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President Hichilema’s Extends Easter Greetings From His Working Holiday at Naminwe Ranch


In a heartfelt Easter message to the nation, President Hakainde Hichilema, accompanied by the First Lady, Mrs. Mutinta Hichilema, extended warm holiday greetings. The President conveyed his wishes as they embarked on a weekend retreat to their Naminwe Ranch in Namwala, Southern Zambia. President Hichilema’s message encapsulated the spirit of Easter, emphasizing its significance beyond the narrative of death, but as a beacon of hope, reconciliation, and eternal life.

“With my wife, the First Lady, Mrs. Mutinta Hichilema, we send you all Easter holiday greetings full of love and peace,” expressed President Hichilema. “We also wish to inform you that we have since left Lusaka to spend the weekend at our Naminwe Ranch in Namwala, Southern Zambia.”

“The essence of Easter transcends the narrative of death, embodying instead the promise of eternal life, the triumph over defeat, and the illumination of hope and joy over despair and sorrow,” remarked President Hichilema.

The significance of Easter was further underscored as President Hichilema called for unity and diligence in building a prosperous nation. “Together, we embrace the spirit of Easter, welcoming its teachings of gratitude, reconciliation, hope, and love into our hearts and loyalty to our nation,” affirmed the President.

As the nation observed Easter, President Hichilema commenced a working holiday, retreating to Naminwe ranch in Namwala district, Southern Province. Accompanied by the First Lady, the President arrived at their farm around noon, signaling the start of a six-day working holiday until April 3, 2024.

Southern Province Minister, Credo Nanjuwa, confirmed the President’s presence in the province, highlighting the importance of his visit in reinforcing various developmental initiatives. Mr. Nanjuwa disclosed the President’s concerns over rampant bushfires along the Kafue River plains, which pose a threat to livestock and agricultural activities in the region.

“The President has expressed concerns over the wild bush fires being ignited in the plains along the Kafue River which have become rampant in the province,” stated Mr. Nanjuwa. “If the fires in the plains continue, livestock will be affected and will cause farmers to start buying hay for their animals which will be expensive for them.”

In response to these concerns, President Hichilema directed the provincial administration to take immediate action to curb the spread of fires and protect the plains for livestock. “The President has given fresh instruction to the provincial administration to ensure that the fishermen putting up fires along the Kafue plains are stopped to protect the plains for livestock,” Mr. Nanjuwa elucidated.

The provincial administration, in collaboration with traditional leaders, pledged to work tirelessly to halt the rampant fires and safeguard the livelihoods of farmers in the region. “Provincial administration will work hand in hand with the traditional leaders to stop the rampant fires in the plains,” assured Mr. Nanjuwa.


  1. Great leadership and choice of holiday space another important example for many to emulate instead of flying to resorts outside but stay at the farm and add value locally. Happy to emulate game changing example and my admiration for this leadership is growing

  2. The liar in chief…again he lied to the whole country that debt structuring is done and yet its far from over…..and gullible Lumbani madoda were jumping up and down….kikikikiki…Mr Spaka was rolling over in the dirt like a 5 year old…and we told them that within 24hrs the story will change

    • ……..

      Have you no shame to be showing up on LT after your blatant lies and fake predictions ??

      You told us Stanley kapuko will be back in GRZ by now ??????

      What happened ???

    • Nostradamus!!!
      You are blind or partially blind. How do you type anything? The still photograph which shows Mr. Hichilema, the president, and his entourage, also evinces a chopper in the background. Hence, I strongly suspect that you are blind or partially blind.
      Distinguish between a jet aircraft and a helicopter. You must tone down and desist from being exceedingly excited and naive. Rethink my straightforward comments and change for your own benefit.

    • If these matters are beyond your comprehension, it is better to stay in your lane. Dehumanizing a president may land you in trouble for nothing. Ignorance has no defense.

  3. HH is the type of a person who sends a text to himself and responds to his own text like he is chatting with the President of the USA…and then he sends the screen shots to his gullible praise singers Lumbani Madoda…again he lied to Zambians about debt restructuring and yet is far far from over

  4. Fake Prophets become rich in Zambia because Zambians are so gullible and they will believe anything…and HH is capitalizing on that and now he’s acting like a fake Prophet….just lying to Zambians 24/7

    • Hahahaha……….

      You are like those fake prophet’s……..

      Full of Fake predictions and lies…….

      Ati kapuko will be back in GRZ………now ati kapuko is still on GRZ payroll………


      your illusions and lies make realise how good UPND supporters are………

  5. I don’t know how the Home Affairs Minister is now feeling after it has been confirmed that its not a done deal yet…He made a fool of himself in Parliament…Government of lies…led by liar in chief….Remember HH lied to voters in Mkushi that he owned a private jet….and yet he has none….and those foolish University students who went to celebrate lies…Spaka come and defend your lying President BMW..

