Tuesday, May 28, 2024

Mother and Daughter Detained for Suspected Murder of Husband in Mpika


A 59-year-old woman of Mpika’s Chitulika area has been detained by police together with her 19 year old daughter in connection with the suspected murder of her 50 year old husband.

Muchinga Province Police Commanding Officer Paul Achiume has identified the suspect as Phales Mutale and her daughter Evelyn Bwalya, who were arrested for allegedly murdering Kings Musamba Muma of Chitulika Village last week on Wednesday.

Mr. Achiume said the couple which was married for three years was living with Bwalya, a step daughter to Musamba.

Mr. Achiume said on the fateful day, Musamba’s step daughter reported to Mpika Police Station that her father had died after a short illness.

He said the deceased’s brother John Musamba, who lives in Ndola, was also informed of the death which made him travel to Mpika to collect the body.

“John Muma Musamba aged 50 of Lubuto township in Ndola, reported that his twin brother Kings Muma Musamba of Chitulika village in chief Chikwanda, was beaten to death by his wife Phales Mutale aged 59 and his step daughter Evelyn Bwalya aged 19 both of the same village. The deceased sustained cuts on the right eye and chin. Unknown object was used in the act,” Mr. Achiume stated.

“Brief facts of the matter are that the now deceased person was staying with his wife Phales Mutale and his step daughter Evelyn Bwalya in Chitulika Village and have been married for 3yrs now. On the material date around 2300hrs, Evelyn Bwalya reported to Mpika Police that his step-father, now the deceased, had died at home after a short illness. On 3rd May 2024, John Muma Musamba, now the reporter, travelled from Ndola with other family members upon receiving the funeral message. When they went to Mpika Urban Clinic Mortuary to check on the body in readiness to transport it to Ndola, the reporter observed that the deceased was swollen and had a cut on the right eye and chin,” he said.

“He became suspicious and decided to report the matter to the Police.

Acting on the report, a postmortem was conducted on the body of the deceased by a Medical Doctor at Michael Chilufya Sata Hospital and according to the findings; the cause of death was a blunt impact trauma to the head and ruptured spleen due to assault. Following the above revelations, the deceased’s wife Phales Mutale and her daughter Evelyn Bwalya have been detained in custody in connection with the murder of the deceased,” Mr. Achiume said.

The suspects have been detained for murder.


  1. It’s usually lazy men that marry elderly women and they usually end up like this. The moment they’ve any misunderstanding, children gang up with their mother to beat the hell out of the man. Now the daughter will pay for a misunderstanding she didn’t even understand. Women must stop this bad influence on their children especially against men they differ with

  2. This hospital has half-baked professionals. They also need to be charged. How could they fail to notice injuries on a brought in dead?
    Relatives had to come all the way from the copperbelt to bring it to the doctors’ attention that the dead person in their morgue was injured?
    Come on what kind of unprofessionalism is this? Or are they complicit in the murder?
    observed that the deceased was swollen and had a cut on the right eye and chin,

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