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FAZ opens Inquiry On Selection Bias Inquiry


The Football Association of Association of Zambia (FAZ) has taken note of the serious allegations raised by its Saudi Arabia based player Fashion Sakala and other stakeholders around player selection.

Given the gravity of the allegations, FAZ will conduct its own internal investigations but also encourage all interested parties to report these matters to relevant judicial bodies, in this case the Ethics Committee.

The Ethics Committee will under its mandate as provided by article 59 of the FAZ constitution conduct its investigations.

“Matters of this nature require thorough investigations and therefore members of the public and all relevant stakeholders are encouraged to bring forth evidence to put this matter to bed,” says FAZ General Secretary Reuben

“FAZ will in due course provide information on the next step.”

Issued By FAZ Media Unit
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  1. You should not have brought that Israelite apartheid story here. Zambian football players are not Hamas members.

  2. Same problem from the 80s still going on and some cats will accuse the UPND. Do you all remember how Lucky Msiska and Stone Nyirenda? We the Zambia have become people of short memory because of cell phones. That coach Brightwell Banda was very corrupt, he wanted players especially a handful professions to pay a bribe to be in the lineup. These guy where doing great in Belgium but was brought in to just drink water on the bench. Fashion Sakala is way better than all the professions outside and understand this just my opinion based on watch his game in Europe and Middle East Saudi Arabia. The coach must have had issues with Saudi Arabia maybe, and now he’s taking out on the best player from Zambia playing there. Wake up Zedians

    • That’s the case, Avram can’t take name Saudi Arabia, Qatar or Iran. He has to understand that a player can speak Arabic and still play in Zambian Christian Nation Team.
      As Pashion said, Avram will go, but a boy from Chipata will still be a Zambian and not an Arab.
      Monday morning that Avram should ran to FIFA and claim his dues from FAZ, he is completely deleted as Zambian coach, “cut my d!ck if Avram will be on bench in next match”.

    • Stone Nyirenda went to Europe as a very promising striker. When he got there, he could not control his appetite and gain a lot of weight. As a result, he lot the quickness that had made him such a dangerous player. I watched that team and I can state for the record that Stone Nyirenda had Stone Nyirenda to blame for what happened to Stone Nyirenda

    • This is also true. However, the government can cut money to FAZ, and lets see if FIFA can sponsor them. I think the government should wait for the Olympics and take this action. FIFA is just another ICC, a body used by Europeans to meddle in the sovereignty of other countries.

  3. FAZ should have been dissolved 10 years ago. Kamanga has been the worst FAZ chief ever. Him and Mpondela are hangers on just waiting for a success to call theirs. They put Zambian sport in great misery. Kamanga Mpondela Zwaaaa!

  4. This FAZ administration is a cancer to Zambian soccer. They need to be proverbially excised. They are a corrupt embarrassment, and will continue to hamper the development of soccer in Zambia. Remove them.

    • This is completely true. In fact that there are unconfirmed ramblings that one of the reasons why the girls did not perform well in Australia and New Zealand is that Kamanga and co stole the money FIFA gave them. The government was powerless against that, but when Kamanga did something with money that came from the Zambian government, they went after him. I hope the government is waiting until after the Olympics to deal with Kamanga’s corruption. No sports organisation in the world can tell Zambia to surrender evidence of crime to it, to decide the case. To hell with FIFA. All of Africa needs to stand together on this.

  5. Sakala presented this earlier, why making a decision to investigate now when you should have done then ????

  6. I was at a motel along Kafue Road where the national team was camped several years ago. The coach who is now late was telling the players without shame that those who want to make the final cut must part with their allowances. I tried to bring this to the attention of the FAZ official in charge but he deliberately made himself busy like NOT NOW. This how football is run in Zambia.

  7. ………

    It is time for the kamagas to leave FAZ…….

    kamaga claims to be a business man……..

    Yet FAZ does not even have a Web site…….

    You can buy genuine zambian football kit from out side zambia, yet this is a hudge market………

    If you go to FAZ House in Lusaka to buy kit, it is the most shambolic procedure , with paying down stairs, going up stairs, the back down again carrying recites……..

    What kind of business man is this kamaga who can’t see the opportunity in selling zambian kit effortlessly…….???

    • Exactly right iba Spaka. What kind of nonsense is this. Some of us refuse to buy Zambian gear from sketchy foreign websites, or from 3rd parties in Zambia. Why should I pay someone other than FAZ for official FAZ merchandise. The money being lost in this incompetence, if not worse, has to run in the million of US dollars.

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