Tuesday, June 25, 2024

Former MP Steve Chungu Urges UPND to Revisit Mining Taxation Policy and Address Economic Challenges


FORMER Luanshya Constituency Member of Parliament Steve Chungu has advised the UPND administration to revisit the taxation policy in the mining sector.

Mr Chungu said once the mining taxation policy which he said was currently favouring the foreign investors is revisited, would help to improve the country’s economy.

“They have two more years to go,so it is up to them to revisit the taxation policies in the mining sector so that we can have more money in circulation,” Mr Chungu said.

He said the withdraw of money in circulation has made lives of many Zambians unbearable as they cannot afford essential commodities such as mealie meal.

Mr Chungu also advised the UPND Government and President Hakainde Hichilema not to listen to people who are wrongly advising him on the governance of the country.

He noted that the same things that were happening in the PF regime where leaders were told that everything is okay are happening today in the UPND administration.

“This is exactly what I am seeing,where our leaders were been told that everything is okay,this is exactly what iam seeing, where these so called praise singers are behaving like useful idiots are every day misleading the Government,” Mr Chungu said.

Meanwhile,Mr Chungu appealed to the UPND Government to stop harassing former President Edgar Lungu.

He said by perpetually talking about President Edgar Lungu, the UPND has invited Mr Lungu back into active politics.

He added that the UPND Government should not heap their failure to govern the country on Mr Lungu.

“Former president Lungu has every right to come into politics,he has every constitution right to come back into politics,” Mr Chungu said.

He said the Government was just wasting it’s time attacking Mr Lungu instead of spending that time to improve the economy as they promised Zambians during the 2021 election campaigns.


  1. This Chungu chap should just shut-up. Whenever he opens his mouth, he’s all over the place.

    Chap, be coherent and help people understand what you are trying to put across!

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