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Open letter of ZCCM-IH Minority Shareholders to President Hakainde Hichilema


Your Excellency, the President of the Republic of Zambia,

« This is our time… » That is what the bad eggs around you may think. Indeed, according to various corroborating sources, we have learned that these bad eggs are maneuvering and acting against the interests of Zambia.

You are trying to rebuild the Country despite difficulties in particular the shady legal heritage you found. We cannot imagine that you endorse such actions and we assume that you ignore them. It would be tragic again for Zambia if some new Amos Chanda or Kaiser Zulu were able to operate in the shadows, continue to work for their own personal interest and sabotage your hard work. They will inevitably end up embarrassing and discrediting you.

In your inauguration speech at the National Heroes Stadium on 24th August 2021, you proclaimed among other things :

  • ” We are determined to free our country from the ills of mismanagement and malpractice, and promote that which is better”
  • “The days of political interference in public institutions and parastatals are over”
  • “We need morality, integrity and accountability”

This is why we are requesting you to launch thorough investigations and to get rid of these bad eggs without any weaknesses. For our part, investigations will also be carried out shortly following the first cross-referenced information we have received.

Yours faithfully,

Spokesperson of Minority Shareholders of ZCCM-IH


  1. What is the purpose of this letter? Unless you want to get his attention so he can engage you. Otherwise, it’s not giving enough information. I hope he sees it and engages you because your intentions are good.

    • ZCCM-IH is a public limited company. That status is enough for its management to answer clear questions put to it under both the Securities Act and the Companies Act. Being a public limited company comes with certain privileges and obligations, otherwise ZCCM-IH should become a private company whose management is not obliged to release information when requested.

  2. The letter loses its purpose by bringing in Amos and Kaiser. Henry should simply mention those people he thinks are involved in what he’s claiming unless he’s got no evidence.

    • Does the President do the last button on his shirt? Looks like the tie is hiding the unbuttoned collar.

  3. “For our part, investigations will also be carried out shortly following the first cross-referenced information we have received”.


    This feels like someone is soliciting for a government job.

    Thierry CHARLES?

    What nationality are you?

    Regardless of nationality,this is the dumbest open letter to the president I’ve ever seen in the entire history of open letters to the president.

    Thierry CHARLES did your 12 year old son write this crap.

    Sorry Charlie boy but your ass didn’t think this through.

  4. This guy is so blind that he will plunge into a ditch. How do you write to a chief thief to fix small thieves? Hakainde will not investigate himself in deals that he has a hand in.

  5. The precursor to Zccm-ih was zccm limited. It was not listed and would carry out its mandate on behalf of the zambian people and state without undue influence from foreigners. It was detached from zimco because of complexity of the mining industry. My suggestion is that Zccm-ih should be delisted and defined from IDC. It should revert to zccm limited with increased shareholding in the private owned mines and have access to it share of the product ( concentrate or finished metal), so that zambia can trade in our metal rather than wait for elusive dividends

  6. Zambian by birth, I have lived in France for several years.
    It is well known here that since the ouster of the last CEO, one of the best recruits of ZCCM-IH, front men claiming to be HH have been scheming in the shadows for their sole profit.
    Our president of the new dawn must be warned, he cannot monitor everything.
    This is undoubtedly the purpose of this open letter.
    Long live the new Zambia.


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