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Detention of Honourable Maureen Mabongo


The Zambia Police Service in Lusaka on, May 28, 2024, recorded a warn and caution statement and detained Honourable Maureen Mabonga, aged 40, Member of Parliament for Mfuwe Constituency.

Honourable Maureen Mabonga has been detained for the following offences:

1. Seditious Practices: Contrary to Section 57, 1 (b) as read with Section 60, 1 (e) of the Penal Code Act Chapter 87 of the Laws of Zambia.
2. Expressing or Showing Ridicule or Contempt for Persons Because of Tribe or Place of Origin: Contrary to Section 70 of the Penal Code Act Chapter 87 of the Laws of Zambia.

These charges follow thorough investigations into actions and statements made by Honourable Mabonga that are deemed to incite rebellion against state authority and promote tribal discrimination and contempt, which threaten national unity and public order.

Honourable Maureen Mabonga is currently detained in police custody. She will appear in court soon to face the charges brought against her.

The Zambia Police Service remains committed to upholding the rule of law and ensuring that all individuals, regardless of their status, are held accountable for actions that undermine peace and unity in our nation.
We urge the public to remain calm and avoid making speculative statements that could heighten tensions. As Zambia police Service we are dedicated to conduct our duties with fairness and integrity, ensuring that justice is served.

Rae Hamoonga


  1. Now you got it wrong.
    That b!tch didn’t say anything against the law. Infact she was trying to advise. What she said is true, police has no capacity to control unruly mobs. So Hamoonga (what tribe?) You have arrested a decent woman, you got it wrong.

    • That is what they are doing: When you speak against their wrong actions, they call it hate speech. I think its time for Zambians to confront this evil group of people

  2. Her comments were vile, despicable and disgusting.
    I saw it on YouTube and was horrified.
    She was calling for genocide, bloodshed and crimes against humanity.
    If some of you don’t think she was, then tell me what the phrase, “we Bemba’s and Easterner’s have the numbers” mean?
    You all should know that crimes against humanity is an international offence and she SHOULD be arrested.
    You Africans need to curb your primitive and backwards attitudes especially in relation to tribes.
    The civilised world has moved on from tribes.

    • Nostradamus is a “stupid *****” my brother a terrible tribalist
      Vote wisely vote for HH7 in 2026/31
      I’m a Bemba and the bitch doesn’t represent me

    • @foreigner why so interested. Do you want to sweep in and quickly grab some minerals in the chaos? Or just a bitter Zimbo who thought Smith would still be king for the next thousand years? Just asking anyway

    • We Bembas and Easterners have the numbers means sedition? She could be talking about democracy which relies on NUMBERS.

  3. The main problem is that Zambian politics have been dominated and polluted by individuals who lack vision and use politics as a means of livelihood, rather than a platform for meaningful change. These politicians, often bereft of ideas on how to improve the lives of their constituents, resort to ethnic and hate speech as tools to win votes. It’s baffling how they can divide or discriminate against people who look like them. Is it because they speak a slightly different language? This is nonsense! All Zambian languages are Bantu, with only minor differences. Our ancestors originated from the same regions around central Africa (Gabon, Cameroon, and Congo).

  4. She complained strongly against tribal discrimination and she’s locked up. The culprits are free and continue the practice, garnished with insults.

  5. Let us avoid tribal, hate speech and insults and co exist respectfully as a people. Has the chap from Northwestern province who publicly insulted former President ECL and promised to circumcise him been arrested yet. Since the evidence is overwhelming and all over, this should be a low hanging fruit for the Police

    • Male circumcision is neither tribal nor hate speech.In my North-West thats when you become a man.If you are not,please do….And advise ECL as well

  6. A big Congratulations to the Hon. MP, her mouth has just acquired for enough trouble. God & the Zambians will forgive you, but the law will deal with you. You’re a typical misrepresentation of all law abiding Easterners, Zambians & Christians

  7. This is the problem of electing bana maliketi as mp who cannot understand a single thing anyway just tell her that the person to sign the bond will only be available mid July 2024 and how I wish the whether to change from cold to snow so that these people can stop this rubbish.

