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President Hichilema’s Powerful Address to the 3rd Session of the 13th National Assembly on Values and Principles Draws Praise


President Hichilema during the Third Session of the Thirteenth National Assembly
President Hichilema during the Third Session of the Thirteenth National Assembly

President Hichilema’s recent address to Parliament regarding the application of national values and principles has garnered widespread praise from various stakeholders across Zambia, reflecting a collective acknowledgment of the importance of ethical governance and societal progress.

President Hichilema said it was a great honor and distinct privilege to address the Third Session of the Thirteenth National Assembly , focusing on the advancements in National Values and Principles as outlined in Article 9(2) of the Constitution of Zambia.

National Values and Principles/

The President said the National Values and Principles play a crucial role in shaping the character and trajectory of our nation, serving as guiding principles for our conduct and informing the formulation and execution of state policies. As articulated in Article 8 of our constitution, these values include Morality and Ethics, Patriotism and National Unity, Democracy, Constitutionalism, and Human Dignity, among others.

Addressing Social Challenges

President Hichilema voiced his concerns regarding prevalent social issues such as early marriages, teenage pregnancy, alcohol and substance abuse, and gender-based violence. President Hichilema explained that to address early child marriage and teenage pregnancy, government in 2023 sensitized 192 chiefdoms and over 2.5 million people on the dangers on the vice.The President added that 106,277 community leaders and 1,441 community welfare assistance committees have been sensitised in an effort to strengthen community action towards ending early child marriages and teenage pregnancy.He further noted that to curb alcohol and substance abuse, the government February 2024, launched the national policy on drug and substance control.

He said collaborating with religious institutions, traditional leaders, and various partners, the government has undertaken extensive sensitization and awareness programs nationwide to combat these vices, to forestall a deterioration in our value system.

Strengthening Marriage Counseling Services

Expressing alarm at the rising number of divorce cases, particularly among young couples, President Hichilema called upon the church, traditional leaders, civil society, and community organizations to bolster marriage counseling services. The Head of State said he was alarmed at the high numbers of divorce cases especially among young couples rising from 31,000 in 2022 to 36,000 cases in 2023.

Additionally, he urged affected individuals to uphold the solemn commitment of marriage by fostering virtues of peace and harmony. And importantly he emphasized the importance of respecting the institution of marriage to be driven by an individual commitment to uphold values.President Hichilema stressed the need to build strong marriages where couples and families are able to resolve matters amicably.

President Hichilema indicated that continued countrywide awareness and sensitization and Gender Based Violence campaigns are being conducted.He added that he was also disheartened by the increased cases of Gender Based Violence to 42,965 recorded in 2023 from 33,536 in 2022, of which some cases have led to death.

Addressing Cyber-crimes

While acknowledging the positive influence of social media and the internet in our communities, President Hichilema regretted their misuse.President Hichilema observed an abuse of social media platforms, stating that to ensure safety and security, the government is implementing the revised National Information and Communication Technology Policy.

“Government has also strengthened the enforcement of various laws to protect citizens against cyber-crimes,” he said.

Consequently, he reiterated the government’s commitment to enhancing the enforcement of existing laws to safeguard citizens against cyber-crimes. The President therefore called on all users of the cyberspace, to be driven by values which include self respect, respect for others and the security of our country.

Promoting Youth Development

Commending the progress achieved in the Constituency Development Fund (CDF) for youth skills development and creating conducive learning environments, President Hichilema encouraged the expansion of similar programs in the future.
He said we now see equity, equality and social justice being restored as many of our children now have an opportunity to learn in a dignified environment .

President Hichilema said the UPND government will continue with these endeavors in order to uplift the living standards of Zambians.

Good borrowing culture

President Hichilema called on all those that are benefiting from various grant led initiatives to adopt a culture of paying back what they are given to perpetuate access of these resources by others. This value is key in creating a good borrowing culture which will transcend generations.

The President reiterated that he remains committed to fostering good values and called on each and every citizen to do their part.

Promoting Virtues of Democracy

President Hakainde Hichilema says the government is committed to deepening Zambia’s democracy and constitutionalism as the surest way for people to enjoy their rights and freedoms to participate in decision making.He said that the government has created an environment that promotes the tenets of good governance, integrity and upholding the rule of law.

President Hichilema said his administration has assured a peaceful political space and access to information by making it possible for 44 new radio stations and 18 new television stations to be licensed countrywide.He noted that these media houses operate freely without any interference from government, while stating that political parties and civil society organisations are now able to make full use of these facilities, to advance their agenda.

The President said he is elated that Zambia has been named among the top three most democratising countries in the world, by V-Dem.
“This recognition underscores our government’s continuous efforts to promote the virtues of democracy, good governance, and the rule of law,’President Hichilema said.

And the President noted that in order to enhance participation of eligible voters, the government is undertaking a continuous countrywide roll-out of the voter registration exercise.To strengthen the legal and institutional frameworks for upholding the rule of law, President Hichilema indicated that the government has enacted the judicial training institute of Zambia act no. 14 of 2023 which establishes the judicial training institute.

Meanwhile, President Hichilema added that his administration’s development efforts are centred on uplifting the livelihood of all the people in the country. He cited the provision of clean water and adequate sanitation, quality education and healthcare, access to electricity, social protection and youth empowerment, as well as provision of maternal health services, as key priority areas for the government.

