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HH is loveable; he’ll secure second term, but…..


The other day, the much respected Afrobarometer, a pan-African, non-partisan survey research network that conducts public attitude surveys on democracy, governance, the economy, and society, headquartered in Ghana, put Hakainde Hichilema in pole position at an impressive 75% in a recent survey on best performing Presidents in Southern Africa.

As expected, some of our politicians did not take kindly to this result. Taking to Social media to vent his displeasure and frustrations; Matero Member of Parliament Miles Sampa had this to write, “Clearly, respondents were all foreigners and not local Zambians. The President’s approval ratings on the ground are it its lowest of all time and anyone that may be telling him the opposite, is not kind to him.”

Sampa goes on to claim that he’s constantly on the ground and listens to ordinary citizens on a daily basis.

“The entire province of Lusaka things are rather for him. There would have to be some huge miracle in delivery of expectations to change their opinion in the next 2 years,” he observes.

As political and social analysts, we are privileged to have an ear to the ground. Unlike the Matero lawmaker, our interactions with the masses aren’t limited to pitching-up in a restaurant teeming with eager customers at a busy market, once in a while, to enjoy nshima with our favourite dish of nshima with usi and chiny’onge; we are ever in the shanty compounds listening to people’s concerns and helping-out where ever necessary.

For instance, yesterday we found ourselves Solwezi’s energetic and vibrant Kiawama compound, where folks always seem to be in a hurry to get somewhere, to gauge the mood of the people regarding our political dispensation. Our visit actually coincided with Hichilema’s presence in the area; the President was in the province to officiate at the national “May Day” celebrations being commemorated in the area for the very first time since our independence.

Thousands of people had found their way to the Central Business District using whatever imaginable means of transport – ox carts, bicycles and motorbikes to just catch a glimpse of our beloved President as his motorcade made its way from the small airport to the venue of the occasion. Knowing the Kaondes, we wouldn’t be surprised to learn that some of them actually used broom sticks to get there!

“Oh my God!” exclaimed a middle aged woman in Kaonde. “There he’s… a black suit and red tie!”

“This is so nice….” said a septuagenarian bending over a walking stick. “I am so happy to see the man who has made it possible for my grandchildren to go to school so that they can be like him…”

The stadium where the event was being held was filled to its capacity; it was a carnival atmosphere! Boisterous college students benefitting school bursaries; enthusiastic pupils who no longer have to sit on the floor; senior citizens with lit faces rest assured no cabinet minister will ‘chew’ their social cash; recently deployed civil servants in their colourful uniforms and of course, upbeat contractors who’d just been awarded contracts under CDF had turned up in their numbers to offer solidarity to a President they’re proud to refer to as, “Bally!”

We may still be grappling with a few challenges here and there at the moment such as the intolerable price of our staple food (aka bwali) or fuel, but there’s absolutely no way anyone is beating Bally at the polls, including Mr. Alebwelelapo himself! Bally has already endeared himself to the electorate….. what’s remaining is just adding the icing on the cake by reducing the price of mealie meal and the cost of transport.

Moreover, Hichilema is inspiring! Many youths actually identify with Hichilema; they now believe that with just a bit of discipline and hardwok, a child of a peasant, house servant, security guard or street vendor can break the artificial ceiling and become the second largest cattle rancher in the country or indeed Republican president! Young people will therefore still give HH another mandate no matter the odds!

But if truth, and nothing but the truth be told, some of his MPs face a Herculean task of being given a fresh mandate by the frustrated electorates eager to punish them for being ‘AWOL’ from their constituencies; failing to implement massive CDF projects like Sunday Chanda is doing in Kanchibiya; not willing to come to the aid of those under the siege of bereavement or ailments in their families and retorting that they aren’t ATMs whenever asked for money!

If President Hichilema is too avoid the challenge of dealing with a hung parliament in 2026 like Levy Mwanawasa did in 2001, it’s high time he cracked the whip and scattered those MPs idling and enjoying the good life of Lusaka into the constituencies to spearhead CDF sponsored projects as well as making themselves available to bail-out the electorate in the shanty compounds from whatever challenges they may be facing.

This equally applies to those aspiring to contest as UPND parliamentary candidates in Lusaka and Copperbelt provinces. Do not restrict your intentions to Facebook! Elections are not won during the year of the elections whereby you concentrate on handing-out cheap T.shirts and chitenge materials, but rather now when the masses can easily identify you with a track record of community work!


