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150 PF members defect to UPND


Over 150 members of the former ruling party, the Patriotic Front (PF) and other political parties, in Kabulonga Ward 19 of Lusaka Central Constituency, have defected to the ruling United Party for National Development (UPND), following government’s successful restructuring of Zambia’s debt.

Receiving the defectors in Lusaka’s Bauleni Township, Lusaka Central Member of Parliament Mulambo Haimbe, sayid the successful debt restructuring, is only a tip of the iceberg, of what Zambians can achieve when they are united.

Mr Haimbe, who is also Minister of Justice and Acting Minister of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation, says the restructuring of the debt has created a breathing space for the government to effectively undertake other economic programmes such as investing in education through bursaries.

“We can only achieve much as a nation if we work together towards a common goal and President Hakainde Hichilema has shown us the way,” Mr. Haimbe said.

Mr Haimbe indicates the people who have joined the UPND have seen for themselves the good leadership of President Hakainde Hichilema.He has called for the whole Lusaka to join hands and demonstrate, by marching in solidarity with President Hichilema’s good leadership.He has also encouraged the defectors to freely participate in the activities of the government.

Kabulonga Ward Councillor, Kosamu Tembo says the country is in the right move in recovering the economic status, through a number of interventions that government is implementing.

Mr Tembo has explained that the UPND government is a democratic government that is working with the Zambian people, beyond tribe and political affiliation, hence the magnetic attraction to members of the opposition to join the ruling party.

Meanwhile, a representative of the defectors Mupeta Mwape appreciated the warm reception from the ruling party and assured of cooperation with the existing structures in serving the Zambian people.


  1. that woman and her husband who negotiated to PROLONG debt payments of Zambia, and paid millions, must be laughing LOL. Their hour job has brought out fuuulishiness in Zambians.
    Asking a bank to say “let me not in agreed 18 months, make it 24 months” is what always do with our house or car loans. In civilized world we call it “refinancing debt”. Same as “debt restructuring ” you fuuuls are yapping about.

  2. This shows how dull Zambians are….like seriously….celebrating debt restructuring….and Politicians are rubbing it into its gullible followers who have no clue what debt restructuring is….reminds me of the Ugandan doomsday cult by Father Joseph Kibwetere and sister Caledonia Mwerinde who convinced its gullible followers to commit mass suicide in church whilst Kibwetere and Mwerinde escaped through the back door….just like HH and his gullible followers

  3. How possible is it that a clean, holy, clear and forward-thinking ruling party would receive uncouth, clouded minds, filthy and violent cadres in the name of strengthening power? Unless they are birds of the same feathers. Stop telling us about PF defection to UPND. It is appalling! His prime aim is to show how weak and dead the PF is, but in effect, it is soiling the new dawn. Halt the rot.

  4. The debt restructuring was a massive feat against dozens of creditors , some………….

    Of who think that now zambia managed well enough and is capable of repayments……..

    $800 million pa is a lot of money to be paying for debts on the back of a weak as.s economy

    • Congratulations on the awesome debt restructuring. However, the de-vil is in the details. I doubt whether you have those important details apart from the bla bla bla.
      The finance minister announced that Zambia escaped paying $5 billion this year towards debt. We will now only pay $400 million by December. Since 2020, we have not been paying any debt. How have we avoided paying billions this year? It is the rescheduled debt that has made us resume external debt service. Defections have nothing related to the 2024 Agreement.

  5. @My Zambia
    Finance Minister has already started shifting goal posts….he knows that things will go south pretty soon…..gullible followers don’t know what debt restructuring is….they think its free money….

    • Exactly. And on top of it we must pay the Lizard $45m for postponing the debt repayment. Can the minister explain how the saved $4.9m? Half truth is no different from lies.

  6. When we said that Hakainde is not as intelligent as the print and social media portrayed him to be while in the opposition some Thomases doubted. There you have it. This is the same old trick and they have fallen for it. Where is the “intelligence”. Hakainde sold all the grain, his electorate have to queue for “cheaper” mealie meal. He goes on CNN and other international media and lies that there is no drop of water in Zambia. Mbala, the oldest district in Zambia has water passing over the bridges because of rain and you still lie. What kind of leadership is this that has no shame to lie? Even parliamentarians have pointed out this!! God help us

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