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Solutions To Our Problems


This year, our country will turn 60 years of independence. We, however, find ourselves in a much worse situation than we would have ever imagined.
Obviously, we are not doing well in most of the key economic indicators. At times, it feels like we are in a dream; we want this dream to be over; but it is our reality. And we need to face this reality. Things are not well; we have many problems.
The truth is, the problems of our country can be solved only if we dedicate ourselves to fight for it with the same energy, honesty, and patriotism our freedom fighters had when they founded it.
But we also need to keep in mind that the solutions to our problems cannot continue to depend on the selfish interests of a few people with money nor on the cold calculations of profits that a few businessmen draw up. We cannot continue looking for hope from people who constantly lie and have no vision. The country cannot continue begging on its knees for miracles from a few golden calves, like the Biblical one destroyed by the prophet’s fury. Golden calves cannot perform miracles of any kind.
Our country cannot continue begging or relying on IMF deals; these deals have never worked for us, and they are evidently not working.
There’s a lot of workers’ money – NAPSA and other pension funds – sitting in banks and being misused to build with little benefit to the workers. Instead of leaving it up to individual profit-seeking capitalists and their agents in government to decide how this money should be invested, the working class should decide on a democratic basis where the wealth produced by them is invested – without a doubt there would be reasonable amounts available for investment in free education at every level.
All Zambians need to take the economy and political power into their own hands in order to provide decent education, public services and standards of living for all – a society in which the full benefits of economic development can be enjoyed by all.
The current open market system, by its very nature, cannot provide this; it is only a socialist transformation of society that holds a brighter future for our people.
The SP government backed by the people and with the respect of the nation, after cleansing the different institutions of corrupt practices and elements would proceed immediately to the country’s industrialisation, mobilising all inactive capital and submitting this mammoth task to experts and men and women of absolute competence totally removed from all political machines for study, direction, planning and realisation.

Fred M’membe
President of the Socialist Party


  1. The problem with you is that you have too much oral diarrhoea. Give us practical methods to improve the economy instead of always condemning the government. The UPND found an economy on its knees and the creditors wanted their money back.
    It’s true, there’s a lot of workers’ money – NAPSA and other pension funds – sitting in banks. But you are totally wrong to say it is being misused to build with little benefit to the workers. The same working class has been allowed to use part of their savings. Why are you bitter about that? If you are talking about a NAPSA loan for building the dual carriageway then you are lost. Every Zambian will benefit from that road.

  2. Imagine being 60 years old with nothing tangible to show for it, PF tried but becoz pipo were lied to & we are now back to square zero.. cry my beloved nation

    • Who lied??? 90 days money in your pocket. You mean a dont kubeba on the voters who voted you/PF into power and then did a u-turn and left the citizens/voters with a huge debt to pay???

  3. The only solution to the nation is by CHANGING THE WAY WE THINK & START DOING THINGS RIGHT, empower your locals to own big businesses, let all lending institutions starting giving meaningful loans to the locals so that the locals can compete globally & create employment . But you folks & your gov’t you voted for back home in Africa are so shallow in thinking. Your leaders are busy pleasing their masters ( west nations ) that put them in power as they keep on raping our nation of her resources. Lesa akamikanda imwe ba satana

  4. Mots puissants de Fred M’membe. Alors que la Zambie approche de ses 60 ans d’indépendance, un appel à l’action pour un avenir fondé sur l’autonomie, la participation des travailleurs et la transformation socialiste

  5. I have come to realise that democracy never brings the intended development, yes we shall continue expressing our rights to vote and keep changing leaders but we shall remain a poor nation. Zambia was far much better during Kaunda era but from the time we ushered in democracy everything has changed for the worst with reference to service delivery. Look around the world where democracy has delivered. I am not advocating for ridding off democracy but merely expressing my observations. This is the harsh reality we must accept and live with.

    • That’ the reason why i’m for the idea to have Bally lead for at least 15, maybe 20 years. We need stability. Abolish the two term clause now. Chagwa can still contest, do not worry….kikiki.

  6. Let’s be positive. Zambia has nothing to show with 60 yrs of self rule.Copperbelt today would have been one big city.Ndola to Kitwe would have been looking like Joburg to Pretoria,you can’t tell the boundaries.Livingstone should have been by way far better,Lusaka has nothing to show.Our pre-occupation is where did this one get the money to buy a car,why has this one been given a job,do not give that contract to a Zambian,favouring foreigners over our own Zambia people.Wake up.


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