  8. The QUESTION is this you pipo… Who is the root cause of these tribalistic remarks we are seeing today? Who? Since when did we have this kind of hatred in our nation? Remember KK’s words/ prophecy? When wicked pipo ascends the throne pipo moan.. read your bible. Everyone who cries is being detained, were is the church though? What happened to ba NEVERS MUMBA & others, busy chasing brown envelopes.. shame? .. just asking. You cannot torment pipo forever, if the church is quite help will come from somewhere.. cry my beloved country

  9. The challenge we have in Zambia is that a lot of people are very ignorant. We have very ignorant politicians too. One can tell by how they debate issues. They grossly misinformed with most of them joining politics not to save but gain economically and socially. You can’t develop with such low calibre individuals. Never

  10. She said what she said when JJ Banda’s whereabouts were unknown. Does she still stand by those words? Was it anger that drove her to say those words? What is in her upbringing that makes her hate all Tongas so much? This lady needs help to neutralise the poison she took during her formative years. PF cannot be in a position to help because they have clearly administered more poison.

  11. I like how strong the president came out on these issues. He will not tolerate nonsense so let pepertrators face the law. You can not avoid birds flying over your head but you can not allow birds to make nests on your head.

  12. The west will win if you divide yourselves, its archaic. At this time and age, Zambia should be a model. We cannot go back to tribalism times-lets a get a move on. It’s actually shooting ourselves in the foot. We are most of us as dark as chocolate and we keep fighting about tribe??
    We need to soldier on brothers and sisters and avoid genocide etc. Restraint has to be exercised.

  13. Isnt it more effective to stop tribal division if you arrested the master who sends all these inocent people to make tribal statements. for as long as lungu is free these hapless chaps will continue doing it. they ar not scared by the sentencing to jail of chama or kabwili. no. they will continue. the money they receive is too sweet. its beter to sort out lungu. Lungu has created the kind of tribal division never seen in zambia before.

  14. Mfuwe …..No wonder meno meno made frequent visits to that place she is so bitter nw that she does see her lv bird.

  15. This tribal hangover is mostly among over 40s. young people dont know tribalism. we who are older and mature owe it to them to safeguard the future of Zambia and desist from making tribal comments. We the older generation have messed up the economy of Zambia and now we want to destabilise the country? Shame on us and may history judge us harshly if we continue to stir-up conflicts and tribalism for political or personal benefit.

  16. These tribalists must be bundled up, put on a plane and sent to the Rwanda Genocide Museum in Kigali; let them see the hundreds of pierced broken skulls brutally struck with a machete (pangas); let them see hundreds of skeletons, the remains of people who were murdered because of tribalism. Let’s not take these remarks lightly.

    • You are right. They should also learn to speak without seeming to have alcohol involvement, as if politicians can speak anyhow like in a tavern and say afterwards “I was just talking”

  17. The lady was very clear and was advising the UPND govt not to be tribal because it was a wrong path.Since when has it been a crime to speak against tribalism? No court can convict you for advising against a vice!!. In fact my concern is why many Zambians are not speaking against the UPND misrule which has culminated in selective justice, burning of houses, kidnappings, insults, threats, firing of civil servants, self created food crisis, etc. It had to take those brave MPs like Munir Zulu and Maureen Mabonga to speak for the docile multitudes. HH should resign and dissolve his govt because they are unqualified to run this country. We need more patriotic Zambians like her

  18. There has been a lot of focus on the statements made by MPs and opposition leaders after the abduction of Mr JJ Nguzu. Shouldn’t be the focus on bringing the perpetrators of that heinous crime before the law? Until those people are arrested it makes the case very open to interpretation or opinion. GRZ should find the criminals and if they do not have capacity they can ask for help from abroad and others. That crime had a potential to distabilize the country.Is GRZ interested in finding the criminals?

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