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Government Orders ZESCO to Adhere to Load Shedding Schedule Amid Extended Outages


Energy Minister Peter Kapala has issued a stern directive to the national electricity supplier, ZESCO, to adhere strictly to the official load shedding schedule. This mandate follows complaints of power outages exceeding the scheduled 12-hour periods, with some areas experiencing blackouts lasting over 20 hours.

The minister’s statement came in response to a query by Bwacha PF Member of Parliament Sydney Mushanga in the National Assembly. Mushanga highlighted the severe disruptions caused by unscheduled power cuts, prompting Kapala to address the issue directly.

“What is on the schedule is 12 hours; that is what is official. However, we have received complaints, such as the ones mentioned by the Honourable Bwacha MP, and we have instructed ZESCO to ensure they follow the timetable,” Kapala affirmed during his ministerial statement.

Implications of Extended Power Outages
Prolonged power outages have far-reaching consequences for both individuals and businesses. Reliable electricity is a fundamental component of economic stability and growth. When power supply becomes inconsistent, it disrupts daily life, hampers productivity, and can lead to significant economic losses.

Economic and Social Impact
The economic impact of extended power outages is profound. Small businesses, in particular, suffer greatly. For example, a small business owner whose operations depend on a consistent power supply faces lost income and spoiled goods during each hour of an outage. These disruptions not only affect their revenue but also increase operational costs and stress levels.

Government Accountability
The government has a moral obligation to ensure the provision of consistent and reliable power. Adhering to the load shedding schedule is not merely a logistical issue but a matter of respecting citizens’ rights and needs. When utility companies fail to deliver on their promises, it erodes public trust and undermines the social contract between the government and its people.

Transparency and Public Trust
Understanding load shedding and its scheduling can be complex for the general public. Transparency from ZESCO and the government is crucial to maintaining public trust. Clear communication about why and how load shedding schedules are created and enforced can demystify the process. This transparency empowers citizens with the knowledge to engage more meaningfully with the issue and hold authorities accountable.

Addressing Emotional and Practical Toll
Extended power outages cause significant distress and inconvenience. The uncertainty and disruption they cause lead to stress and anxiety for many. By acknowledging these hardships and expressing empathy, officials can demonstrate an understanding of the daily struggles that come with an inconsistent power supply.

Challenges Facing ZESCO
While it is important to hold ZESCO accountable, it is also necessary to recognize the challenges the company faces. Infrastructure limitations, financial constraints, and increasing demand for electricity are among the factors that complicate ZESCO’s ability to provide uninterrupted service.


  1. Playing to the gallery just like you did on the increased tariffs. These people are trying to do their best. It’s not like they are sitting in one central control room where they just switch power off and on. Personally I am not happy with Zesco but it’s your fault because you overruled them for political mileage.

    • HH This is the time to show that you are a true Zambian. AZambian at heart. Fire Kapala and replace him with….Yes! Nawakwi. At least she gave us those floodlights which arent working now. But you will prove that for the sake of Zambia you are ready to work with competent enemies.

  2. When you notice that you have power beyond the stipulated time, just know that Hichilema is in your area and when that happens others suffer. He’s responsible for the haphazard load shedding schedule because he doesn’t want to also experience power cuts. Zesco will disconnect other areas just to ensure that there’s supply wherever the egoist leader is. That being the case, whatever Kapala has said is of no consequence

    • Oh when HH visits your town the Kariba Dam fills to full capacity that’s why you are not loadshedded.

  3. Minister, go to Ngwere,Kabangwe, Zani muone area, power outages are a daily occurrence before loadshedding and now. There are no Zesco schedules there, it is just routine outages. Right now for more than 2 weeks people cannot borehole pumps cannot pump water due to low voltage and complaint numbers are just ignored.

  4. I live in Kabangwe and it is a farming area and for close to a month now there is ZESCO voltage and we cannot pump water to irrigate our vegetables for sale even when power is available. I have never heard ERB as the regulator carrying out any random surveys in Zambia to ask customers on their experience with Zesco. Stoves and Fridges are not working. ERB think their primary role is to announce fuel pump prices only. Close to a month of low ZESCO voltage here in Kabangwe. This institution will make our government un popular when we want to support.

  5. What is Zesco doing over the prolonged low voltage in Kabangwe and surrounding areas. We need help please

  6. Sheer incompetence from the political leadership of this sector down to the management that is supposed to execute policy. Recently their MD cited a tyre puncture as one of the impediments that causes issues in his organization. It is like anyone can hang on to a job by false pretenses.

  7. Never believe this liar who in February this year boldly announced that there will be no loadshedding in the country come what may but today he is asking zesco to stick to loadshedding schedules. In other countries he could have resigned.

  8. With all of Zambia’s vast water resources of rivers and waterfalls why do we get load shedding while countries like Kenya with lesser resources and a far bigger population have more stable electricity supply?

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