Saturday, June 15, 2024

HRC Calls for Swift Investigations into Hon. Emmanuel Jay Banda’s Abduction


Banda Emmanuel MP
Petauke MP Emmanula Banda

The Human Rights Commission (HRC) has urged the police to expedite investigations into the abduction of Petauke Central Member of Parliament, Hon. Emmanuel Jay Banda. This call follows complaints from various quarters, including Mr. Banda’s legal representatives, regarding restricted family access to him at Maina Soko Military Hospital.

The HRC visited Mr. Banda on May 28, 2024, to address concerns about his well-being and family access. The visit revealed that, contrary to the complaints, Mr. Banda’s family members had been allowed to visit him regularly. The medical and security personnel at Maina Soko Military Hospital confirmed that all his wives, sisters, and other relatives were permitted to see him since his admission.

During the visit, Mr. Banda, accompanied by his three wives, recounted his harrowing abduction ordeal. He detailed the torture he endured, particularly under his feet, but noted that his pain was subsiding, and he was now able to walk freely. He praised the professional conduct of the medical staff at the hospital and expressed a strong desire to reunite with his children, preferably “at the farm.”

The HRC emphasized the urgency of a thorough investigation to bring the perpetrators to justice, thereby preventing further human rights violations. They highlighted the potential for Mr. Banda’s abduction to sow discord in the country if not promptly and properly addressed.

In their statement, the HRC called for improved communication between the State, Mr. Banda’s family, and the public to ensure transparency and trust. They stressed the importance of understanding that the ongoing measures are in the best interest of all parties involved and are not meant to victimize anyone.

Spokesperson Mweelwa Muleya underscored the necessity of collaboration between the police, medical personnel, and Mr. Banda’s family to ensure his swift recovery and psychological healing. The Commission reiterated the need for Mr. Banda’s situation to be resolved quickly to uphold national unity and prevent the spread of discord.

The HRC’s visit and subsequent statement aim to reassure the public and Mr. Banda’s family of the Commission’s commitment to safeguarding human rights and ensuring justice in this troubling case.


  1. What Human Rights are affecting Jay Jay?

    He is experiencing a personal crisis:
    1. Inkongole, debts..
    2. Misused CDF money
    3. Wife cheating on him..
    4. He has impregnated yet another woman, maybe under age this time…
    You are demanding investigations from wrong authorities for wrong “cases”.
    Look at Jay Jay, his mental symptoms has nothing to do with violence. I study and work with these cases guys…

  2. This human rights commission, has not authority to instruct the police to expedite the investigations. It’s not as easy as making statements. Investigations of criminal gangs takes time. Let the take their time. Remember these guys left JJ’s phones because they didn’t want the phones to be tracked. To Lungu and his minions they had executed a masterful plan and were busy beating their chests.

  3. JJs beating was by friendly forces. Anybody who meant to beat him to pulp was going to disfigure his face and break his bones. But see, the guy has beatings below the belt line or underneath his feet or in places that are easily covered by clothes. If thugs mean to pummel you they don’t give you primary school type chikotis. He must tell us whodunnit.

  4. Whoever sorted him out was a professional. If you can inflict harm without open lacerations you are a trained operative, regardless of motivation. Enough said.

  5. I think its a domestic issue. Politics doesnt sit anywhere in this abduction. If UPND abducted him and slapped him a few times what for? If PF staged the abduction what for ? He isnt their member. If the Socialist Party kidnapped him and didnt even urinate in his mouth what for? But if his wives were angry with him for bringing in another wife they could organise a beating to bring him to his senses. Bakapokola lets see how relevant you are to Zambian society.

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