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Zambia and Germany Pave the Way for Enhanced Economic and Tourism Cooperation


Minister of Tourism, Hon. Rodney Sikumba says Zambia is looking forward to expanding existing areas of development cooperation and trade with the Federal Republic of Germany.

The Minister made these remarks in Berlin, Germany when he met his counterpart, Minister of Economy, Tourism, Agriculture and Forestry of the German State of Saxon-Anhalt, Mr Sven Schulze.

He reiterated Zambia’s commitment to fostering mutually beneficial cooperation and understanding adding that the meeting was sought to bolster Zambia’s efforts in forging economic and trade ties in tourism with Saxon-Anhalt and Germany at large through Economic Diplomacy.

Hon. Sikumba stated that the bilateral relations between Zambia and the Federal Republic of Germany have remained steadfast despite changes in political leadership and that Zambia values the longstanding friendship with Germany that is premised on shared values, mutual respect, and common aspirations at bilateral and multilateral levels.

He pointed out that Zambia has been observing the economic success in Saxon-Anhalt, particularly in investor service, location marketing and tourism marketing.

He noted that Zambia is aware of Saxon-Anhalt’s highly industrialised and diversified economy, which equally emphasises services such as tourism and production through its innovation hubs. He expressed confidence that Zambia would benefit immensely from the current advancement in these sectors.

Hon. Sikumba further said Zambia was ready to partner with Saxon-Anhalt in the tourism industry and leverage their robust tourism network and digital competence.

He acknowledged Germany’s prioritisation of Africa as a trade partner and emphasised that Zambia, in turn, was strategically positioning itself to pioneer strengthened economic and trade relations with Germany on the African continent.

Hon Sikumba commended the German Government for the regional development cooperation initiatives, particularly in the areas of education, focusing on TEVET crafts and trade institutions. He also appreciated Germany’s efforts in the conservation of historical artifacts and natural heritage sites, including museums, as well as its commitment to stewardship of natural resources, wildlife conservation and protection of biodiversity.

The meeting between the two Ministers was held on the margins of the ITB Berlin Trade Show.

Issued by Lubinda Kashewe
First Secretary-Press
Berlin, Germany


  1. This Minister is useless and he should be replaced….together with Silvia Masebo and Minister of Agriculture….Finance Minister and Energy Minister also should be shown the door….but unfortunately certain names are a sacred cow in UPND and untouchable….

  2. Minister of Economy, Tourism, Agriculture and Forestry. This is how our friends cut on unnecessary expenditure. Just one person covering all these ministries. With us, these would have been four ministries being run by four incompetent ministers. This is one of serving resources and avoiding stress on national budget. We cannot be having ministries which do the same work. This is duplicity of roles which can be done by one ministry. Some of the ministries don’t value. Ministry like Ministry of Green, whatever it is called. It should just be under Ministry Of Agriculture.

    • @mbaluso. You are 100% spot on! I’ve been saying this for years, but all I get are insults from praise singers. Also what exactly are the roles of these Ambassadors and High Commissioners? Why are they side lined? Could it be that these useless suits called Zambian Ministers want the per diem and to travel the world? Or are the Ambassadors and High Commissioners totally useless as well?

  3. Just keep on with your fantastic work Rodney Sikumba. At least your ministry is not useless like Lungu’s ” ministry of religious guidance”.

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