough assessment of the demand for the product among the local population. Following consultations and engagements between the Western Formation Command and ZNS in Mongu, the cooperative shop was granted permission to sell the ‘Eagle’ brand, which has since garnered significant popularity.

Since the inception of this arrangement, the Nali Cooperative Shop has experienced a surge in sales, indicating a high demand for the affordable mealie meal option. The first batch of 200 X 25 kg bags sold out within an hour of arrival on February 23, with a subsequent delivery of 400 X 25 kg bags meeting a similar fate within just a few hours. Such swift sales have underscored the urgent need for continued availability of the commodity in the area.

The positive response from residents of Kapulanga, Forest, and Mandanga communities reflects their appreciation for the convenience and cost-effectiveness brought about by this initiative. By reducing the need for long queues and distant travels to access mealie meal, the collaboration between the Zambia Army and ZNS is directly addressing the challenges faced by these communities.

In another development the highly anticipated Kuomboka Ceremony, a traditional event of great cultural significance for the Lozi people of Western Zambia, is scheduled to take place on April 20, 2024. However, this year’s ceremony comes with a notable deviation from tradition as the iconic Nalikwanda boat will depart from Lealui to Mulamba Harbour in Mongu District instead of its customary route to Limulunga Harbour.

The Kuomboka Ceremony, which translates to “to get out of water onto higher ground,” marks the annual migration of the Lozi King, the Litunga, from the floodplains of the Barotse plain to the higher grounds of Limulunga. This migration is necessitated by the rising waters of the Zambezi River during the rainy season.

Traditionally, the ceremony commences with the loading of the Litunga, his retinue, and possessions onto the Nalikwanda, a large ornately decorated ceremonial barge. Accompanied by colorful traditional regalia, music, and dancing, the Nalikwanda is paddled by skilled oarsmen through the floodplains, symbolizing the transition of the Litunga and his people to their dry-season residence.

However, for the upcoming ceremony, the decision has been made to alter the destination of the Nalikwanda from Limulunga Harbour to Mulamba Harbour in Mongu District. While the reasons behind this change have not been officially disclosed, it is believed to be related to logistical considerations or environmental factors affecting the traditional route.

Despite the change in venue, the essence and cultural significance of the Kuomboka Ceremony remain unchanged. It continues to serve as a symbol of unity, continuity, and the resilience of the Lozi people in the face of environmental challenges.

Preparations for the ceremony are already underway, with communities across the region eagerly anticipating the colorful festivities that accompany this age-old tradition. Visitors from within Zambia and beyond are expected to flock to Mongu District to witness and partake in the cultural spectacle that is the Kuomboka Ceremony.

As the date draws nearer, excitement builds among both participants and spectators alike, underscoring the enduring cultural heritage and pride of the Lozi people as they prepare to celebrate yet another Kuomboka Ceremony, albeit with a slight twist in its historical narrative.


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