Friday, May 24, 2024

FAZ Congratulates Copper Queens For Olympic Qualification


The Football Association of Zambia has congratulated the Copper Queens for having qualified for the Paris 2024 Olympic Games after beating Morocco 3-2 on aggregate in the final qualifying round.

FAZ president Andrew Kamanga says the back-to-back Olympic qualification is a culmination of his executive’s long term project to develop the women’s game.

Zambia joins 12 other teams at the Paris 2024 Olympics and will be in Group B alongside USA, Germany and Australia.Kamanga hailed the never die spirit of the Copper Queens that overcame a 2-1 first leg deficit to win 2-0 away and punch their Olympic ticket.

“On behalf of my executive committee and the entire football family, I wish to congratulate the Zambia Women National Team for having qualified to the Paris 2024 Olympic Games. The qualification comes on the back of the team’s debut appearance at the Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games which puts them in a special place,” Kamanga says.

“We have invested heavily in the growth of women’s football in the last six years which has seen them qualify for three Africa Cup of Nations (2018, 2022 and 2024), qualify for the first ever world cup (Australia/New Zealand 2023) and even won bronze at the 2022 WAFCON,” he says.

“These results help reinvigorate our resolve to invest more in the grassroots football. We have channeled the same level of support to the women’s game as the men’s which has triggered the great success we are witnessing today.”

Kamanga says FAZ will make sure that the team is adequately prepared for the Olympics that kick off in July.

“As always, we will stick to our well established routine of organizing quality preparations for our team ahead of the tournament. For now we will allow the team to suck in the moment before we get down to work again,” he says.Zambia will join Nigeria as the only two African envoys at the Paris 2024 Olympic Games.

For and on behalf of:

Sydney Mungala


  1. @ Sydney boyi, yo tell that politics Kamanga stay away from the hardworking girls/women national team.
    No extra delegation and coaching staff to mess up Bruce’s technical bench.
    Then imwe Ba Bruce, what you did today with goalkeeper and starting lineup don’t ever change unless a girl is sick.
    Whats going on with Barbara, she has become so beautiful and dependable… Barbara you such a beautiful soul…

    • We should replace the men’s team with these girls. Its only then we can easily qualify for the world cup

  2. Congratulations to the girls. Caution to hallucinating supporters on all media. STOP this hype of “winning ” games before the match is even played. Go and bet your wild 6-0 victories on Betzambia. Stay away from the coaches and the football teams. They the professionals in the field.

  3. The girls under the leadership of BB dug deep to secure the victory. It was a difficult game and the defense of Martha Tembo was formidable. Th men in suits should not take the glory for this achievement. What a fight the girls put up!!

  4. Congratulations to our ladies! They make me proud to belong to my tribe, because my tribe was represented in this team. The ladies’ surnames represent more of the Zambian provinces than the male national team’s surnames. As for the goal scorers: Barbra Banda and Lushomo Mweemba, you beauties! I offer to get you some land in the Western Province! Now, let the preparations begin. No more losing by 10-1 or 4-0 at the Paris Olympics. Let us win one or two games this time. I will save money to travel to Paris.

  5. With due respect to the coaching staff, I think you have run your race and it’s time to let go so that others with even higher technical skills can take over
    Football has changed dramatically but we’re us are only depending on individual brilliance of our girls
    Technically Morocco were superior than us. What I’ve seen in both matches is just shooting the ball forward or running with the ball without much coordination
    We need fresh coaching blood from abroad to make our female team even more aggressive
    The saying ‘Don’t change a winning team” should not apply here and for the sake of patriotism the coaching staff on their own must throw in the towel
    The best time to step down is during a climax
    I submit, Senior Citizen

    • My thoughts as well.Bruce doesnt know how to structure the team around Barbra and Kundananji to form a cohesive and creative team.He rather relies and hopes the two professionals will have a good day on the field.Take out these two and the team is in disarray

    • I agree with you that a lot of reorganization needs to be done, however I do not think replacing Bruce and the coaching staff is the answer. Perhaps an advisor can be added to the team to assist them technically. Morocco as you have mentioned was a superior team

  6. Congratulations to the copper queens. However, the problem is with the coaching staff, especially Ba Bruce. The moment he enters the stadium he becomes a spectator and his head stops thinking. With the players around, if we can grab that ghana coach even south African coach who read the game and tactics. We can beat USA, Australia even Germany again. FAZ look into that, i submit.

    special advisor.

  7. 1.Expose the entire coaching and technical team to new tactics bring in an expert to be with them for a refresher course he/she can be flown in even if for two weeks max. 2. Please no friendlies with teams we shall meet in the tournament 3. Boot camp for the ladies

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