  6. Stanley Kakubo is still on Government payroll and soon he will be reinstated again….and by way the “mulabeja” t shirts are selling like hot cake….after Zambians woke up to the news that actually HH lied about debt restructuring….kikikikikiki…I told you guys

  7. @ Spaka
    Talk about debt restructuring…..kikikikiki…not so fast….now you want to talk about Kakubo….wanyala….
    I don’t know why HH keeps on lying with all the modern day technology where facts can be verified in a matter of seconds…he thinks we still living in Telegram era..just go to Bloomberg news….you will get all the facts

    • …………

      There was no lies told………

      Tell us what you know about the debt restructuring, not just general lies of yours like “…not yet concluded…”

      The deal is done. Zambia will not have to pay $800 million per year intrest and instalments.

      Payments will be much less. That is all that matters.

  8. Gullible Zambians have been fooled twice…@ Spaka am sure today you have shiki polomia…i don’t blame you…

  9. The Supreme leader the Almighty Ayatollah Pinocchio Hakainde Hichilema….this lying President is taking Zambians like fools….and unfortunately majority of Zambians are gullible so they will believe whatever Pinocchio says…..i knew it was just a smoke screen when Musokotwane appeared doubtful and issued that vague statement…..why can’t they just wait until its done…why giving Zambia false hope

  10. So will the Monks and Momas again do a surprise visit to the community house to ask what happened to the ” Phew its done” debt restructuring deal….Zambians we joke too much

  11. Under HH….Gold miraculously turned into copper……Debt restructuring keeps on getting “done”….and this is the second time its been ” done and dusted”…..and i told you useless Lumbani madoda that the story will change and it surely did change in just less than 24hrs….HH has no shame i think lying is in his DNA …..and that dull lawyer Mwimbu even lying in Parliament…i think Mwimbu should be suspended from Parliament for 30 days for misleading the house…he should be held in contempt

    • ….

      You are delusional…….

      “….A delusional person believes things that couldn’t possibly be true………Delusional comes from a Latin word meaning “deceiving.” So delusional thinking is kind of like deceiving yourself by believing outrageous things…..”

      The English language.

      Forwadee 2031…….

    • By the way a anonymous, what has happened to the OCiDA and UKWa petition letters which you prayed for and gave archbishop mpundu to take to USS? And by the way, do you know that HH is now recognised as one of the first five best and hard working presidents in Africa? And by the way are you aware that Zambia will soon have electric car assemblies in several mining towns? And do you know that by kopala have now more confidence in HH? And very soon, bonse abanya fye if y’all kunya bakaleka. Long live HH

  12. Lies are facilitated by propagandist media. The US and their likes have very critical media unlike our bootlickers here. Just read the intro of this story. Mmm Just imagine an intro starting: “In a heartfelt Easter message to the nation,..
    So this reporter was able to enter HH’s body and determine this was a heartfelt message? It is all imagined and then broadcast the nation of course expecting the nation to swallow such trash without questioning

  13. Zambians needs new younger leadership. Unknown to politics. What wears now witnessing is a circle of same leadership of conmen and scammers. Who want to be looked as saints. From recent researches yet to be publicized by world bank. Zambia is a free home to most terrible scammers. Those are people who had high military ranks such as COLONEL ,but got sacked due to their theft and criminal activities. With little money that they got paid, they bought traditional lands and became or pretentious to become MEN OF GOD or started churches. They use such facilities to attract people who they can con or scam. They are criminals with poor backgrounds looking for new victims.

    • …….

      I get paid with the thought that zambia is now in confident hands…………

      Zambia is making strides in the moral , political , social and economic sphares.

      Global inflation has also affected zambia, but we are confident……..

      Forwadee 2031………

  14. Let that famous thieving colonel in Lusaka teach him the Bible and later scam him. With this scamming money the colonel will pay for the land to end up selling it and divide under his thieving family.

  15. we heard anonymous and his desperate bossed asking, “” where will HH get money for free education? ” “Where will HH get money for over increased CDF? ” “where will HH get money for students bursaries and meal allowances ? ” “where will HH get the money for workers in the councils?” “Where will HH get the support debt restructuring and revamping the mines?” ah, let them go for good in hades for this corruption and thievery acts stink alot

  16. Well said Bwana HH , our Easter greetings go out to you too.

    Pay no attention to naysayers they bankrupted our Zambia with their rotten PF.


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