Thursday, July 25, 2024

RDA Constructs Lwamfumu ACROW Bridge in Mansa District


The Road Development Agency (RDA) has initiated the construction of an ACROW Bridge at Lwamfumu in Mansa District, Luapula Province. Located approximately 23 kilometers from Mansa, off the Mansa – Nchelenge (D79) Road at the Lwamfumu Zambia National Service (ZNS) Camp, this infrastructure project is progressing steadily.

Key highlights of the construction include:

  1. The steel fixing for both abutments has been fully completed, with the formwork for the Eastern abutment steel works reaching 90% completion.
  2. The overall progress on the substructures stands at 70% completion, demonstrating significant advancement towards the project’s goals.
  3. It is projected that by the second week of July 2024, both abutments will reach full completion.

The ACROW Bridge is poised to connect the ZNS camp to the security loop that runs from the Luapula River in Chembe District to Mwense District. This connectivity is expected to enhance security and facilitate smooth movement within the region.

The RDA remains committed to ensuring timely completion of the bridge, which will play a crucial role in supporting local infrastructure and development.


    • It’s a steel structure across a river normally built by military engineers to enable the quick movement of soldiers during military operations. They’re temporary bridges and therefore do not cost as much as long-lasting ones. An acrow bridge is also easy to dismantle once you no longer need it after your soldiers have crossed so that the enemy cannot use it.

    • Thank you for educating us Gunner. I think I saw that Mufulira engineering squadron demonstrating how they build one at the Zambia trade fair

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