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Hon. Christopher Kango’mbe is the epitome of an effective MP


What have we witnessed lately, instead?When two elephants fight, it’s the grass that suffers, so they say. This is rather true for most constituencies held by the opposition, particularly the Patriotic Front.

Following the ushering in of the New Dawn Administration into power and the introduction of the enhanced Constituency Development Fund, no doubt one of President Hichilema flagship projects, one would”ve expected MPs to swallow their pride and invested their time and energy in ensuring that most of our people are ‘enjoying’ their own share of CDF.

What have we witnessed instead? Some MPs abdicating their responsibilities in their respective constituencies but instead flexing their muscles to pick unnecessary fights and quarrels with the executive!

According to our humble understanding, immediately after the elections, party politics are supposed to be left to presidents and secretary generals of political parties while the MPs and Councilors concentrate on collaborating with the government of the day to enhance development in their respective jurisdictions.

What have we witnessed lately, instead?

Most young parliamentarians playing to the gallery and flexing their muscles to pick unnecessary fights with the executive! Consider the canterkerous conduct of the likes of Munir Zulu, Binwell Mpundu, Maureen Mabonga, Given Katuta and Jay Jay Banda for instance……which cabinet minister or district commissioner in their right frame of mind would be keen to pay them attention if they called on them for certain services?

Let’s stop pretending for a change; we aren’t in the West but in Africa. They’d definitely be given a cold shoulder! Who suffers at the end of the day? It’s the ordinary masses in the constituencies they duly represent.

Kamfinsa Member of Parliament Christopher Kango’mbe is definitely the epitome of an effective MP! The young man is a smart aleck; one day, he may just find himself occupying the highest seat in the land. He seems to have put party politics aside and is focusing on bringing development to his constituency.

While his peers are sleeping on duty, the former mayor of Kitwe is busy working around the clock in his constituency – building a skills training centre, working on feeder roads and bridges in rural areas, constructing health centres and seeing to it that the vulnerable ones are accessing school bursaries.

This is what is expected of an MP in this modern day and era as opposed to keeping themselves preoccupied with party politics!

Prince Bill M Kaping’a
Political/Social Analyst


  1. ……..

    Thank you Bill Kaping’a………

    To develop zambia , this is what we need………

    Development is not only the responsability of the president……….

    We need to continue this focus on MPs and their work………

    Show us who is a useless MP and those who work for their people………

    • Ba Kapinga “bringing development to his constituency” is not an MP’s duty. Its government that does that. The MP is voted into the house to make laws repeat-MAKE LAWS that will assist with the progress of the constituency. He is not supposed to be dishing out CDF. What qualifies him to be a money dispenser? The fact that we voted him to power? Thats why money is never properly accounted for in Zambia

    • Govt of Gloves and Graphs

      There are only so many laws that can be made……..

      How many laws have been made in zambia this year ??? Not many…….

      MPs would be loafing if laws is all they did………

    • Laws are required for numerous national endeavours. There are also parliamentary committees requiring MPs input. Its not possible to make all laws and say that’s all clap clap. You have to develop the laws and afterwards vote on them.
      Shifting an MP’s duties to construction of constituency structures is the chimbwi no plan nonsense which has no room for division of labor.
      Our parliament is all chipantepante because there’s no job description. MPs therefore end up getting salaries Un supervised.

    • I find your argument really childish and archaic. You mean the MP is just to sit in parliament and make laws?
      MPs have responsibilities to three main groups: their constituents, Parliament and their political party. Now explain to me their responsibility to their constituency?

  2. This must start from the leader HH, HH must stop being petty and beat his opponents by developing infrastructure & the economy…but NOOOO, he is always bitter. You win by progress

    • You mean HH is bitter by allowing the constituents to have millions to develop themselves? What type of thinking is this? You are used to politics of the 1960s.
      The world is changing and we as Zambians must embrace this change through Mind set change.

  3. HH & his team are too self-centered, insensitive, and devoid of empathy. You cannot be bitter & expect to be better, you guys just brought ECL back & back is for sure!!!!

  4. You chaps ba upnd had much love from pipo and you would have taken advantage of it to push the nation forward, you would have ruled for over 20 years.. but bukamushi and bitterness. See where you are now. You ban rallies, church attendances, kidnap & arrest anyone who speaks out.. my God!!!

  5. Kangombe and his heart are the headquarters of pomp, pride and a difficult spirit to bring to humility, team work and respect for humans. YOU DONT KNOW THE FOOL !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  6. Kangombe and his heart are the headquarters of pomp, pride and a difficult spirit to bring to humility, team work and respect for humans. YOU DONT KNOW THE FELLOW

    • Tell us WHO has no short coming in life? That is the reason marriages can’t last these days. We major on the minor and minor on the major issues of marriage.
      It’s time we had a Mind set change.

  7. @Kusefya Pa Ng’wena, instead of belittling the young man, it would help if you told us about his short comings. i have known his mother, father, uncles since the late 70”s when he wasnt born by then. But of course this pro UPND cadre from North Western province living in the USA in Kaping’a, is not going to punk us. ONE ZAMBIA ONE NATION,

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