Thursday, July 25, 2024

2 Kalulushi Sisters In Hospital For Suspected Gassing


Two young women have been admitted at Kalulushi General Hospital for suspected gassing.

Copperbelt Police Chief Peacewell Mweemba who confirmed the incident to ZANIS, identified the two victims as Annie Kangwa aged 23 years and her young sister Mildred Kangwa aged 20 years of New Minsenga.

Mr Mweemba said the incident happened around 01:30 when Annie was studying in her sitting room when she suddenly started smelling some strange smell which caused her to start having difficulties in breathing and loss of energy.

He further explained that Annie called for help and her young sister Mildred came but as soon as she entered the room she suddenly fell down and also started complaining of the same problem.

Mr Mweemba stated that the victims were rescued by their father who came and managed to open all the windows in the house and took them outside adding that the matter was reported to Police.

He further said the victims complained of severe headache, difficulties in breathing and loss of energy and are currently receiving medical treatment at Kalulushi General Hospital.


  1. What is “gassing”? To me this story sounds like carbon monoxide poisoning where people took a brazier into the house. Very common occurrence during the cold season

    • I would agree, except that with Carbon Monoxide you don’t just drop immediately when you enter the room as in the case of the sister. I am not saying it is gassing. I’m just saying that the monoxide theory has holes in it.

    • Very true and LT should be very carefully how they report such incidents. Just the mere mention of gassing could lead to the evil we all witnessed as a result of public hysteria where hundreds of people nationwide lost their lives at the hands of brutal mobs on false accusations.

  2. I was reliably told its was Mutaware Edgar Lungu who gassed them because they said he is not qualified to run again.

  3. Police in numbers to arrest 5 ypuths protesting at Zesco HQ
    What has this come to ?? Zesco has put this country in danger
    and we being blocked from speaking ??
    So so sad

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