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UN Representative Collaborates with Zambia to Tackle Violence Against Children and Street Children Crisis


In a concerted effort to address pressing issues affecting children in Zambia, the United Nations Special Representative on Violence Against Children, Dr. Najat Maalla, is currently in the country for a series of collaborative initiatives aimed at ending violence against children and addressing the escalating crisis of street children.

Dr. Maalla’s visit, which includes engagements with government officials and stakeholders, seeks to bolster partnerships and enhance the implementation of legislation and policies aimed at safeguarding children’s rights.

During a courtesy call with the Minister of Community Development and Social Services, Ms. Doreen Mwamba, Dr. Maalla emphasized the importance of streamlining children-centered policies to effectively address issues affecting them. The Minister commended Zambia’s efforts in enacting key legislation such as the Children’s Code Act and implementing frameworks like the Child Participation framework and Safeguarding Policy to protect and promote children’s rights.

While in Zambia, Dr. Maalla is slated to visit communities for first-hand engagement with children, families, and frontline social service workers addressing violence against children. Through a coordinated multisectoral approach, she aims to identify and address gaps in policy implementation to ensure the protection and well-being of children.

In response to concerns raised by Minister Mwamba regarding the alarming increase in the number of street children across Zambia, Dr. Maalla reiterated the need for collaborative efforts to tackle the root causes of this phenomenon. During a visit to the Chikumbi Children’s Home in Chibombo, Minister Mwamba and Dr. Maalla underscored the government’s commitment to providing rehabilitation and empowerment initiatives to help street children transition away from life on the streets.

Penelope Campbell, the UNICEF Country Representative, reaffirmed the UN Agency’s commitment to advocating for children’s rights and supporting initiatives aimed at improving children’s welfare in Zambia. Campbell emphasized the importance of collaboration between government agencies, international organizations, and civil society in safeguarding the rights and well-being of children in the country.

As Zambia and the United Nations intensify efforts to address the challenges facing children, including violence and homelessness, stakeholders remain committed to creating a safer and more inclusive environment for all children in Zambia. Through collective action, they aim to ensure that every child has access to essential services, protection, and opportunities for a brighter future.


  1. These people we entertain to think they have a solution to our problems have very big problems in their own countries. Zambia just a few years ago did not have the problem of street kids because we had proper family values. This country does not have homeless people but look at America who we want to emulate. They want to bring to us problems like gay people, junkies, prostitutes. If you think we have junkies and prostitutes in Zambia, go to America.

  2. These people responsible for moral decay in society and emergency of unruly children as they promote a discipline that is both foreign to our culture and that of our Christian beliefs. We do have cases of abuse of children but that should not prompt government to put in place laws to stop parents from disciplining their children. Children belong to families and it is the responsibility of parents to inculcate correct values and not the state. Why are Africans controlled like this? What is it that we impose on Western countries, zero. Stop begging, we wont die. Let us work hard and eat our own food and no one will control us.

  3. The issue is that nobody seriously want to get rid of the street kids in Lusaka especially. It would be very easy to rid them from the streets and have them kept in safe homes. But the government is very reluctant to have such implemented. We actually do not require a lecture neither a hand from foreigners to tackle this issue. Lusaka central can use their much publicized CDF.

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