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President Hichilema Will Not Usurp Chitimukulu’s Role As Guest Of Honour At Kuomboka


State House says President Hakainde Hichilema will attend Saturday’s Kuomboka Traditional Ceremony as a citizen and enthusiast of the event.

Chief Communication Specialist Clayson Hamasaka issued the following statement.

“We wish to clarify once again President Hakainde Hichilema’s attendance at the Kuomboka Ceremony this Saturday, following various accounts circulating on various media platforms. President Hichilema is fully aware of the invitation of His Royal Highness Paramount Chief Chitimukulu as the guest of honor at this year’s Kuomboka ceremony. This invitation is a reciprocal gesture, following last year’s invitation of King Lubosi Imwiko II as the guest of honor at the Kusefya Pa Ngwena ceremony in the Northern Province, which President Hichilema fully supported.

It must be emphasized that President Hichilema is not intending to usurp or take over the Chitimukulu’s role as Guest of Honour at this year’s Kuomboka ceremony. He is simply attending as a citizen and enthusiast of the event. Indeed, President Hichilema has participated in the Kuomboka and many other ceremonies across the country long before he entered mainstream politics. Even as an opposition leader, he attended these ceremonies not as a guest of honor, but as a citizen who respects traditions, and as a headman in his own right.

Looking ahead, President Hichilema encourages cultural exchanges among traditional leaders, where ceremonies and other traditional engagements are presided over by traditional leaders from different regions. This initiative will undoubtedly promote national unity and peaceful coexistence among the diverse ethnic groups in our country. President Hichilema holds deep respect for Their Majesties King Lubosi Imwiko II and The Chitimukulu. As President, he urges all citizens to respect our rich and diverse culture and traditions.

The President is looking forward to joining other patrons and the Lozi people at this weekend’s Kuomboka ceremony. ”

Meanwhile Chitimukulu as said it will be an honor to be in the presence of President Hakiande Hichilema.

Chief Chitimukulu of the Bemba speaking People said it will be a great honor for him and the Litunga of the Barotseland to meet President Hakainde Hichilema during the 2024 Kuomboka Traditional Ceremony of the Lozi people of Western Province in privacy.

The Chitimukulu, who is the Guest of Honour at the annual Traditional Ceremony, said this will provide the three leaders an opportunity to confer in privacy on a number of issues affecting their people and the nation. The Mwinelubemba said he sees nothing wrong with the President attending the ceremony despite being invited as the Guest of Honor and advised people to avoid creating discontent over a non-issue. He advised people to ignore social media gossip.

The decision by President Hakainde Hichilema to attend this year’s Kuomboka Traditional Ceremony in his capacity as a subject of the Litunga has raised dust especially among political players who have called on the President not to go uninvited.


  1. The point is that he hasn’t been invited and his presence isn’t wanted. The BRE adamantly resisted his secret manoeuvres to impose himself, they weren’t intimidated. Whatever your explanations the man isn’t welcome and the ferrying of sponsored cadres to cheer him won’t change anything. It’s shameful as his actions don’t befit the status of his position. He’s a petty dictator

    • You are war mongering……….

      Trying to look for problems where there is none………..

      The is no time BRE said the president is not welcome………

      Just advice your clique of tribal supremacists theives to try in 2031……

      Forwadee 2031……..

    • Can any Lozi pal here tell me what those little canoes escorting the Nalikwanda are called? And they look so unsteady in the excitement, cant they capsize?

  2. He’s making the event awkward. Certainly you cannot have a republican president as a mere observer. Already Gilbert Liswaniso has arrived with his hoodlums and are attacking people. HH should just stay home and plan on how to tackle the numerous problems facing the nation.

  3. People must be advised not to smoke the green plant. The lying that we have witnessed in the last two and half years or so indicate that some green plants are being used for smoking. In fire we need to have psychological and psychiatric evaluations for people vying for high office.

