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Zambia deserves a factory on every street corner, not a temple!


We reside along a street leading to one of the mountains within our city. Everyday of the week, month of the year; we see them flocking to the mountain in their droves, 24/7. These are poor country folks who have been made to believe their “breakthrough” somehow remains domiciled at the mountain. Those that are yet to find the apple of their eyes; those afflicted with various infirmities; those about to write their exams; those in search of jobs…..they fast and shout out prayers to the skies robustly as if ours is a deaf God.

After prayers are said, of course followed by a sermon from the “man of God” who repeatedly punctuates it with assurances of “this is a year of wonders;” offering is collected and they walk back home the same way they came……. to nurse their hearts from whatever kettle of fish they may find themselves in.

What do we make of this?

We do not know about other life challenges, however, we are definitely convinced that what is going to extricate our people from absolute poverty is not by gathering in temples from January to December and waiting for miracles to happen, but rather finding something useful to do with our hands. Those that are privileged to occupy positions of authority must consider thinking outside the box and come up with innovations and initiatives that may encourage our people to set up factories in every city, establish hybrid farms in every village or extract fish ponds wherever water may be readily available.

59 years after independence, it’s quite sad that we still have to rely on toothpicks or earbuds from China; cheese or toilet paper from South Africa; potatoes or onions from Tanzania; panadol or condoms from India and indeed shoes or clothes from Italy! What do we have to show for our independence save for speaking English with exaggerated fake accents?! You can’t even manage to coach your own national football team apart from tired legs from Europe!

Isn’t it a paradox that the same countries we may want to dismiss as “unchristian” – India, China or Russia are the same countries we have to entirely depend upon for all our needs, including much hyped debt relief!

Why do their economies continue to grow leaps and bounds while ours remains stagnant or shrinking? There isn’t any witchcraft or magical formula involved other than utmost discipline and a rigorous working culture!

Unless we improve our work culture, we might as well continue waiting for Jesus Christ on top of the mountain to deliver us from poverty.

Prince Bill M. Kaping’a
Political/Social Analyst


  1. This nonsense of building a filing station, factory etc anywhere should end. We should consider the hazards of that. There should be industrial areas (light and heavy) not residences, offices, malls, etc mixed with industries. That’s anarchy

    • Those well planned city layouts with dedicatd industrial areas are only working in well developt countries……..

      In emerging economis where the die has been rolled already……….

      Like India, parkistan , Vietnam, ……..

      cottage work shops and mini factories pop up on every street in most areas,………

      Factories and workshop churning out things like car breakpads , wheel borrows , car radiators , motor rewinding ………all using recycled materials.

      They are actually awe inspiring, if only us Africans can do that………

    • Spaka one time you lied to us that you were at UNZA. You cant even spell wheel-barrows, brakepads and what is or are Motor-rewindings

    • Easterner

      So what if spelling is not for me ???

      Some of the best engineers don’t give a damn about spelling. Some of you can spell even more than the English, know every date in history, but are useless when it comes down to work………..

      And you don’t know what a motor is ??

      Any marchine that has spinning movement most likely has a motor in it, and almost every motor has wire windings……

    • There you go with your lack of simple mental grasp. That I dont expect from an educated citizen. Answering what I havent asked: “any machine any machine..” For heaven’s sake I asked for your so-called “motor-rewindings” which you claim come from factories. And Spelling-in any language- is very basic for any University entrant. Otherwise the Vice Chancellor’s board will assume you dont have the qualification to enter

    • Easterner.

      Good thing I’m not a teacher or lecturer……

      I dont give a darn about spelling………

      You don’t know about motors have wires in them ??…….

      suggest you read about motor rewinding or rewiring……….

    • He is right. But he spoiled the food when he related it to religion, just like over-seasoning a given dish.

  2. Good write up by Mr. Prince Bill, this message is apt for even Muslim Nations like Pakistan, Afghanistan, Yemen or other middle Eastern countries…

    Manufacturing is the way out, at least like India Zambia can ask Japanese, European countries to put up their plants… Make this plants as an export hub for other African countries.

  3. The Logic in this article is inspiring and it’s time to wake up. This vicious circle of failing to heave off the slavery yoke of poverty through prayer and doing nothing but hoping for manna from heaven must cease forthwith. We must move away quickly even the IMF saga. Africa think big.

  4. This article is written by a UPND cadre; it follows a following from those same cult associates. He is building on the mantra that Zambia spends more time praying than being productive. Our country is not as religious as other nations, but accused of idling. If our President has reservations about religion, he expects us all to follow suit. Doesn’t the Bible encourage hard work? Where does the living and resurrected Christ condone laziness? Happy Easter to all including the Beautiful Gate.

  5. Manufacturing consumer goods in Zambia is difficult. The cost of importing raw materials is high, due to geographic location and an inneficient transport system. Add VAT and Duty to the import of raw materials and it soon becomes apparant that its cheaper and easier to import the finished goods that have been produced in other countries. On top of this there are inflexible Labour Laws, too many public holidays and a lack of consitent Electricity and Water Supply. Yet there are so many willing young people who want jobs and are prepared to work hard, given the opportunity.

    • But our countries economy used to be very strong before and after independence, so what has changed? It’s all about leadership and nothing else.

  6. Manufacturing doesn’t just start. It requires interdisciplinary collaboration; universities with curriculum that supports local industry with scholars who visit local industry, engineers/scientists, financial types, designers, marketing types, producers of raw materials be they chemical, agricultural, metals, etc. I do not understand why I see Italian cheese, Brazilian cheese, bottled coconut water from Thailand etc in a Zambian supermarket. Local trading blocs in Asia, Europe and South America will just not allow that. COMESA, and interestingly, headquartered in Lusaka with a Zambian chief executive as it happens, somehow allows supermarkets to import such basics outside Africa.

    • Well said……….good points.

      Things like coconut water can be sourced from within Africa, quid pro quo…….

      Many african countries have coconuts, establishing a coconut water factory to sell in zambia while they too let zambian farmers sell produce in their country……..

      This is the only way to keep money circulating within Africa to creat jobs……….

  7. Unless your brain is not working. Temples dont just pop up in cities and so doee industries. Let those with intention to set-up industries do so in the industerial allocated areas and let temples also be allowed in the areas allowed by local authorities.

  8. But our countries economy used to be very strong before and after independence, so what has changed? It’s all about leadership and nothing else.


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