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Interview with the football fan who met Rainford Kalaba before the accident


A young man called Kamilo bumped into Rainford Kalaba and Charlene Mkandwire early Saturday morning.The star struck soccer fan posted the encounter on social media. A few minuted later,that morning he edited his post to include a warning to drive safely as he had noticed the erratic driving of the car Kalaba was in. Unfortunately later in the day Rainford Kalaba was involved in a tragic accident that claimed the life of Charlene Mkandawire.

Meanwhile, Rainford Kalaba remains hospitalised at the University Teaching Hospital -Adult, where he continues to receive medical care.
UTH Public Relations Officer Nzeba Ilunga Chanda provided the latest update stating Mr. Kalaba’s condition shows significant improvement, with doctors noting a positive response to treatment.She said Mr. Kalaba is currently in a stable condition, which is encouraging news for his recovery.

Medical professionals at the hospital are diligently monitoring Mr. Kalaba’s progress and are committed to providing him with the necessary treatment to facilitate his improvement.The medical team remains dedicated to ensuring that Mr. Kalaba receives the best possible care and are employing all available resources to support his recovery process.

Below is an interview posted by Zed Now detailing the encounter Kamilo had with Rainford Kalaba


  1. In journalism there’s something called balancing which means you don’t get only one opinion and rush to publish it. Have you at LT asked police or doctors about alcohol levels in the subjects? Why take one person s opinion and run with it?

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