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Dr. Zumani Zimba’s Calls on PF to Welcome Miles Sampa


In a compelling and spiritually charged piece, Dr. Chris Zumani Zimba, a renowned political scientist and former political advisor to President Edgar Chagwa Lungu (ECL), has called upon the Patriotic Front (PF) to welcome, forgive, and celebrate Miles Sampa, referring to him as their “prodigal son.” Dr. Zimba’s article, infused with biblical references and reflections on divine favor, lays out twelve reasons why the PF must embrace Sampa’s return.

Dr. Zimba begins by drawing on the teachings of Jesus Christ, specifically citing Matthew 20:26-27, to highlight the virtues of servitude and humility in leadership. He parallels this with President Lungu’s rise within the PF, noting that Lungu initially served as a deputy minister before ascending to higher positions under President Michael Sata’s administration. This trajectory, according to Dr. Zimba, exemplifies the divine favor that has guided Lungu’s political journey.

Reflecting on Lungu’s tenure as Zambia’s sixth president, Dr. Zimba attributes Lungu’s leadership to heavenly favor despite numerous challenges. He also addresses the political turmoil following the 2021 elections, accusing President Hakainde Hichilema (HH) of attempting to undermine Lungu and the PF by allegedly sponsoring Miles Sampa to create division within the party.

Dr. Zimba emphasizes that true national leadership, especially in a Christian nation like Zambia, is ordained by God, not by external influences. He cites Jeremiah 1:5 to reinforce the belief that Lungu’s leadership is divinely appointed. This spiritual conviction is further underlined by the unexpected midnight meeting between Lungu and Sampa on June 30, 2024, which Dr. Zimba interprets as a manifestation of God’s favor.

Drawing a parallel to the biblical story of the prodigal son, Dr. Zimba describes Sampa as having gone astray but now returning in humility and repentance. He urges the PF to embrace Sampa with love, forgiveness, and compassion, mirroring Lungu’s own response. Dr. Zimba contrasts this approach with what he describes as the bitterness and vengeance characterizing the United Party for National Development (UPND).

Dr. Zimba anticipates a time when the PF will be restored to unity, suggesting that Lungu will host a grand celebration to welcome Sampa back into the fold. He underscores that the foundation of the PF, built by President Sata and Lungu, is one of forgiveness and human love.

Dr. Chris Zumani Zimba is an esteemed political scientist with a PhD, MA, BA, and certification in Political Science. Known for his expertise in Comparative Global Governance and Democratic Theories, Dr. Zimba has served as President Lungu’s political advisor and is a proponent of Pan-Africanism and Afro-Christian values.


  1. We need new faces in Zambian Politics….Bukina Faso is so inspiring…it can’t always be HH or Lungu…Looks like miles Sampa is just a hired gun by Lungu just like Kelvin Sampa the bandit…

    • What a based analysis by a carder for Lungu.What was heavenly about Lungu.This is a MAN who swindled a widow.

  2. ECL has got anaconda tactics. He’ll first kiss and leak his prey which maybe misconstrued as a gesture of love but finally he’ll do what the anaconda does. Guy Lindsay Scott suffered the same fate and it was the end of his political career. “Come into my web” the spider invited the fly. It’s the beginning of the end of Miles Bwalya Sampa. Chainama calling

  3. That is a problem of preaching what you don’t practice. The son of God called it hypocrisy! Does the writer have love and forgiveness in his heart? He writes fondly on ECl because what I may only speculate might be future benefits reasons. God speaks to each and every one of us to listen to what he is saying to jus, to practice that we have heard. It is not only to preach to others.

  4. I have always said it Miles Sampa Ali losing Network. HH can’t trust him and can only use him. Miles Sampa in the early days of Lungu’s presidency, he with Mulenga Sata were giving inside information to the Upnd. They left the PF and Sampa only went back to the PF because he realized what he’d lost not that he was remorseful.. Even now he has seen that there’s nothing for him for trying to sell his party.

  5. And i repeat….NOTHING HAPPENS BY ACCIDENT IN POLITICS..WHATEVER HAPPENS IS ALWAYS PLANNED AND CALCULATED….thats why its always dangerous to receive defectors from opposition parties because majority of them are just hired guns and infiltrators…when campaigns start you will see them crawling back to PF and denouncing the ruling party

  6. We are going nowhere with this bunch of goons
    We need a new party with new blood to be formed before the 2026 elections to give hope to this country

  7. UKA was theoretically a good idea. But then it got hijacked by Lungu to use it for fighting his personal battles with HH. I agree we need a new dispensation. A new constitution in which the economic vision and leadership code must be inscribed. Tired of 5 year re-election bad planning, thieving, parcelling out the country to foreigners for kickbacks , cadreism filth, failed manucipalities

  8. Even the courts that were instructed to rule in his favor must be feeling frustrated same as the police that were assigned to protect him.

  9. You can’t trust politicians. One District Commissioner in the PF era would go to far flung places to campaign for HH and Upnd. His emphasis was on farming stressing that Mr Hakainde Hichilema was a seasoned farmer and was definitely going to improve farming for them.

  10. @Deja Vu
    I always tell you that all Politicians eat on the same plate behind closed doors when no one is watching…they’re all good at deceit….they’re all have one thing in common…steal and make themselves rich and enjoy the benefits of being in Government…..you will be shocked to find out that HH and Lungu talk to each other in

  11. It’s the other way round zimba. It’s actually Kilometres who is supposed to be welcoming former PF members including you and your lungu into the PF party since the court has ruled him to be the bona fide president of PF.

  12. This, if true is a very good development for Zambia. We cannot have Hakainde destroy the country while people are fighting. We need to recognise that Zambia is greater than anyone individual. It is a shame for the police to have acted in the manner they did. But this was all done to expose their small “god” who is on his way out.

  13. Unfortunately politicians make too much noise we have to listen because, like it or not, they shape our world. So that just means we should become expert at sieving the rubbish coming from them. We need to be very critical about the nonsense coming from their mouths otherwise they may lead us to the rubbish dump.
    ” exemplifies the divine favor that has guided Lungu’s political journey” Just imagine now Zimba can see divine favor in Lungu’s journey. Yet he wrote sh*t about Lungu before he was co-opted into State House. One needs to ask which Zimba to trust


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