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President Hakainde Hichilema Ranked Among Top 5 Best Performing African Leaders


President Hakainde Hichilema has been recognized as one of the top 5 best performing African leaders, according to the online publication Business Day

Abdel Fattah el-Sisi of Egypt leads the list as the best performing African leader, followed by Samia Hassan of Tanzania in second place, and Paul Kagame of Rwanda in third place. Wavel Ramkalawan of Seychelles holds the fourth position.

President Hichilema secures the fifth spot, with Business Day describing his performance on the economy as “promising,” particularly highlighting his focus on agriculture, renewable energy, and attracting international investment.

The publication acknowledges President Hichilema’s efforts in addressing corruption and prioritizing economic diversification, despite inheriting a struggling economy. It also applauds his commitment to accountability, transparency, democratic principles, and human rights.

Other notable leaders on the list include President Masisi of Botswana, Roopun of Mauritius, Addo of Ghana, and Tebboune of Algeria. In the tenth position is Barrow of Gambia.

President Hichilema’s recognition among the top-performing African leaders reflects his administration’s dedication to fostering economic growth, promoting transparency, and upholding democratic values, positioning Zambia for a prosperous future.


  1. “best performing African leaders”. Best performing for what? Dictatorships? Killing off the opposition? Stifling freedom of speech?

  2. When these kinds of people give you credit, or open the European parliament for you to issue long and rambling speeches, or are being invited to the White House without a month or two of ascending to power *(granted by Biden would not meet you when you would not condone homosexuality), it means the white gate keepers, all resident in or associated with South Africa, have already conveyed the advance message that you will dance to the tune of the West. That being said, this one has and had little choice. The US $33 billion borrowed and looted by Michael Satan and Edgar “Mutawire” Lungu so completely emasculated Zambia that we are not wide open to be raped by the West and the Indians….

  3. I am sad to see Samia Suluhu on this list. It means that she is selling the Tanzania Julius Nyerere and Magufuli did so much to preserve for the people of Tanzania to these Westerners. Al-Sisi is on the list because he is allowing Israel to slaughter the Palestianians without raising a resistive finger- of course there is that US $20 billion that was given to him/ Egypt to keep the Egyptian army out as the genocide was taking place. Ramaphosa failed to make the list because Naledi Pandor is talking too much about Israel. Kagame is on the list for looting the precious minerals of Eastern Congo, and conveying them to the West. As for the Seychelles, leader, I am not sure what sell-out bullsh!t he is doing… Of course Traore of Burkina Faso will never make this list.

  4. HH is admirable.
    He should just clean state house and bring in some women there. Where decent Zambian women gone?
    Go get Catherine Namugala, Dora Siliya those who have repented.

  5. And the regular LT noise makers are nowhere……This is too much for them.

    Congrats Bally !!!

    There is no better alternative to Bally, if you look around current opposition leaders !! Mulekeni ateke

  6. It supposed to read “president Akainde Hichilema ranked among the 5 top western puppets in Africa”. You think they condemn, if they are getting mineral tax free in Zambia.

  7. Haters and Characters like Membe,Harry Kalaba,Lungu,Changala Sikota,Edith Nawakwi,ZaYellow,Tayali,Deja FOOOL,,Canisius Banda,Teresphore Mpudu,KBN TV.CAMNET Tv.Habazoka.Ayatollah,KCi and such other like minions can now hug transformer

  8. Congratulations Mr. President for making it to the best 5 performing African Leaders. Soothing is also the news of the debt restructuring deal being done. Kudos to you and your negotiating team.

  9. Stop wasting congratulations on pawns for imaginary awards in an invisible closed competition that doesnt have rules or a trophy. The actual “trophy” will be taken by the one behind the imagined award who will now arrive in the country as your chief praise singer and therefore demand his reward.
    His reward for inventing the Emperor’s new suit. We the wise would rather reserve congratulations for Muzala Samukonga, Kennedy Luchembe, Patrick Nyambe, and David Mulenga who were competing in a tangible and open competition that we all could see. Noone could cheat us there and the award was medals that we can examine and admire.

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