Friday, May 24, 2024

University Teaching Hospital (UTH) Provides Positive Update on Rainford Kalaba’s Condition


Rainford Kalaba former Zambia National Team Captain
Rainford Kalaba former Zambia National Team Captain

The University Teaching Hospital (UTH) has reported a significant improvement in the condition of Rainford Kalaba.As of April 18, 2024, Mr. Kalaba’s health notably improved, with his condition now stable.

According to Nzeba Chanda, the Public Relations Officer at UTH-Adult, Mr. Kalaba achieved a milestone by consuming his first meal since his admission. Additionally, he is fully conscious and able to engage in conversation, marking a positive turn in his recovery journey.

Despite these positive developments, the medical team at UTH remains vigilant, providing continuous monitoring and attentive care to ensure Mr. Kalaba’s ongoing recovery and well-being. The hospital administration has reassured the public that they will continue to provide regular updates on Mr. Kalaba’s condition, underscoring their commitment to transparency and accountability.

Rainford Kalaba, the former Zambia National Team captain was left in a critical condition after a tragic accident on Saturday April 13,2024 along the Great North Road at Kafue S Corners near Kafue Quarry.

According to Police Public Relations Officer,Rae Hamoonga, the incident involved a Howo truck horse and an unregistered Mercedes Benz car.

Mr. Muyunda Isaac, aged 32 years, of Kamwala South, was driving the Howo truck whilst a woman identified as Charlene Mkandawire was driving a Mercedes Benz car, unregistered, from south to north direction.Tragically, she succumbed to her injuries at the scene of the accident.The passenger Rainford Kalaba was onboard the Mercedes Benz vehicle. He sustained suspected internal injuries and was promptly transported to UTH for urgent medical attention.

Preliminary investigations indicate that the accident occurred as a result of improper overtaking by the Benz car, leading to a collision with the oncoming truck.Ealier that day the Mercedes Benz was seen being driven erratically.


  1. Ati earlier in the day the mercedes benz was seen driving erratically,what rubbish kind or writing or reporting is this


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