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B-Flow’s ordeal at Levy Junction; what do we make of it?


Lusaka based artist, Mr. B-Flow, credited for the much touted but flopped song, “Sunda station,” has taken to social media to recount how he and his colleague were allegedly attacked by goons mascarading as UPND cadres at Levy Junction the other day.

He writes, “Upon stepping out (of the car), I just saw one of them punching my friend in the face when the other two joined and took turns. Then another group of about 8 or 10 guys came running from the Government Printers side of the car park to confront me and my friend. One of them pushed me and grabbed me by the hand, then I requested him to let go of me while the others were dragging and beating my friend.”

Mr. B-Flow further claims that they were detained for close to two hours and thus subjected to a ‘lecture’ about what he should be posting on Facebook or not. Ironically, although Mr. B-Flow was the target of this attack as a ‘celebrity,’ he was spared any beatings save for his unfortunate friend. There are a few things that don’t easily add up though in this account……where exactly were they detained during the ordeal? Suppose those were impostors out to discredit the name of UPND? How did he know these were UPND cadres? How come they just concentrated on venting their anger on his poor friend?

If it turns out to be true that Mr. B-Flow and his colleague were indeed victims of assault at the hands of UPND cadres, this is highly regrettable. We can assure him though that those hooligans are on “their own” as President Hichilema has repeatedly said. This particular president is on record public putting on record his aversion to caderism.

The New Dawn Administration is understandably under a barrage of constant attacks from the opposition eager to dislodge them from power or frustrated individuals who may be nursing bitterness of being by-passed for government appointments. However, the ruling party does not require the services of self-acclaimed commanders to bolster its image or shield it from incessant attacks. This is what sent the notoriously Patriotic Front to its early grave.

Since the party is essentially “at war” with the opposition and other sponsored detractors, the leadership needs to immediately constitute a ‘war council’ and identify individuals gifted with different abilities and skills to be part of the same. The war council must closely monitor what’s being said on social media, radio and TV or written in the newspapers so as to swiftly move and debunk such innuendos and propaganda in real time.

In its current form, the UPND media team has lamentably failed to live up to people’s expectations. The earlier it’s disbanded and replaced with a more vibrant and competent team – individuals boasting of expertise in an array of political analysis, oratory abilities and creative writing etc the better! Expecting Hon. Cornelius Mweetwa who is Chief Government Spokesman to be doing all the donkey work of defending the party is grossly unfair.

At times, the so-called celebrities over rate themselves too much that they want to think the entire world evolves around them. If ‘mosicians’ as Bowman Lusambo would say are so influential that they can easily sway the opinion of electorates, how come the combined team of artists assembled under the umbrella of Kalabdanya Music Productions failed to influence people to vote for the notorious Patriotic Front, overwhelmingly?

Ba artist, please understand your role is to entertain the masses and not to be opinion makers as such!

Prince Bill M. Kaping’a
Political) Social Analyst


  1. YEAHHHHH NEH!!! Desparado.. Zambian politics are so backward!!! I thought anyone had their own opinion regarding the governance of their nation… MMMMMMM!!! Do they INSULT the president on the socials to be subjected to that?? Just thinking.. no wonder we are so backward in-terms of politics, constitution, infrastructure etc. Ba Zambia sure.. viva the current government viva.. you are such a good example of mmmmmmmmmm.. Shame on you!!!!!! They attack anyone who has a different liberal opinion.. never ever again vote tribalists

  2. Ati they are on their own. You have been in denial that caderism is very rife in UPND and want to always hide in the empty pronouncement by the greatest liar ever. Useless article.

  3. If UPND is serious about caderism and violence, they should start apologizing to incidences as far back as Mapatizya formula. Their leader says one thing and does exactly the opposite.

  4. Levy Junction is just a stone throw away to Lusaka central police.Why not run there and report?he rather choose to air his complaint on social media no wonder he comes up with song ati ”sunda station” how can one ridicule a historical town like that.

  5. Upnd is now becoming like PF. If they want to prove they are different let them arrest those cadres of theirs and prosecute them as an example to others so that they don’t follow suit.


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