  4. We want to see which motorcade is faster hh or ecl….and then they can charge ecl with the a minor motor traffic offense as the immoral minister of injustice and strange affairs once said

  5. The way Kanyanta is stepping out of the aeroplane….he deserves the honour and the invitation. Two great Kings meeting to promote our heritage.

    • @Spaka, iwe your blind loyalty to HH will kill you one day. Chitimukulu has never been a PF stooge as you allege. If you are an intelligent person you would have recalled that he was not recognized by Mr Sata. After Satas death both Edgar Lungu and Hakainde Hichilema in their campaigns promised to recognize Mr Sosala as Chief Chitimukulu.

    • Dejavu

      We are talking about during lungus reign……..

      We all remember the highly partisan articles that brown envelopes PF cader chief was writing, highly critical of HH and the UPND……..

      we also remember the brown envelopes PF cader chief refusing to meed HH and supporting the banning of UPND chains in his cheifdom……….

      You will do well to advice the chief, as a senior chief , to apologise for his cader behaviour…….

  6. HH is very childish…..he has forced himself or simply gate crashed….HH is a Republican President and he should Respect the “PRESIDENCY”…if he wanted to go as a private citizen then he should have used his own resources without using state funded entourage and securty…remember all those accompanying the President are paid huge allowances

    • He is republican presidential……..

      He van attend any public gathering in the country if he deems it necessary for unity of the nation……….

      The president not attending will give the desperate opposition a chance to dupe the lozis about independence and splitting up zambia……….

      For the sake of them returning to loot the coffers of zambia…..

      Forwadee 2031……….

    • Coaching ba communications specialist balefimwena Pali per diem, allowance away from home, children missing father allowance, no telephone in the bush allowance, village dust allowance etc

    • Chachine ba communications specialist balefimwena pali per diem, allowance away from home, children missing father allowance, no telephone in the bush allowance, village dust allowance etc

  7. He is not invited so he should not go. They boy has to much nuts even when it is clear his presence is not needed he still forces himself.

  8. Just look at the tribal supremacists from the clique getting erections at the prospect of the president not attending kumboka………….

    What is wrong with all leaders, chiefs, opposition, GRZ all attending this ceremony in harmony, either as private citizens or invited honorary guests ????

    Here the tribal supremacists clique of theives and there supporters see a chance for division and blood letting instead of harmony and further uniting the nation………

    A United zambia takes their chances to return to loot and steal from the treasury further away……….

    They have not recovered from their disastrous electrol defeat 3 years ago , they can’t stand to see a nation in harmony…….

    Forwadee 2031………

  9. I am wondering the number of people that have been invited for Kuomboka this year. I am also aware that some people were locked by ECL: for this same nonsense of secession. Does any sensible person think that HH can support that backward way of thinking, division of the country based on the document that was signed more than 60 years ago. One Zambian President will come to rule the country and these agitators will be jailed like chickens. That is the language they understand. Black people have problems in using freedom of speech. You Lozis will one day receive a bitter pill from a dictator who will rule Zambia. Vote for anyone you want in next gen elections.

  10. Not long ago the President addressed the nation appealing for funds to fight the hunger brought about by the drought. The same President wants to spend limited tax payers money on an unnecessary trip to a traditional ceremony at which he is not invited. I am totally baffled !!

    • The trip to komboka is not a unnecessary trip……..

      The presidents attendance is necessary for the uniting of zambia and deniy the tribal supremacists space to divide the nation………

      Furthering their plot to come back for more looting……..

  11. Will HH be the Chief Gate Crasher or he is wise enough to go with his ZAF helicopter to Namwala and see his cows!

  12. If the lutunga is brave enough………

    Let him come put and publicly say the president is not invited……..

    We know the tribal supremacists clique are in full swing trying to dupe the lozis about independence and splitting zambia up…….

    All for the sake of them returning to loot where they left off………..

    The president must attend this important ceremony to deny those pushing to dupe the lozis about independence and splitting zambia up……….

  13. Chachine ba communications specialist balefimwena pali per diem, allowance away from home, children missing father allowance, no telephone in the bush allowance, village dust allowance etc

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