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Zimbabwe Crush Chipolopolo’s COSAFA Mission


The sun is setting on Chipolopolo Zambia’s defence of the COSAFA Cup title following a 2-0 loss to arch-foes Zimbabwe in their penultimate Group B match on Sunday at Nelson Mandela Day.

Two goals in the opening 43 minutes and a second straight red card for Zambia at the COSAFA Cup sums up their forgettable quest for an unprecedented third successive regional title and a record eighth.

It was Chipolopolo’s second straight 2-0 Group B loss after Kenya beat them in their opening fixture on June 26.

Zambia are bottom of Group B on zero points, Comoros and Kenya are tied on 3 points while six-time champions Zimbabwe are flying to the semifinals on maximum 6 points with a game to spare.

Comoros beat Kenya 2-0 in the lunchtime kickoff.

Zimbabwe ran rampant against a basic Zambian defence particularly tormenting young right-back Mathews Banda from whose position one of the two goals was generously crafted from.

Michael Tapera scored an early contender for goal of the tournament when he raced from just inside Zimbabwe’s half on the left wing to mount a solo run beating three Zambian defenders and then shooting from an acute angle to send the ball beyond Charles Kalumba.

On the other wing, Tinotenda Meke continued to give Zambia problems on that flank heading into that moment of Zimbabwe’s second goal.

In the middle of all that, Zambia suffered two setbacks with firstly defender Chitoshi Chinga substituted for an injury in the 24th minute and was replaced by Mathews Chabala.

Then defender Killian Kanguluma walked after two unnecessary yellows in the 24th and 32nd minutes.

Zimbabwe grabbed the opportunity and marginal superiority in manpower with both hands and sealed the contest in the 43rd minute when Takunda Benhura headed in Farai Banda’s cross.

Sadly, Chipolopolo continued to look tame in the second half in what is their worst run of preliminary stage starts at the COSAFA Cup.

A face-saving mission awaits Chipolopolo against Comoros on July 2 in their final Group B match.


    • Mwimbu should ban passports to any Zambian male player. Those cosafa loosers should surrender passports at airport, and shred them.

    • Cosafa should report FAZ to FIFA for subortaging the tournament, and demand refund for all expenses on those Zambian players.

    • When Ivory Coast lost AFCON to…. was it Zambia or Ghana? they were welcomed back home by a military truck which took them straight to the guardroom for frog jumps, leopard crawls and take cover! on muddy tracks. Where is our overzealous General Dennis Alibuzwi? Alibelela command from Community House! Kekekekekeke!

  1. Let Kamanga resign without a fans uprising. Leave peacefully and silently. Kamanga this is not your trade. Leave it to the footballers.

  2. It’s clear that their eyes aren’t on the ball. AK and team are on business. One day they’ll find it difficult to watch games because soccer fans won’t allow them. Being stubborn won’t take them anywhere

  3. YOU Post football
    But other news is many days old !!
    The least news worthy online platform
    Mention the public demonstration against loadshedding which the police turned down because it wasnt on Headed Paper ??

  4. Imagine ,Chipolopolo are now the whipping boys of COSAFA!
    FAZ must account for this humiliation.How do you prepare a team in 2 weeks?The league ended a month ago and you had time to prepare.Besides that ,FAZ knows that COSAFA is held around this period,so preparations can commence months before the tournament.
    Kamanga and team ,please step down.

  5. Another poor performance by this disguised LuBemba team purportedly representing all of Northern Rhodesia (including British North Western Rhodesia, BNWR) but embarrassing all of us. They looked unprepared, had poor ball control, poor pass accuracy, and the coach looked like FAZ had just rescued him from his fish-selling business at Soweto Market. He was clueless about when to take a player on or off. We need a new, tribe-balanced team. Look at the Southern Rhodesian team that beat them 2-0, they were multi-tribal (Shonas, Ndebeles, Karangas, Govas, Tswanas, Vendas, Tongas). Incorporate more physically strong, mentally astute BNWR players. If not, let this LuBemba team be landing in Lubumbashi, Zaire, en rout to Mansa, their capital. They are disgracing all of us abroad.

    • This kind of commentary should be actionable. Do you really know what modern nations really are? You badly need a good lecture on what it means to live in a modern nation.

    • Their opponents were singing their national anthem loudly, with heads bobbying up and down. With them, only the goal keeper and about three others were. That is part of the problem. they don’t even know the anthem, perhaps they only know how to sing “Ku Lubemba kwaali waamisha ee”.

    • @MwaSilozi our cousinship is just in kindergarten. We haven’t yet graduated to teasing each other 24/7. Wait until 2027. For the moment let’s stick to helping each other at our funerals kikikiki!

  6. Let us go back to our over scratched drawing board. Zambian football is just draw draw with our politicians. No delivery but just excuses and blame game. Sworn in at 10hrs Kwacha picks against the dollar at 14hrs, maybe there was a drought in this 4hrs since this promise did not materialise, drought and PF are the most abused words in our country today by the misfiring party. Also opposition political parties are proper flat batteries, no solid alternative plan to share with us, just talking and talking with no substance

  7. We have so much talent in Zambia but it goes to waste because of poor Sports administration……Hannif Adams should have been FAZ President at least he knows how to run soccer and look for raw talent…Kamanga is just stealing….the players look sickly with zero energy….and zero talent…all they do in practice is learn how to dance and goal celebration..choreography

    • Apparently all Zambian news websites are currently like that. Traffic is even being warned not to proceed to some websites. Has Hamasaka infiltrated the websites? State house would like to know who Deja Vu, anonymous, Lazy Lungu, etc are. Ingombe,
      boer, Spaka off course are their plants

    • @Shu Shu Shu. Instead of appreciating our contribution which helps for them to see their mistakes,they are wasting time and energy on how to silence people. No one who has tried to silence people has continued to live forever starting with Julius Caesar, Adolf Hitler, Idi Amin down to Robert Gabriel Mugabe…. they all went down just like all of will.

  8. @ Deja Vu
    Hannif Adams is still around in Lusaka but age is catching up with him now….he has great passion for soccer and he groomed alot of young players at Lusaka Dynamos who later played for Zambia National Team…

    • I like the man. Very calm even when his team is losing. Bad politics prevented him from becoming FAZ president.

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