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President Hichilema Congratulates Red Arrows on Absa Cup Victory, Calls for Football Dialogue


President Hichilema kicks offs during the 2024 Absa cup

Under the watchful eye of President Hakainde Hichilema, the 2024 Absa Cup Final electrified fans at Heroes Stadium in Lusaka as Kabwe Warriors clashed with the newly crowned champions, Red Arrows. In a thrilling showdown, Red Arrows emerged victorious with a 2-1 win, showcasing the exceptional talent of Zambian football.

President Hichilema, in attendance, expressed his delight in witnessing a display of skill and passion, highlighting the importance of nurturing sports talent within the nation.

In addition to the exhilarating final, President Hichilema extended congratulations to the Under-17 Zambia National Women’s team for their commendable 2-0 victory against Uganda in the World Cup Qualifier earlier in the day.

Addressing the significance of sports development, President Hichilema reiterated his administration’s commitment to supporting various sporting disciplines. He called upon the corporate sector to join hands with the government in fostering the growth of sports across the country, emphasizing the positive impact of such collaborations.

In order to resolve ongoing football-related disputes, President Hichilema directed Sports Minister Elvis Nkandu to convene a round table discussion involving all concerned parties, including the aggrieved factions and the Football Association of Zambia (FAZ). The aim is to facilitate dialogue and reach an amicable resolution, avoiding resorting to the judicial system or involving FIFA.

President Hichilema emphasized the efficacy of dialogue in addressing conflicts, highlighting its importance in maintaining harmony within the football community. He commended Red Arrows for their Absa Cup triumph and urged other corporate entities to emulate Absa Bank’s support for sporting endeavors.

President Hichilema confers with FAZ President Andrew Kamanga and Minister of Sport, Youth and Arts Elvis Nkandu


  1. Immediately the ended many people decided to leave but that’s when Zambia Police decided to block the roads to clear the route for the President who was still witnessing the crowning ceremony at the stadium. This caused a huge traffic jam to the inconvenience of many motorists. Many people were very upset. If the shushushu have told him the truth, he really needs to introspect because his rating is at its lowest. I can’t repeat what many said about him. By the way, doesn’t ZP think that causing such a huge congestion in fact endangers the life of the President?

    • Looking from the way he is analysing the game with Nkandu and Kamanga, the president can be a very good football coach

  2. The only way is to ask those two jokers to withdraw the case from the courts of law. Not even a president can order the courts to let the FAZ AGM to go on.
    Elvis Nkandu must be taken task to exonerate himself from the accusations that he’s behind the whole mess in his quest to install he’s preferred person as FAZ president.

  3. For me I can safely say we are much better to be ruled by UPND who are civilised than Paya FARMERS who allowed kaponyas as commanders to brutalise citizens for simply wearing a red shirt. This means that even if we are facing some economic challenges today, we have hope that one day they will solve these changes.

    Paya Farmers nkala pansi you have nothing to tell us you cannot full us again, 2026 is for UPND again.

    • So closing shops and stalls of those who were seen with Edgar Lungu is freedom to you. You people actually know that HH’s rule is no better than Edgar Lungu’s the only difference is that Upnd members are not on the receiving end.

  4. @ Deja Vu

    So closing shops and stalls of those who were seen with Edgar Lungu is freedom to you. You people actually know that HH’s rule is no better than Edgar Lungu’s the only difference is that Upnd members are not on the receiving end.

    Do see UPND carders beating up innocent people in markets anymore? Let us be honest here , just kala pansi your paya farmers will no longer be allowed to come near the corridor of power anymore, ulekutika?

    • Confused person… closing shops and stalls is okay with you and better than the beating of innocent people For your information only the ones were political got involved in the violence. Violence is still there.

    • He started of with a wide smile on his face hunting people with the defamation of the president act. After we protested that these freedoms to criticise anyone are things we have been fighting for. We reminded him that he was far behind the population by punishing citizens using the defamation act he embarrassingly and reluctantly u-turned and dropped the archaic law. But he had already wrongfully punished some Zambians with it. Release that Evelyn Hone Driver

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