Saturday, June 15, 2024

Lusaka High Court Upholds Miles Sampa’s Election as PF President


The Lusaka High Court has dismissed the case brought by six PF presidential contenders challenging the election of Matero Member of Parliament Miles Sampa as the party president. This ruling solidifies Mr. Sampa’s position as the PF President until further notice.

Lusaka High Court Judge Vincent Siloka dismissed the case due to want of prosecution. The plaintiffs, who included Lunte Member of Parliament Mutotwe Kafwaya, Mporokoso Member of Parliament Brian Mundubile, Mansa Central MP Chitalu Chilufya, former Information Minister Chishimba Kambwili, former Defence Minister Geoffrey Mwamba, and former Deputy Minister of Agriculture Greyford Monde, were found to have a multiplicity of court actions regarding the matter.

Judge Siloka noted that the plaintiffs did not comply with the court’s orders of direction in the prosecution of the case. Additionally, they failed to file an affidavit opposing Mr. Sampa’s application to dismiss their case.

Mr. Sampa was elected as PF President at an extraordinary convention held in October 2023. The court’s decision confirms his leadership of the party amidst ongoing internal disputes.


  1. The court was constituted by PF. Do not blame UPND for this. I do not care what happens in PF. I do not even think that a court should be deciding who is the president of a party. The rules of a party are not the laws of Zambia. The court therefore cannot deciding presidencies on rules which may be different from one party to the other.

    • If what you are saying is what the Law says, then why did the 6presdential candidates take the case to the High Court which you believe does not have the right to rule on the matter?

  2. The Judge is crazy. He is playing politics. Why so much overreach?
    I’ve never heard of this myself:
    “were found to have a multiplicity of court actions regarding the matter”????

  3. This is what people need to be looking at and not 2026. The rigging of elections is not on the voting day it starts long before annd this is one of the signals. Awe Zambia has gone to the something!! This is what happens when a country is run by cadres. PF is just a name guys Hakainde is up to no good for our great nation. Go to Ndola and see how UPND cadres are grabbing plots. The economy is in tatters God help us.

    • When ever you are about to comment I think you should check behind where we are coming from compared with what you are talking chandebisiku, personally I have not seen upnd members grabbing lands from people the way it was in PF government.Hard economy was created by PF criminals who over borrowed.

    • Which God? The one who could not help his so-called son?
      Wake up. Man who helps himself is helped.
      Vote wisely. Ask for a written manifesto with set targets and if the president fails, he shall stand dismissed. Every12 months period goals shall be specified in the manifesto. His whole cabinet shall go, if promised goals not achieved.

    • Iwe SEP understand doctrine before you criticise or pull your logic into it. When Jesus was on the cross God did not need to save him. His crucifixion concluded God’s plan to save mankind. Jesus’ cries came from the experiences of the flesh. Otherwise spiritually he was fulfilling a mission

  4. Ba PF you are wadding in hot soup. 2yrs past without electing the party president, What was holding you? 2026 elections is behind the corner BE organised otherwise you will loss voters’ confidence

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