The President explained that through the flagship intervention, the increased Constituency Development Fund (CDF), equity, equality and social justice are being restored. He noted that going forward, the CDF will be used to promote community-driven local development.

He added that to further promote equity and human dignity, his administration has continued to implement various social protection programmes, including the social cash transfer, shock responsive social protection, emergency cash transfer and the food security pack.

And the President made a call to the businesses, churches and NGOs to join the government by adopting schools for the home grown school meals.

‘To this effect, over 2.2 million vulnerable learners from 82 selected districts are being supported under the home-grown school meals programme,’ he revealed.

President Hakainde Hichilema’s recent address to Parliament regarding the application of national values and principles has garnered widespread praise from various stakeholders across Zambia.

Chief Chisunka of Mansa District, Luapula Province, emphasized the importance of addressing societal issues such as early marriages and teen pregnancies through the application of national values and principles. He commended President Hichilema for highlighting these critical issues and urged collective action from the government and traditional leaders to tackle them effectively.

Additionally, Chief Chisunka applauded the President and the government for their efforts in increasing the constituency development fund (CDF), which has positively impacted livelihoods across the country. He noted that the equitable distribution of CDF has contributed to addressing community challenges and emphasized the need for expedited fund distribution by local councils.

Mitchell Manda, a lecturer at Cavendish University specializing in constitutional and international law, praised President Hichilema for championing the rule of law and promoting democratic tenets. She commended the government’s strides in promoting democracy and agricultural adaptive measures, expressing optimism that initiatives to promote irrigation farming will enhance food security in Zambia.

Sunday Mwape, Director of National Values and Principles under the office of the Vice President, hailed President Hichilema for his address, emphasizing the importance of national values and principles in guiding the nation towards prosperity. Dr. Mwape urged citizens to refrain from indulging in alcohol consumption, citing its detrimental effects on society.

In addition to local stakeholders, international figures like Walid Hasan, the Dean of Diplomatic Corps in Zambia and Palestinian Ambassador to Zambia, lauded Zambia’s dedication to upholding democratic principles and good governance. Hasan highlighted Zambia’s recognition by Varieties Democracy Institute as one of the top democratic countries globally.

Furthermore, Bishop John Mambo, Chairperson of Chikondi Foundation, expressed support for President Hichilema’s commitment to addressing alcohol abuse among youths.

President Hichilema’s address to Parliament covered key thematic areas including morality, ethics, patriotism, national unity, democracy, and constitutionalism, receiving accolades for its importance in guiding the nation towards a better future.


  1. ………..

    The Spoken words shine a light on the zambia we want to live in………..

    Thank you Mr president…….

    May God bless your rule untill 2031………

  2. I watch the speech and it was excellent. Very informative. It was delivered with articulation and sophistication and in context to the subject it was supposed to address.
    Additionally, the message it conveyed was one telling the Zambian people, you have a leader who cares about your wellbeing.
    He is a high character guy.
    He is an example that other African leaders should be looking to emulate. This man is credit to the African continent.
    Zambians treasure him.

  3. Actions speak louder than propaganda. Peasant farmers are facing bleak future, empty stomachs, southern province farmers have started sending cattle to abattors, anything done by the king on that front. Window dressing talks, schemes and speeches by Kaunda to Hakainde have been heard, Zambians have gone poorer and poorer while the conmen disguised as politicians, ZNBC, Times of Zambia and Daily Mail’s praise singers, useless chiefs waggung their tails, sold-out judges, thieving bureaucrats have been taking Zambians to abattors. The life of an average Zambian is worse with every con president. Speeches cannot fool Zambians. The stooge presido of colonisers cannot collect nise Zambians brain anymore. Hotar balloon will burst in 2026.

  4. Oh come on! Both LT and the planted bloggers above are just sucking up.
    What would be wrong with a headline that says: “Hichilema’s Address to National Assembly on Values and Principles Draws Praise” It would do the job of making me curious to read it but when one can see lots of effort by the writer to suck up to the subject you wonder if it is Pyong Yang News you are reading.
    No! you dont have to oversweeten it with “powerful” and other opinions of yours. Leave that to the reader

  5. Other Zambians will find this key address to the 13th Zambia National assembly sceptical. We are anxious to hear what can be said from them over this ever national presentation of National Values and Principles that shape nations of the world. Recently, critical voices in the nation has included deceptive narratives bordering on discrediting Zambian nationals to foreign countries, opposition oppression and shrinking of democratic space among others.

  6. Clear vision forward ,articulate ,goal oriented and determined to return Zambia to its respectable place in the community of nations. Well done HH ,soldier on forward.

  7. Seems Hamasaka has taken over LT
    In opposition HH used the same rhetoric. Only diehard upnd members can believe this water running over the bridge

  8. Na LT should implement the following header on articles; While most comments will be posted if they are on-topic and not abusive, moderation decisions are subjective. Published comments are readers’ own views and Lusakatimes does not endorse any of the readers’ comments.

  9. Zambia being ranked among the to 10 good democracies in the world refers to history handover of power and administration by past presidents who should be recommended. UPND will now be judged going forward; their observance of the law and rule of law and Accomodation of divergent views and embracing of other political parties. If UPND score high on these only then can they share in the credit being attributed to Zambia.


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