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President Hichilema Assures Muchinga Residents Of Development


President Hakainde Hichilema has assured the people of Muchinga Province of increased development in the region.
The President said that despite Muchinga not being a stronghold for the ruling party, the new dawn administration will continue embarking on developmental projects in the area.

Speaking during a public meeting held at Mwaba Primary School grounds in Chinsali , President Hichilema stated that the New Dawn administration’s agenda is to deliver development in all parts of the country.

“Everyone will receive a fair share of development because we love you, the people of Muchinga and Zambia at large,” he stressed.

President Hichilema mentioned that through the Constituency Development Fund (CDF), the Government will ensure the people of Chinsali receive the much-needed development, especially since it is the birthplace of the late first President Dr Kenneth Kaunda.

Meanwhile, Mafinga Member of Parliament Robert Chabinga commended President Hichilema for achieving a lot of successes within two years of being in office.

Mr Chabinga stated that President Hichilema’s debt restructuring achievement will help boost the economy of the country of which Muchinga Province will also be a beneficiary.

And Minister of Transport and Logistics Frank Tayali reaffirmed the Government’s commitment aimed at improving the transport sector through the construction of an airport in Chinsali district.

“Your President saw it prudent to bring an airport here so that you can reduce the long hours that you spend on the Great North Road,” said Mr Tayali.

During a recent visit to Kapasa Makasa University in Chinsali, President Hakainde Hichilema reiterated the importance of hard work as the key to overcoming challenges faced by individuals, families, and the nation as a whole. Addressing students, faculty, and staff, President Hichilema emphasized the government’s commitment to ensuring equitable access to education, describing it as the best investment and equalizer for society.

“In our quest to ensure equity, as government, we will ensure that education continues to be accessed freely because this is the best investment and best equalizer,” stated President Hichilema

Emphasizing the imperative of diligence and perseverance, President Hichilema reiterated, “Work, work, and more work are the only way forward and not tantameni. This is the time to work, and we call on every youth out there to continue working hard and putting in your best in everything you do.”

During the visit, students at Kapasa Makasa University expressed their need for improved social amenities to support their educational pursuits. In response, President Hichilema, accompanied by his wife and First Lady Mutinta Hichilema, pledged support from the Hichilema family, announcing the provision of a bus, ambulance, and industrial borehole for the university.

“While this will be implemented, we have also directed responsible government departments to provide more services to the institution and urged them to take advantage of CDF to address some of the issues posing as a challenge to students’ welfare,”

President Hichilema concluded his address by calling on all Zambians to join hands in tackling the nation’s challenges through collective effort and engagement. “This is the time for Zambia to work, and indeed, let’s all get involved and get it solved,” he declared, expressing his confidence in the nation’s ability to overcome obstacles through unity and collaboration.

President Hakainde Hichilema was in Chinsali district to grace the celebrations for the 100th birthday of the late Dr Kenneth Kaunda at Lubwa Mission.


  1. Zambia has a true leader and a president for and to all the people, unlike your last president.
    Even the PF MP for the area, Robert Chabinga realises that.
    Why can’t the rest of the opposition recognise that fact and quit being childish, ignorant and untruthful.

    • Ayikona. This is a president specialising in polluting the air with aimless flights, empty promises and loudly blowing his tuneless trumpet. Every time he climbs an anthill he sings that he is on top of Kilimanjaro. Until he realises he is still at the foot of the mountain when ZESCO presents him with a loadshedding whose defeat he had sung about. He very much specialises in not delivering on his election promises-but diverting you from your problems with other problems. He also specialises in surrounding himself with useless advisers who cant even understand the strategic importance of our Maizestock He …let me not waste too much time. Just replace him

  2. President Hichilema, accompanied by his wife and First Lady Mutinta Hichilema, pledged support from the Hichilema family, announcing the provision of a bus, ambulance, and industrial borehole for the university.

    This is no different from Kasanka ka ndalama or presidential slash fund. Please HH be careful the way you handle donations. Too early to leave state house!

