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ZCSA seizes non-compliant electrical products in Lusaka


The Zambia Compulsory Standards Agency (ZCSA) has seized and quarantined non-compliant electrical products in Lusaka valued at more than K290, 000.
ZCSA seized electric cables, Adaptors and household electrical appliances such as kettles, plate cookers and toasters among others from Kamwala Trading area, Oasis, Westgate and Levy Malls in Lusaka for not complying with relevant compulsory standards.Of the seized items, non-compliant electrical products valued at K42,090 were withdrawn from the market and will be disposed of soon.

The products were withdrawn from the Market by the Agency during an enforcement exercise, as they posed a risk to public safety.The potential risks posed include personal injury, electric shock, fire and damage to property among others.

Further, items valued at K248, 499.00 were quarantined pending the implementation of corrective measures on affected products as provided for under the Compulsory Standards Act No. 3 of 2017.

non-compliant electrical appliances

56 plugs, sockets and adaptors did not comply with the required color coding while 121 electric cables were not registered with the Agency, with 1, 442 plugs, sockets and adaptors being non-compliant with the Zambian Standard 558: Plugs and Socket Outlets, Adaptors and Connection Units.

ZCSA warns of stern action against traders who are illegally supplying non-compliant products on the Zambian market. This is because such products pose a risk to public safety. ZCSA will continue conducting enforcement activities in a bid to ensure that only safe products are allowed on the market.

Consumers must buy products from reputable sources and report any suspicious products to the nearest ZCSA office.
ZCSA regulates the manufacture, importation and sale of electrical products covered by the following compulsory standards:

  • ZS 106: Safety of Household and similar Electrical Appliances-Specification;
  • ZS 558: Plugs and Socket Outlets, Adaptors and Connection Units
  • ZS 688: Electric Cables with Extruded Solid Dielectric Insulation for Fixed Installations
    (300/500 Votts to 1900/3300 V) Specification.

The Zambian Standards cover specifications and testing methods of the respective products for household,
commercial and light industrial use.

ZCSA, a statutory body under Ministry of Commerce, Trade and Industry, is mandated by the Compulsory Standards Act No. 3 of 2017, to administer, maintain and enforce compulsory standards for the purpose of public safety, health, consumer and environmental protection.

Issued by:  Hatyoka- Acting Manager – Communicatoins And Public Relations
Zambia Compulsory Standards Agency`


  1. What compliance? In ZED? We are really let down by our leaders, Zambians are HARD WORKERS, not sleeping always hustling & love good things BUT our unexposed fontini educated leaders are the biggest enemies to a Zambian child period. We are NOT fontinis nooo.. but our leaders who cannot even have a modern hair cut… but kwena!!!

    • You are the people like njimbu who told us because lungu wore expensive suits he is a better leaderthan HH who wears boring worker suits…………

      A sharp haircut does not make a good leader………

  2. There is no law anymore in Zambia. I am sure they were trying to fix someone on behalf of some disgruntled, poorly employed government official. Fyabupuba fye ifilecitika bane.

  3. You just want to target the shops in kamwala, malls, town centre but go to all those shops in the compounds, in the markets etc but you won’t because there you will be beaten. Double standards.

  4. Just wait they will all reappear on the market elsewhere
    this is common in zambia is it not ?
    Expired in shoprite and withdrawn but end up in Markets

  5. It’s the Chinese and Indians who import any crap to sell to Zambians……….

    They don’t care…….it is not their country……

    To blame is the border agents who let in all this rubbish after being bribed to not look……..

    • How can you allow containers from the USA with electrical goods that have different specs from zambian standards ????

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