Thursday, July 25, 2024

Top comedian sworn in as Malawi’s vice-president


Top comedian-turned-politician Micheal Usi has been sworn as Malawi’s vice-president at a ceremony held in parliament in the capital, Lilongwe.

The 55-year-old replaces Saulos Chilima, who died in a plane crash earlier this month, along with eight other people.
Dr Usi received a standing ovation when he spoke after his inauguration, saying he accepted the role with a mixture of sadness and gratitude.

He promised to honour his predecessor’s memory and thanked President Lazarus Chakwera for believing in him as he takes up his position as vice-president in the power-sharing government.

His appointment has certainly left Malawians divided.

Some have been sharing clips of his acting career on social media and questioning whether he is serious enough to take up such a senior role.

Others however have praised President Chakwera for appointing Chilima’s party deputy and honouring the spirit of the alliance between their two parties.

Dr Usi is no stranger to controversy given his acting career. He is popularly known as “Manganya”, the name of a mischievous character he still plays in popular TV sitcom Tikuferanji.

His aide told the BBC on Friday that he was filming an episode as recently as last week.
He has been a staple on national radio and television for more than two decades making him one of the most recognisable local celebrities.


  1. Rest in peace VP Chilima you inspired me in many ways.Indeed every thing happens for a purpose RIP my mentor – your follower from Zambia
    Malulu Joseph.

    • Its time to take Mr Bean’s fraternity seriously. Yes we have Zelensky leading Ukraine and also Jimmy Morales the Guatemalan president. There was also an Italian who never became president but led a succesful political party called 5 star.
      We have our own Field Ruwe trying to lead his education-fronted revolution from America. He might come back and take over from HH in 2026.

  2. We already have a comedian turned politician in Ukraine’s Zelensky. Let’s differentiate people’s occupations from what they can actually deliver. Of course Zelensky is an example as opinions on his performance are equally debated and contested. But hey, no one was destined to stay stuck in a stereotype unless you want to begin a caste system of sorts.

  3. to the Great people of Malawi , Zambia and Africa , i read that he was his party VP to late Chilima , so if that be the case then it is just right for him to have the opportunity and that lets keep praying for our leaders for wisdom and peace for our nations . For many reasons I donot comment , but Malawi is very close to my heart .
    To Zambia please let us all be wise in both in Government and in opposition , those in Police more especially mind what you do today , be fair all the time and I wish you all a very happy sabbath

  4. You know that saying? ” We take our African leaders as a joke and take our comedians seriously” – now that saying has come true.

  5. You mean most of you people dont have the capacity to separate between one job and another? An actor doesnt have to kill people on the streets just because he acted in hollywood as a killer. A comedian isnt a comedian at home, in the streets and on stage. Some actors will star in a comedy one time and in a crime movie another time. What do you pick to stick on the actor? Lez be progressive

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