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The Pituitary Gland Shocker: Workshops to Be Held in Government Buildings


The announcement made by Secretary to the Cabinet Patrick Kangwa regarding the cessation of unnecessary workshops has sent shockwaves through the ranks of Zambia’s civil service. For years, these workshops have been a source of contention, often seen as opportunities for unethical behavior and financial mismanagement. Mr Kangwa’s directive marks a significant shift in the approach to professional development within the government.

A New Era of Accountability

Mr Kangwa’s message was clear and unequivocal. “When you were being employed, you were employed to work in offices. All of a sudden, the public service believes that you can’t concentrate in the office. It ends today,” he stated. This strong stance underscores a commitment to ensuring that civil servants remain focused on their primary responsibilities within their designated workplaces.

Effective immediately, any necessary workshops will be held within government buildings. This measure aims to curb the misuse of resources and the inappropriate conduct associated with off-site workshops. The savings generated from this initiative will be redirected towards the purchase of solar equipment, reflecting a strategic investment in sustainable infrastructure.

Promoting National Unity and Integrity

Mr Kangwa also emphasized the importance of recruitment practices that reflect national unity. He called on service commissions to ensure that their hiring processes are inclusive and representative of the diverse population of Zambia. This approach not only fosters a sense of belonging and equality but also strengthens the fabric of the civil service.

Moreover, the secretary to the cabinet urged civil servants to remain vigilant and report any acts of corruption to the appropriate authorities. This call to action reinforces the government’s commitment to transparency and integrity, essential pillars for building public trust and effective governance.

The Dark Side of Workshops

While workshops are designed to enhance skills and knowledge, they have, unfortunately, become a breeding ground for unethical behavior among some civil servants. The misuse of these events for personal gain and illicit activities has not only tarnished the reputation of the civil service but also disrupted the personal lives of those involved.

Impact on Marriages

The unchecked proliferation of workshops has had a particularly damaging effect on marriages within the civil service community. The frequent travel and extended time away from home have provided opportunities for infidelity and promiscuity among some unethical individuals. This behavior has eroded trust and stability within families, leading to increased marital discord and, in some cases, divorce.

The misuse of workshops has also placed financial strain on households. Many civil servants have come to rely on the additional income generated from these events to balance their budgets. The sudden halt to unnecessary workshops has therefore sparked concern among those who have become dependent on this supplementary income. However, the long-term benefits of restoring integrity and reducing corruption far outweigh the short-term financial adjustments.

The decision to hold all workshops within government buildings marks a pivotal moment for Zambia’s civil service. It signifies a commitment to accountability, sustainability, and ethical conduct. While the transition may pose challenges for some, the overall impact on professional integrity and personal relationships will be profoundly positive.

As the government takes steps to eliminate unnecessary workshops, it is crucial for all civil servants to embrace this change and work towards a more transparent and efficient public service. By doing so, they will not only enhance their professional capabilities but also contribute to the betterment of society as a whole.

By Chaliafya Katungula


    • In the meantime the country is falling to pieces.
      No Electricity
      No water
      Trains running of fuel
      Poor Internet connectivity.
      Internet banking has collapsed.
      Mobile Banking has collapsed.
      Welding jobs have collapsed.
      Sallon business has collapsed.
      Nyama rotting in butcheries.
      Blackouts at police stations and in cells.
      Bakerries cannot make bread.
      Chicken run business has collapsed.
      Some shoprite shops cannot open due to no power.
      High fuel bills and high solar cost of solar panels

    • Why is this article beating about the bush? In this day and age the public deserves to be told what illicit happenings it has repeatedly referred to. Who is the author of this crap?

  1. Its really poor to think that ‘workshops’ deter progress. I suppose the ‘key’ word is ‘unnecessary’ workshops. so what needs to happen is for workshops if at all must be planned for at the beginning of the year and entered as part of the Objectives. Otherwise this will end up just like the two directives 1. Park all GRZ cars at 17 hours 2. Sell all Vxs that were bought after 2021…the results are they for all to see… What is required is for the civil service to work smart.

    • You dont go killing cockroaches with a nuclear bomb! You use appropriate insecticide. You target the pest and not everything

  2. All government buildings have conference rooms and halls which are being used more by pastors for congregation than the intended purpose. Let them be used for workshops and meetings during office hours and give them one hour off during lunch time. No transport costs, no free lunch, no per diem, no allowances, no promiscuity, no expenses nothing.

  3. Even the term “workshop” must be abolished as it has different connotations. It should be part of professional development training that must be incorporated into employees’ goals and objectives at the beginning of each calendar year. The intentions of these workshops were noble but they have been abused over the years.
    However rather than just blanket banning, they needed to think about the root causes of why these workshops were being abused in the first place. They need to pay civil service personnel good salaries that match the cost of living.

    • …They should then declare that training is part of their jobs and does not require allowances and perdiems. They should instead introduce performance based incentives like allowances.
      I guess next employees will just stay in the offices lazing around or travel to another city and hold workshops there and pay themselves per diems. Otherwise this is just a band-aid, but hopefully a good start.

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