Wednesday, April 17, 2024

UKA should support Edgar Chagwa Lungu (ECL) as the paramount political figure for 2026


UKA United Kwacha Alliance members

UKA and PF must not betray their only Nelson Mandela & Donald Trump for 2026 in ECL: Why miss the winning penalty when there is no a goalkeeper?

1. In Brazil, Lula de Silva saved two terms left power. In his retirement, sitting President Bosonalo maliciously persecuted him for corruption and sent into jail after conviction. In 2023, Lula was out of prison and majority Brazilians asked to contest again. He convincingly defeated the man who arrested and today, Lula is president again.

2. Today, Edgar Lungu sits as Brazil’s Lula in Zambia. Many voters regret voting ECL out because HH is a Bosonalo, one who over promise, persecutes rivals and fails to deliver. Therefore, PF and UKA must not allow anyone to fight or betray their Lula in Lungu: he is the only 2026 winning password.

3. Despite the apartheid regime parading him as a terrorist and imprisoning him for 27 years, the ANC and South Africans remained focused in believing that Nelson Mandela was their lead political hope and emancipation hero. In PF and UKA today, it is shocking to learn that there are some people who think that they are politically better placed to contest and redeem Zambians from the chains of UPND and HH in 2026 outside Lungu.

4. In the ANC, challenging Nelson Mandela was deemed betrayal to liberation because he was the most popular, powerful and internationally recognized politician among them. Let PF and UKA members emulate ANC leaders going into 2026.

5. In the US, most Republicans are very clear and firm about Donald Trump as the only candidate who can forcefully compete with Joe Biden and win in December this year. They treasure his experience as a Republican President, his media punch, his capacity to fundraise and his global political stature.

6. In Israeli politics, Benjamin Netanyahu takes the same place. In Russia, Vladimir Putin is respected as such.This is the place of Lungu today in Zambian opposition politics: I appeal to PF and UKA supporters to run with this gospel always going into 2026.

7. Let everyone in PF and UKA know that, in Zambia today, only Edgar Lungu has the political stature of Brazil’s Rula De Silva, Israel’s Benjamin Netanyahu, South Africa’s Nelson Mandela, US’s Donald Trump, Rwanda’s Paul Kagame or Russia’s Vladimir Putin. We are talking about someone deemed the symbol of state fatherhood, political hope, freedom, citizen empowerment, happiness, national unity and peaceful coexistence.

8. Even President HH does not come close to this political stature of Lungu because most Zambians generally take Bally for a liar, failure, western puppet, traitor, conman, hypocrite, fake, selfish and too proud.

9. If your wedding knife boy takes the courage of urinating on the only cake for your life mass event for whatever reason, the only option left is to immediately and brutally red card him out of the event. For me, I see UKA betraying their only political cake for winning 2026 in ECL by allowing Luckson Mulusa to continue as their SG after insulting and attacking both Edgar Lungu and PF on Diamond TV. For now, he is still a big spoiler to the UKA end game because he is malicious to their winning formula.

10. Even after publicly disrespecting and intentionally denouncing Lungu and PF, the most important, popular and powerful stakeholders in UKA, there is no one in UKA who condemned their SG or compelled him to openly apologize, show remorse and restore credibility to the injured people. This gesture alone is treacherous and dangerous for UKA going into 2026.

11. They are dearly carrying an SG who does not respect their only Mandela, Trump, Netanyahu, Putin and Lula for 2026. To many stakeholders in PF and Zambia, this is seen as a calculated act of betrayal.

12. To some extent, the decision of appointing and keeping Mulusa in UKA as SG today is not different with the decision of brining back Miles Sampa in PF in 2017 after he voluntarily left in 2015. And later, PF made Miles both Lusaka Mayor and Matero MP. Mr Mulusa openly disrespected President Lungu when he was his cabinet minister. Today, the same Mulusa is still disrespecting Lungu in UKA as SG.

13. Who brought him in UKA and what is their key agenda? Why should UKA miss the last and winning political penalty in 2026 when the goal keeper has run away? By appointing unrepentant Mulusa who disrespects Lungu and PF as their SG, UKA is betraying everything good for them going into 2026.