    • The problem is not with the president but bakandile….they agree with whatever he says or does right or wrong. They organize crowds and the man thinks everything is on course. FTJ tried in his early days to his own thing like refusing guided tours. He failed and bakandile won
      I remember how VJ tried to justify the third term fiasco.

    • Its the duty of the govt to provide development . We are not going to depend on Hakainde , Mutinta and their children to start feeding us. The president should not bring his family or “himself ” as a provider of this and that. And we do not want him to use is personal resources. If he manages and runs this govt well , the govt should be able to take care of its people.

    • Kikikikikiki! @Deja Vu I remember being impressed with FTJ’s “only three cars” motorcade. He even stopped women from gathering and dancing at the airport for his departures and arrivals saying it was degrading. He even promised a small cabinet. Little did we know he meant his own bedroom cabinet in which to hide amadollars. This all lasted some three weeks because the women and mayufi in the market wanted something to do-so they reorganised themselves for the same airport and bus-stop caricaturing. Politicians they keep selling you the same holy water in a different bottle

  3. I pray it is NOT the cheap backward toilets & outdated infrastructure. If only our current leaders were streetwise not backward. Please be modern in thinking & doings. Bukamushi bubi sana. Our nation is on pause infrastructure wise

  4. Seriously… did Mr. Hichilema become so rich as to start using his own resources to provide for the people of Zambia?? Need we be asking this question again? How much has got and from where? Just asking !!

    • Hard work……….

      Cattle ranching and shares in many large conglomerates worldwide and in zambia……….

      The president built his first house for rent in kalingalinga when he was a 21 year old student……

  5. During Hakainde’s time in opposition, no one would dare go and campaign in Southern province where Hakainde is regarded as Alfa and omega. No one has ever blocked his motor cade. And now he can go any where in any corner of the country with no problem. What does that tell you? He is the most arrogant and violent leader ( he admitted to having hooligans while in opposition). Zambians wake up. Hakainde is not what people thought he was. He does not understand a lot of things to do with governance and national development. In order to mask this fact he shields himself with numerous lies and forked
    tongue speeches that mislead the majority who don’t pay attention to detail. And that is all Zambians will get throughout his tenure.

    • …….


      Now anyone can go and campain anywhere………

      Incase you still think PF is in power, this is under UPND GRZ that we are having peaceful elections

  6. I thought this is the time for delivering and not the time for promising. He made promises while in opposition and now he is making more to his gullible supporters.

  7. The president should not have STRONG HOLDS….his strong hold is Zambia. The moment he starts talking about it, people we realize that he’s still a regional leader.

  8. The guy is so arrogant & hateful. He insults anyhow in public meetings. Zambians what did you do by voting this guy. I saw his bad heart during his time in opposition. Kwena ya zoona, muzalila. This must be a good lesson for Zambians.

    • What has he said ?????

      Or are you just blinded by tribal hate ???

      2031 is a long time to be ruled by a tonga………

      Ku kosa chabe

  9. ………..

    There are about 9 to 12 tribal supremacists bigot resident LT haters………

    Who will never accept a tonga president……

    Some are cowards and keep multiple logins………

    We know you

    Have you seen the crowds greeting HEHH….?

    Forwadee 2031………..

    Kukosa chabe pane……….

    Uyu mutonga aza afika patali……….

    • Multiple log ins yakuti? You hide under the pen name Spaka. Tell us your true name then cast your stones

  10. I leave Lt and when I come back I find everyone has left except Spaka…. I leave again…. come back I find more have left…. except… needless to say.

    • ………

      We are here brother……….

      I am the shepherd directing the once Hethern flock to the stables of HH……….

      Those you don’t find have successfully been integrated into the move zambia forward movement, and are working , not just pontaring on LT the whole day……….

      You go away , but because of your tribal bigotry and hate , you can’t integrate into the move zambia forward movement…….

      And you come back more disappointed, especially when you realise ni Forwadee 2031……….

      There have been many filled with hate like you, but…….

      They have seen the light…….

      Forwadee 2031………..

    • They need a revamp ba LT. They are also behind with news. You find Mwebantu Zambia reports Zambia Observer all scooping them all the time. Employ some sharp reporters

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