Saturday, June 15, 2024

World Bank To Fund Water Projects In Kaoma


The World Bank is set to fund water projects aimed at expanding water and sanitation services in Namafulo and Nalulembwe wards in Kaoma District in Western Province.

Maranatha Grassroot Institute Executive Director Jonathan Mungandi (one of the implementing partners) announced at a meeting in Kaoma district that the World Bank has identified two partners to implement the project in the identified wards in need of improved water and sanitation.

Mr Mungandi said the project will ensure communities in the targeted wards receive the necessary support to access clean water and sanitation services.

Meanwhile, Wise Zambia representative Mukela Mukelabai, another implementing partner, said the project is in its second phase of advocacy and sensitization.Mr Mukelabai disclosed that so far K10,000 has been used in the first phase and expressed optimism that the project will have a positive impact in the two communities.

“We are working tirelessly to ensure that the communities in these wards are aware of their rights and can demand accountability from office bearers,” he said.

And Kaoma Assistant Community Development Officer Mwanida Mukosayi also took advantage to update the meeting on the government’s efforts to improve food security in the area. Ms Mukosayi disclosed that the government under the drought emergency response will give farming inputs to communities that live near water bodies for winter cultivation.
She revealed that so far they have identified 1,830 people to benefit from the programme.

The project dubbed, ‘Expanded Water and Sanitation Project’, seeks to educate and sensitize the community on their rights to accessible clean and safe drinking water and sanitation.

The project’s objective is to empower communities to demand accountability from office bearers and ensure that they receive the necessary support to access clean water and sanitation services.

This initiative is expected to bring significant improvements to the lives of residents in Namafulo and Nalulembwe wards and contribute to the overall development of Kaoma district.


  1. Shame, shame, shame on us 60 years into “independence” we are still bound in colonial mentality that other institutions outside of our borders will develop our country. We are busy oppressing our own citizens for having divergent views. Shame on us black people. With abundant natural resources we have remained beggars. Our leaders lie shamelessly day in and day out with their heads raised.

  2. Let’s find something positive from this article. Look at the natural hair of this innocent young lady. That is how I prefer the hair of a Zambian woman, natural, not these things they put on their heads (including the Vice President and First lady).

  3. AFRICAN leaders please ooo STAY AWAY FROM THESE EVIL INSTITUTIONS ( IMF & World Bank ), but you fat cats, the well fed slaves do NOT listen or understand this!!!!

  4. This Western puppet, HH, just won’t stay away from IMF and the World Bank, two organs representing Western interests. What African country did the IMF and World Bank help develop? Vote this puppet out in 2026. What a shame.

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