14. In UKA and with that unapologetic attitude, Lucky Mulusa is their Miles Sampa in the making. How on earth can an alliance of political parties bring an SG who does not belong to any of the alliance political parties? This decision is one of the most dangerous one for such alliance.

15. In such alliances, key positions are for members of alliance parties. Where is the political loyalty and allegiance of Lucky Mulusa if he does not belong to any party in UKA? This is how good players miss penalties by thinking that they have already scored before kicking the ball.

16. This is where PF is shocking everyone. In UKA, PF MPs and Members of Central Committee (MCC) are watching as bystanders or distant observers of the alliance. They have a duty to engage ECL, submit their views and actively support Lungu to make UKA work and deliver victory in 2026. Ultimately, PF is the main beneficiary of UKA because it’s the largest party in the alliance.

17. Any senior PF member who opposes UKA is opposing rebranding and betraying the needed stakeholder partnership to dislodge UPND and HH in 2026. PF must cherish UKA and UKA must cherish PF: this is the golden rule going into 2026. In fact, it is bigger betrayal if PF MPs and MCCs fail to speak out and defend their lion’s share inside. PF is UKA and UKA is PF.

18. PF MPs and MCCs must not endorse a misplaced model in UKA that “all political parties and presidents in the alliance are equal”. There is a workable model called “UPND alliance”: the biggest party takes the lion’s share. PF leaders must guide UKA members to stop hypocrisy. Many UKA members bring only themselves into the alliance while PF brings a former republican president and a party with MPs, Councilors and members countrywide. This thinking of “equal rights and powers in UKA” is treacherous to UKA itself and everyone.

19. Shockingly, there are some senior PF members who covertly oppose UKA and think PF came bounce back in 2026 on its own. This is misplaced thinking and dangerous political betrayal. PF needs alliance members if PF is to wage a winning political battle for 2026. PF must open doors too wide and allow more stakeholders to enter: even Luck Mulusa if he shows true repentance towards PF and Lungu.

20. UKA is the best political vehicle PF needs and must cherish. Any PF leader or MP who opposes UKA is betraying everyone. UKA brings new faces, UKA brings more numbers, and UKA brings PF rebranding. Thus, PF needs UKA and UKA needs PF. This political honest is vital and crucial going into 2026.

21. In 2011, HH would have become Republican Vice President had he accepted to form an alliance with Micheal Sata and become his running mate. But arrogant HH refused to humbled himself and wanted Sata to be his vice president. That’s how PF leaders like Winter Kabimba rubbished everything and the PF-UPND alliance collapsed. However, PF through Micheal Sata ended up winning on their own and arrogant HH was left in the losing cold.

22. I hope that PF and UKA leaders will not miss the ECL train going into 2026. Political honest demands that they all front Lungu as their leader and in him or through him, they push for regime change in 2026.

23. Both PF and UKA must not act spiritual and diplomatic by assuming that winning 2026 will be automatic. They face king Saul, Pharaoh and Nebuchadnezzar in HH, he is brutally vicious and politically cruel to stay in power. Therefore, PF and UKA must be sober, honest, intelligent, brave and avoid digging their own graves.

24. While UKA will surely grow bigger, it is important to know that some among them will defect and others will become true Judas Iscariot and Miles Sampa soon or later. Therefore, before key decisions are made, UKA leaders must always engage and consult their parties. This is how they will insulate themselves from betray or mitigate digging risky holes in UKA and their respective parties.

25. In conclusion, it is crucial for UKA members to understand that big political parties should have their deserved bigger shares in the alliance and smaller political parties must equally gain their reciprocal smaller shares. This is the only way UKA under the leadership of PF will score that last penalty to win in 2026 with either ECL as the presidential candidate or someone else fully backed by Lungu. It’s wrong and betrayal to politicize straightforward politics.

Patriotic Front Facebook post
Author unknown


  1. You bunch of jokers, Zambians could see through your small brains from the get go.What will will this tired pretender do for Zambians this time around? We’re just from cleaning the pupu you shamelessly left behind. Dude f#$@ off.

