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President Hichilema Arrives in Chinsali for the Kennenth Kaunda Centenary Celebrations


 Kenneth Kaunda
Former Republican President Dr Kenneth David Kaunda

President Hakainde Hichilema has just touched down in Chinsali, Muchinga Province, ahead of the Centenary Birthday Commemorations of Zambia’s First President, Dr. Kenneth David Kaunda, scheduled for later today.

Amidst a warm reception from the people of Chinsali, President Hichilema expressed gratitude for the enthusiastic welcome and acknowledged the enduring legacy of President Kaunda’s vision of One Zambia, One Nation.

As Zambia commemorates the birthday of Dr. Kenneth Kaunda, the nation pays tribute to a towering figure in its history, whose contributions to independence and the early shaping of the republic are held in deep respect and gratitude.

Dr. Kaunda, who passed away in 2021 at the age of 97, served as the leader of Zambia during a crucial period of transition, playing a pivotal role in guiding the nation towards stability and progress. His unwavering dedication to the welfare of the Zambian people and his steadfast commitment to democratic principles left an indelible mark on the country’s political landscape.

On this day, Zambians across the nation reflect on the enduring legacy of Dr. Kaunda, whose vision and leadership continue to inspire generations. His advocacy for unity, integrity, compassion, and the pursuit of justice resonates deeply with the values that define Zambia as a nation.

Despite his physical absence, Dr. Kaunda’s spirit lives on in the hearts of those who cherish his memory and uphold the principles he championed. His legacy serves as a beacon of inspiration for all Zambians, reminding them of the importance of service, sacrifice, and selflessness in the pursuit of a better future for the nation.

As Zambia celebrates the birthday of Dr. Kenneth Kaunda, the nation honors his memory and reaffirms its commitment to the values he held dear. His remarkable journey from liberation struggle to statesmanship continues to serve as a testament to the enduring power of leadership and the enduring spirit of the Zambian people. Happy birthday to a leader who will always be remembered for his service to Zambia and his enduring legacy of leadership.


    • Alice Lenshina was a cult leader.
      Her followers were made to drink urine and kill perceived agents of the state in the name of religion.
      We know that part of Zambian history very well

  1. “Men of genius are admired, men of wealth are envied ,men of power are feared ,but only men of character are trusted”
    I’ll leave it to my fellow LT bloggers to decide which one KK was.

  2. LT and all Zambia media organisations worthy their names, could you please stop with these headlines of “Pres!dent this, Pres!dent that”. No wonder these president’s think they are small g0ds.
    Go into society and look for inspiring and uplifting stories of everyday folks who are making meaningful changes… academics, nurses, doctors, volunteers, business people, civil society in NGOs, climate activists, women activists, farmers, influencers, prechaers, sports people, the list goes on. We want to hear of these Zambian, not just HH 24/7. Come on people!

  3. The president of zambia do his work as a president of the nation not part of nation.How ever it’s his work to touch all corners of the country.we love that Mr president keep it up for uniting us.

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