Thursday, July 25, 2024

President Hichilema Concludes Successful Visit to UK


President Hakainde Hichilema has returned from a productive visit to the United Kingdom, which included engagements in both Scotland and England. During this trip, the President expressed his gratitude for the prayers and support from the Zambian people, emphasizing the importance of unity and collective effort for the nation’s progress.

The President concluded his UK visit with an interaction with Zambian students studying at various universities across the country. Addressing the students at the Oxford University School of Business, President Hichilema urged them to be exemplary ambassadors for Zambia through their studies and personal conduct, noting that any negative behavior could reflect poorly on the country.

“We reminded them to always remember that the knowledge and skills they are acquiring should have a positive impact on society,” President Hichilema said. He highlighted the crucial role that skilled local experts will play in Zambia’s ongoing economic transformation and urged the students to contribute positively to this effort upon their return.

The visit underscores the administration’s focus on education, international engagement, and the importance of Zambians abroad contributing to national development.


    • These reporters! How about one day, just one day giving us the headline:
      “President Hichilema Concludes unsuccessful Visit to UK”?
      That will prove you are objective. But this everyday headline shows you are buttering up stuff.

  1. Successful UK visit….wasting tax payers money just deceiving Zambians with his nonsensical personal foreign trips….meanwhile ZAMBIA IS STILL IN THE DARK…….NO SOLUTIONS FOR ELECTRICITY AND HIGH COST OF LIVING AND HIGH COST OF DOING BUSINESS
    ….Chilanga Cement up by 14%…..ZESCO will start loadsheding reloaded…meaning no electricity for 24hrs ….

  2. Deceptions…lies and massive corruption….Thats HH and his UPND gang of theives……Pompwe HH should be voted out of office in 2026….We need a moral and Prudent Patriot Zambian to become President…Lungu shouldn’t be allowed anywhere near State House….LUNGU AND HH BOTH USELESS BANDITS

  3. He just went to collect that honorary piece of paper. The rest of the story is just a smoke screen. Meanwhile people who are in a war torn Country are living lives than Zambians today. No power, expensive food, expensive fuel while the president sees it fit to prioritize traveling abroad collecting a piece of paper.

  4. @KCI
    Just imagine and gullible praise singers are jumping up and down…the man went for his own personal business and his handlers tried very hard to arrange ” smoke screen”….wasting tax payers money…..and his entourage just went there for shopping

  5. Why was it successful? Because he was conferred with an honorary doctorate? Or because his plane successfully landed and took off? Is this a report by a journalist who was given a free ride?
    Stop wasting our hard earned taxes. We have debts to settle. These debts don’t need fights to loaners

  6. When he was in opposition he didn’t give the ruling party any reason to justify failure…everything was either because of theft…corruption or poor leadership but now since he is now the President all failures are justified….its either drought or Wars….Mr Know it all it turns out he is just a useless dunderhead just in office to enrich himself….He did renovations to his using tax payers money and upgraded the road leading to his house using tax payers money…I HATE THIEVES AND LIARS WITH A PASSION

  7. Successful…Success means electricity 24/7…running water 24/7….affordable heathcare….clean neighborhoods (garbage free)…Good road network….Emmergency Responders available 24/7….Reliable Police services ( not Political inclined)….Autonomous Judiciary….Autonomous ACC…

  8. Zambians are grappling with load shedding.
    Let Bally bring in advisers from abroad to
    At least find ways of reducing load shedding

    • Bring in advisers WELL STATED
      Top management must go before they resign and get massive pay outs
      This zesco debacle must be mentioned every day and we dont need to go back to KK days when every news heading paper or TV started with KK said this or did such.

  9. @Razor
    You’re 100% right…yes very successful trip for HH and his wife…plus his entourage…ZERO SUCCESS FOR ZAMBIANS BACK HOME

  10. What have we successfully begged this time round? These begging trips are more like shopping trips for the wives.

    • Some bootlickers said the grant to Malawi and Zambia Universities was because HH’s jet landed in Scotland Kikikikikikiki!

  11. Bwana HH don’t mind the naysayers here your UK visit was productive. Lungu went on foreign visits too but his results was falling economic indicators,growing debt and cholera outbreaks .

  12. Self aggrandizement at its best. The man full of himself. It’s the reason he’s identified the annihilation of opponents and manipulation of the system as tools for self preservation as opposed to service delivery. Handle him with care otherwise you can end up in southern province at midnight

  13. Please just allow me to be President of Zambia just for 2 years as a volunteer…no salary and i can start to transform Zambia…just 2 years and you can start seeing results…..1st thing is to seriously reduce the Cabinet…will work with only 6 Ministries…next on my agenda is Electricity…All mines will be in the hands of Zambians….get rid of all shanty compounds and replace them with low cost housing …..
    Then high speed electric train from Kitwe to Livingstone…High speed electric train from Lusaka to Harare…High speed electric train from Lusaka to Lilongwe…Presidential motorcade strictly only 4 vehicles and 2 motorcycles…No unnecessary foreign trips…No UN General Assembly trips….

  14. Continue
    Will bring in General Electric and ConEdson to compete with ZESCO…
    All former vice Presidents out of govt payroll….no unnecessary Embassies….just one Embassy for the whole Europe…one Embassy for North,Central and South America…one Embassy for middle east….one Embassy for East….one Embassy for Australia and New Zealand

    Business hours no restrictions…24hrs

  15. Successful trip for who??? Some people are very very backward. Do you even know why Hakainde was in the UK? Do you know the real events that where taking place there? There is nothing for the voters, nothing Bwana. At the same time our most important trading PARTNER South Africa was having their President sworn in. And our “Africom man was absent at the inauguration. Britain colonised the whole world and they accumulated wealth for their people and the backward people think that Britain will develop our country. This backwardness in our country is embarrassing and shameful. Lieas, and lies will not sustain our people.

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