  2. I agree with @Mwine these chaps are a bunch of jokers and desperadoes.
    Edgar Lungu is the most useless politician on the African continent and there are a few of them.
    He is inept, inarticulate, incoherent, incomprehensible, dim-witted, someone who cannot even string two sentences together, he is a total disaster.
    The difference between him and HH is like the darkest night and the clearest day. With Lungu the one groping in the dark.
    Zambia has moved on and does not need such a malaconotid misfit.
    Long live HH.

  3. …….

    I totally agree…….

    Lungu is the most inept president to have ever ruled zambia, God willing……..

    How can a president be so short sighted to allow violent theiving PF cader thugs to terrorise the country, even………

    When repeatedly warned……?

  4. The whole article is just useless like a used toilet tissue. The best place it belongs is a pit latrine.

  5. It is like we were happy to tribalism favoritism cadrism police brutality gassing land grabbing thuggerism and corruption Edgar lungu promoted during his time.please stay away from us we are no longer interested to be ruled by Edgar lungu who failed to stop thuggerism at can you also tell HH to tell his cadres to stop violence nosense president.Edgar lungu was sworn in twice game over with your long useless article

  6. The rear exit that farts never quit. Who is UK to the real Zedians??? Just my opinion, UK is like an infant who can only survive is breast milk. How old is Zambia and how old is Africa to keep on seeking support for washed out politicians. Changwa is finished politician, and he only happened to become president because I was sleeping. I am wide awake, and I will make sure that LUNGU never see the light of being a Zambian president.

    Lungu and your puppets. keep on embarrassing yourselves. and I got my eyes on you cats. God answered the prayers of the Zambian people, now Zambia got a president admired and respected all around the world.

    • Edgar Lungu will always remain the most useless president to have ever ruled this country. He thought we were still in colonial times. Seriously, how did he allowed all the criminality that took place during his rein. Cadres, killings etc. In Eastern Province we don’t want him again. Long live HH. UKWA to hell

  7. You’re just wasting your time misleading Ngungulu and the UKWA BAG. ZAMBIANS do not think backwards. Ngungulu had his time and now it is other people’s time to be President, not LUNGU. He will just get more embarrassed than what happened in 2021.

  8. Zambians, open your eyes. Chagwa has never meant well for our country.
    Even you supporting him in UKA, you will one day regret if by any chance, Chagwa was to bounce back.
    First thing will be the re-birth of Bill 10 and it will go through by any means possible.
    Tyranny will be at the worst.
    Have you really forgotten what was happening under PF?

  9. Ndipo muzaluza muzakaula! Do that and see. Zambians have not forgotten the confusion that Lungu’s cadres reigned on the country. The current administration has cadres but they are no where near the larceny and total disregard for law that was the PF cadres. He may be a good person but what he allowed under his watch is what cost him. We will NOT vote for him in order to allow whoever else to continue or take it.

    • I want an honest and credible opposition. I want a principled political party that will hold Hakainde and his party’s feet to the fire. Equally, I want this to be the case regardless of who is in power, whether that is me or my uncle. I want this opposition party to be credible so that it can be strong. However, I do not want the opposition leader to be Lungu or his party or to have anything to do with PF. Those asshols sold our country on the debt market and left us in a US $33 billion debt that we will never be able to pay. These motherfakas use tribalism to make us fight each other, while they loot all of us for the benefit of themselves and their families. We cannot let ECL be anywhere near any kind of power. Please find someone else who stand up to UPND or whoever is in power

    • ………
      Exactly……..the terror and confusion the PF caders brought is what cost lungu the most.

      The thing is, lungu was warned about the political costs of this terror , what did he say………..

      “…..caders have always been part of my office , I can’t abandon them…….”

