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President Hakainde Hichilema Commissions Chifubu Level One Hospital In Ndola


President Hakainde Hichilema has commissioned Chifubu Level One Hospital in Ndola District of the Copperbelt Province.
President Hichilema stated that his administration is working hard to ensure that service delivery across the country is enhanced.

According to ZANIS the President assured the residents of Chifubu Constituency of government commitment to maximise the usage of limited resources to improve people’s welfare.

President Hichilema disclosed that the government has also concluded the negotiation on the Lusaka-Ndola road at a cost of 600 million United States Dollars from the initial deal of US$1.3 billion under the previous administration.

“This is not the last commissioning, we are undertaking here, your government will continue working for everyone day and night and we will be back for more work,” President Hichilema said.

The Head of State thanked the people of Chifubu Constituency for having confidence in his administration whose results are being seen through such development as improved health service provision, construction of roads among other developmental milestones.

President Hichilema further called for every citizen to play their role in economic development through hard work among people.
And the President ended his address by echoing a message of love, unity and peace among citizens for the betterment of the country.

Speaking at the same function, Minister of Health Sylvia Masebo disclosed that Chifubu Level One Hospital has been equipped with state-of-the-art equipment.

Ms Masebo added that from the initial 133 health workers at the new hospital, the number of human resources has now been increased to 300 health providers.

She stated that about 44 volunteers at the first level hospital will be given permanent jobs while the rest will be employed in other health facilities.

Ms Masebo added that the government is committed to improving health delivery through various interventions including increased drug levels.

She urged the people of Chifubu Constituency to guard the facility jealously for their own health benefits.

Earlier, Minister of Transport and Logistics Frank Tayali said the commissioning of the hospital is evident enough of the government ‘s commitment to develop the country.

Minister of Youth Sports and Arts Elvis Nkandu said that youths will benefit from all the development being undertaken in the Copperbelt Province.

Meanwhile, Copperbelt Minister Elisha Matambo said that the Province is earmarked for development in various sectors of the economy.

And Chifubu Member of Parliament Lloyd Lubozha hailed the president for commissioning the hospital that will enhance health service delivery.

Mr Lubozha said the constituency only had three clinics but after increasing the Constituency Development Fund (CDF) to 3.6 million Kwacha, the area boasts of seven health facilities including the newly commissioned Chifubu Level One Hospital.


  1. Kikikikikki he is now in panic mode……Lusaka Times HH also commissioned a toilet…where’s the story….???…now its time to fool his gullible praise singers

  2. And i know Praise Singers will attack me..but this is exactly why African Countries will never develop because of leaders like HH…apply bandaid on a wound that requires surgery and let things look like they’re ok while you’re in office and let the leaders who will come after you deal with debt…..HH now is not worried about debt so he is using the money which was supposed to service our debts to run around and fool his gullible praise singers…and i know they will insult me

    • When is kabuko back in GRZ as you
      promised ????

      Ati using money that was supposed to serve debts…….

      Zambia could not afford to service the debts, what money are you hallucinating about ??

  3. “….President Hichilema further called for every citizen to play their role in economic development through hard work among people.
    And the President ended his address by echoing a message of love, unity and peace among citizens for the betterment of the country….”

    This must be drummed into Zambians……..

    Thank you my President

    Forwadee 2031………

    Naku pitillila.

    • The president also said this is not the last project commissioning he is going to do. Very true .Just like this hospital there are a lot of projects started by previous govt that are ready and waiting for commissioning country wide. Roads, hospitals , clinics and schools started by the previous govt. You will definately be kept busy Sir. PF set the path for you…….. LET THE COMMISSIONING START!!!

    • “Hard work” but you are not creating jobs! Do you see how UPND cadres, children flood government recruiting centres like ZNDF, Police and hospitals?

    • Nifunseko

      Meaningfull lasting jobs are not created overnight……..

      Those were PF seasonal jobs , mostly labourers ……..

      UPND aims at creating lasting jobs that comes with manufacturing development……..

    • Why 100 percent? It is our money. Inany normal society, our tax is supposed to go into such projects not in paying for loafing ministers and top civil servants salaries. Or in fuel and lodging costs for presidents who cant stay at home. Certainly not in people like HH and Lungu’s pockets.

  4. This hospital was built by PF in Kawama. We all knew HH wanted to get credit for delaying the commissioning of the hospital. CROOK NUMBER 1.

  5. I was also surprised. In Bemba we say iciweme ciilombela icine umucele. Meaning HH need not bother wasting time commissioning little things which Matambo or Masebo could have done, Saddest part is that members from as far as Lusaka have been following the president just to make him believe he’s popular. Popularity lies in what people see and not what you want them to believe. These members have done this to all former presidents. Be careful.

    • Iwe Deja Vu Iam from Eastern Province but I went through Bemba schools on the copperbelt and I ve never heard this saying. You’re saying “The good one begs for the truth salt?” Niyekuti bwanji? The problem with you Bembas is you try to make your language important. Kikikikikiki!

  6. President HH is the true bridegroom for our Zambian independence and this is why he cares so much for our national development as our independence was cared for so much that KK and others managed to fly to Lancaster House for the negotiations for our independence.

  7. Don’t deceive people. I am a Pine Grove resident where this hospital is situated. Works on this hospital started after PF left. It was HH who came to flag off the construction of this hospital where there was completely nothing. Don’t lie

    • There is no CT scan at Ndola Teaching Hospital. I’m sure it must some other simple scanner, the handheld type. So how can a mall facility have such an equipment when the main hospital has to send patients to a private company in Kanini. Nangu no propaganda.

  8. Is it Chinese built? If so, it is crap, it will start crumbling down soon just like the Levy Mwanawasa (Chainama) Hospital.

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