Tuesday, May 28, 2024

CDF Impacting Lives – Haimbe


Lusaka Central Member of Parliament, Mulambo Haimbe says the Constituency Development Fund (CDF) has continued to impact learners at David Kaunda Technical School in Lusaka.

Mr Haimbe who is also Minister of Justice said the CDF committee in his constituency has been actively donating additional resources to the school to enhance sanitation.

The Member of Parliament was speaking when he led his CDF committee on a conducted tour of the school.

He said the recent provision of mattresses and desks funded by the CDF has significantly improved the learning environment at David Kaunda Technical School.

He highlighted several ongoing CDF projects within the Lusaka Central Constituency which include school renovations and loan distributions, all aimed at uplifting the community and empowering its residents.

“In a significant development, the government has increased the CDF allocation. This boost will directly benefit essential projects, including the DK initiative, which has already received donations from the CDF,” he added.
Mr Haimbe pointed out that CDF remains a vital tool for progress, impacting education and addressing.

And Ministry of Information and Media Director, Spokesperson, Henry Kapata has outlined the government’s concern on the load shedding to the school.

Mr Kapata said the government will improve the power potential of rivers by strategically placing power plants along their course and identifying rain-attracted areas for hydroelectric power.

He assured citizens that the considerations will help mitigate the power deficit and improve energy reliability.
Meanwhile CDF committee chairperson Kapya Kagombe said they will continue supporting schools through CDF and empowerment grants.

And the Dk Head Teacher Moreen Tonga appreciated the governments support through the donation of desks and other utilities.


  1. Yes, it is impacting people alright. Now from CDF he has enough money to destroy people’s marriages. We are still waiting for the statement from these mwanamuchende on what happened on the couple that these guy caused death. His toilet commissioning boss keeps destructing the public on real issues. Zambians are still living in hunger, loadshedding while they are being promiscuous and commissioning toilets. So far we have not seen any real infrastructure they have brought about apart from below quality CDF structures and high cost of living. HH wants to come out holly so he needs to come clean on his adulterous Haimbe.

  2. Yes …toilets. But how does someone go to the toilet when he has not eaten ? So these toilets will not be used and remain white elephants. Who he has not eaten cannot go to the toilet!

    • It is not for you to judge whether those toilets were good or bad idea. It is the people of Kwacha who have the right to appreciate them or not. They are people too, they are Zambians, and they are PF. Since you have never experienced what it means to defecate in ground holes and are accustomed to flushing toilets, you cannot understand their pain and why they value those toilets.

    • They have all along been telling people ati “Mulenya Mulelapila”. Now they realised there are no toilets. So they went to build toilets so that the “Mulenya Mulelapila” becomes a reality. This is UPND for you.

  3. Haimbe needs to come out of his immorality issues before he should be talking about CDF Toilets. He is the justice minister for crying out loud. Normally, he should have resigned. Ba SDA helder, help us here.

  4. ..


    Increase in CDF amounts ????

    Less money for the clique to steal in lusaka ?

    The PF tribal supremacists will be exploding with anger……..


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