  10. I want an honest and credible opposition. I want a principled political party that will hold Hakainde and his party’s feet to the fire. Equally, I want this to be the case regardless of who is in power, whether that is me or my uncle. I want this opposition party to be credible so that it can be strong. However, I do not want that person be Lungu and his party to have anything to do with PF. The asshols sold our country on the debt market and left us in a US $33 billion debt that we will never be able to pay. These motherfakas use tribalism to make us, fight each other, while they loot all of us for the benefit of themselves and their families. We cannot let ECL be anywhere near any kind of power. Please find someone else who will hold UPND or whoever is in power accountable to Zambia

  11. The author must be on sophisticated jenkem: An inhalant hallucinogen derived from fermented human waste…

  12. Read first few numbers and came here to trash this article. ECL was a terrible leader who had his 7 year term. Never should anyone bring him back.
    HH is equally going down that route. Neither deserve to govern again.

    • Mwebantu who needs such a sloppy uncharismatic politician who accidentally became President? UKA wake up and look for credible contestants.

  13. The conmen also know that lungu was the weakest president Africa ever had, but all they want is to suck him. They are sure that Ecl may only release the money which is still Holden and packed in ukwa bags by persuading him to stand in the presidential race, which he cant actually win. Most of them surrounding ECL are extremely broke. Anyway let him stand mumuswemo bwino. But only very few seasoned pinhead shall benefit

  14. What poorly written and thought article, surely if that was meant to sale and capmaihn for ECL as a preferred candidate for UKA, it has lamentably failed. Comparing ECL to Bosonaro is more befitting actually than Lula. My advise to the author is find an individual within UKA who is not dented, ba ECL mukasebana. He has nothing to offer please.

  15. I know some of my colleagues are part of this mobilisation and i have listened to your various arguments. Fortunately i had an opportunity to listen to all the leaders mentioned. I met Putin in Moscow, Mandela came to address our vision 2050 in Maputo Mozambique and Lula was our key note speaker at the World Social Forum in Brazil. My concern is your lack of analysis or what Pravin or Mbeki would call failure to connect the dots. In my humble view ECL should lead above country and possibly governance work in partnership Thabo Mbeki to deepen the NEPAD agenda given his legal background. Pushing local politics is going back and we need him to go up and support the African Union, SADC and others not local politics but voters will have the final say and the very best

  16. Thank you for bringing this to the fore. Actually ECL had his time and did his best let him rest. If ECL is smart let him back another candidate..UKA for Wuka sake is not bad…what is bad is them not deciding early who should lead the pack..if everyone thinks I can the results are disastrous…watch the film SUCCESSION…Learn a lesson early…PF and UPND once ‘united’ but the issue was both heads wanted to lead…the result is known..UNIP had Kebby and KK..the result is known..MMD had Nervous and RB..the result is know….think hard UKA even if it means looking outside your circle find a saleable leader you might just attract the voter once more…good luck

  17. They think Zambians can vote for them to allow them to and continue stealing, moving about with stolen in their jackets and bags Some names have now faded. Such as ATM, Bonanza, bull dozer, commander 1. 2 . 3 etc

  18. I wonder how much the ***** who wrote this useless farking sh!t was paid by Lungu. People should know when their time is up. That chance will never come again. NEVER. 2 terms is 2 terms. Zambians will never let career criminals back into power. No matter how they spin the narrative. Lungu is not and can never be in the same league as Mandela. Keep trying. Your failure and that of Lungu and UKWA is guaranteed.

  19. This is a fishing article. Trying to gadge the hate towards Lungu from the Zambian people. He should contest 2026 so that we can give him another stamp of disapproval!!!!!….kikiki

  20. We Zambians are trying to move forward but the writer wants to take us back. If HH fails, we should look somewhere else. Not ECL futi. No.

    • HH has already failed. Now the opposition is failing to appoint his successor

  21. This Malawan Jonathan Mutawire Alia Edgah Lungu with his village in Nkhama Bay right in Malawi and owning 2 different registration card., will this time steal everything in Zambia, once he comes into power. Sleepy Zambians when are you going to woke up.

  22. This is shear madness, who in their right frame of mind would reinstall such a failed thieving alcoholic with a disgusting puze-face for president again. I think all these jockers need to be ushered into Chainama, “ba kula mwa tutendele twabona bo naminungu ba!”

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