Wednesday, June 19, 2024

Bishop John ‘General’ Nundwe Denies Rape Allegations


bishop john general
Bishop John General
Miracle Impact International Church Overseer, Bishop John Nundwe, popularly known as ‘John General,’ has formally denied the charge of rape in court. Bishop Nundwe, aged 51, appeared before Lusaka Resident Magistrate Army Masoja to enter his plea. Magistrate Masoja has scheduled the trial for June 28, 2024.

The allegations against Bishop Nundwe date back to November 22, 2023, when he is accused of raping a Lusaka resident without her consent. The incident reportedly took place at the victim’s home in the Kahale area, where the Bishop had gone to offer prayers following the victim’s series of miscarriages.

Police spokesperson Rae Hamoonga provided details of the incident, stating that the victim had sought Bishop Nundwe’s prayers due to repeated miscarriages. The Bishop allegedly insisted that the prayers be conducted at her home. On the day of the incident, the Bishop arrived with another unidentified man. Bishop Nundwe purportedly conducted a tour of the house under the guise of checking rooms as part of the prayers.

Upon reaching the bedroom, Bishop Nundwe is alleged to have forced himself on the victim, threatening to shoot her if she resisted. The situation escalated when the victim’s husband returned home and found another man in the sitting room. Upon proceeding to the bedroom, he discovered Bishop Nundwe naked, in the act of raping his wife. The husband promptly locked the gate, but Bishop Nundwe managed to escape by jumping over the wall fence, leaving behind his clothes, cell phone, and vehicle—a Chrysler with the registration number BCD 372. The other man also fled the scene.

The case continues to attract significant public and media attention as it progresses to trial.


  1. One herbalist was notorious for inserting herbs into barren women using his manhood. One day he was caught by a husband of one the female victims and was beaten almost to death.
    I’m glad this case has not been withdrawn as earlier announced.

  2. A human being is a human being. There is no human being better than the other. That is why, the Bible tells us; shall not judge others. Indeed all of us human beings have fallen short of the glory of GOD Almighty; Jesus rebuked those around him, saying none is good except GOD.
    But the most important thing is that even in our badness, as long as we realize that we are short of the glory of GOD. we kneel down and pray as Jesus Christ taught us and then refrain from bad behavior.

  3. The fact that such a despicable, lowlife still has a following shows how badly the church is doing. But the bible already predicted 2000yrs ago that such evil, false prophets would arise

  4. As he go there by car, He lives far from the victim’s home. So he travelled back home naked?
    Based on what was left behind when he escaped, does he deny owning those clothes, phone and vehicle? TOO MANY FAKE PASTORS..


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