Friday, May 24, 2024

Residents of Luanshya urge politicians not to politicize development


Residents of Roan Constituency in Luanshya district on the Copperbelt province of Zambia have appealed to politicians not to politicize developmental programs taking place in the area.

The residents said it was unfortunate that some politicians in Zambia were not happy with the dewatering of the 28 shaft mine which has been waterlogged and non operational for 23 years.

Speaking on behalf of the residents,former Patriotic Front Baluba ward 24 councillor Gershom Mpundu said the move taken by President Hakainde Hichilema and the UPND administration to commission the dewatering of 28 shaft mine was a welcome move as it is going to create about 3000 jobs thereby improving the economy of Luanshya and the nearby towns.

Mr Mpundu said apart from 28 shaft mine,the New Dawn Administration has also embarked on improving the road network in the area.

Mr Mpundu said people of Roan Constituency want to see development and not retrogressive politics.
“We don’t want cheap politics here, we want to see development we are tired of politicians who are against development,” he said.

He further noted that some politicians were just enriching themselves instead of working for the people.

Last week President Hakainde Hichilema commissioned the dewatering of 28 shaft mine which is expected to employ about 3000 people once operational.


  1. Just use that water reasonably. Dont waste it. In Mufulira the mines pumped water to all households or townships for free. Thats how practical the original miners were.

  2. I think Zambians know what they want. You can say what you want but they are now above votes acquired by getting them chibuku, chitenge or tribal campaigns. Our democracy is maturing

  3. Good for Luanshya. I am glad to hear that it is coming back. I remember how this used to be, possibly, the cleanest and greenest town in Zambia. I doubt that the deliberate policies which facilitated that state of affairs will be possible if the mines in the area are ceded to foreign operators.

  4. The 3000 jobs will lead to other jobs in the town as these miners will need schools to send their children to, and hence more teacher positions, they will need shops to buy goods from, hence more shops, they will need transport to travel around, hence more minibus drivers, conductors and car mechanics. This exactly how local economies are created, and I am happy to see this happening


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