Prince Bill M. Kaping’a
Political/Social Analyst


  1. But this one ni ngwele. What measures have you used? Even Edgar Lungu used to have streets lined up with multitudes? Just now Zesco have increased tariffs…. how lovable.
    The only way he win is by rigging…. it’s in many forms… like stopping opposition from campaigning, appointing cadres like Chipenzi to head the elections body….. I am you are one track minded.
    Don’t forget Jesus was crucified on the demands of the same people that welcomed him as he entered Jerusalem.

    • Our Presidents are weak. Many a citizen has done this Bill Kapinga tactic of empty praise and found themselves appointed in some government office. Our Presidents get very impressed by praise-singers like Hamasaka, Mweetwa and Thabo Kawana and appoint them to jobs they cant do. As a result state machinery suffers because its being operated by unqualified personnel. Dont our presidents see how they are being fooled?

  2. It’s just common knowledge that UPND will win again because the current opposition parties are not offering any alternatives other than just condemning the party in government. The issue here which they are fearing is that they do not want to commit themselves to the Zambian voters so that in future if at all they win can simply say we never promised anything why are botching us.

    • Of course only Hakainde will win in the media because that is the only place where he is present. He likes photographs while his employers the electorate are left in the cold. And he has also prevented his opponents from campaigning. He says there is not enough policemen to secure the campaigns but he is everwhere even where he is not invited. He is busy telling voter who to vote for and who to not. We are in a very strange era. Elyo Ubufi, that is the air we brieath under Hakainde and most people know all these, 2026 is dench Kubeba.

    • You are very right. UPND wont win the next elections. The opposition will lose the elections. The opposition is so uncharismatic, so directionless, so invisible that the voter will be left with the laissez Faire option of staying on with the devil you are familiar with.

    • Lovable wakuti? All the time in a jetplane- and giving favours to family. An “in it for what you can get out of it” disciple. You saw how he cried for the Presidential retirement benefit house? When he could have afforded constructing one. At least Lungu refused it

  3. Chiluba was eloquent and lovable……he even misled to country by declaring it a christian Nation.

  4. Presidents are always lovable but they are never genuine. Only Kaunda was probably genuine.
    1.Chiluba was a darling of the people. He even declared the country a christian nation. But we all what he became…..
    2. Mwanawasa was also good man……but we also know what he was doing behind the scene….
    3. Banda……. who does not know his weak side……….
    4. Sata……ena worse…….
    5. Lungu…….. iyeee
    6. Hakainde……. the richest but where the money came from …….???
    Do not trust presidents and politicians…..NO ONE COMES TO SERVE.

    • I wonder why anyone would down vote this. Itizi tulu! Those who love the president are usually house negroes looking to impress the master for a favour. Presidents are thieves. They go around showing off about how they enjoy the benefits of our hard-earned taxes. We dont vote them into office to admire how they live and fly in our planes. We vote them in to work for us but which president works for us?

    • My mother was always grateful to Chiluba for the house he enabled her to buy. It was “Chiluba ananigulila nyumba” every day-kikikikikiki!

  5. HH will only win because there is no credible opposition not that he has done anything except increase fuel, electricity, meal, cooking oil, sugar, exchange rate etc.

    • How can there be a credible opposition when the government is destabilizing them. I can tell you that as James Ndambo is announced leader of uka he will not be allowed in the country and if he’s in the country charges will be brought against him.

  6. Abolish two term clause in the constitution. HH should go for another two or more terms. Chagwa can also contest as many times as he likes…..kikiki. We need stability in today’s world. HH should be at the helm for another 10, 15 years.

  7. The question oppositions supporters are not answering is this, what are the solution for the challenges Zambia is going through right now?

    They only answer they have is condemning, that where they are losing. If you tell us exactly your solutions and we are convinced, we will abandon UPND and shift to your camp. We do not just support any trash by real solution and practible.

    • For me it’s not about someone with solutions… it’s about a man who cheated himself into State House by promising to solve all the problems within weeks or even hours. One of the illogicals was to bring the kwacha to single digit against the dollar hours after being sworn in because his election would bring investor confidence… surely the kwacha depends on our copper export.


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